June 7, 2011

My Beauty Diary Strawberry Yogurt Cleanser Review

This is just a follow up post as I already reviewed the My Beauty Diary Aloe Amino Acid Cleanser and honestly, the Strawberry Yogurt version isn’t much different but I did want to give you a few details about it regardless.

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A foaming cleanser that contains amino acids and is available for a limited time from Taiwanese brand, My Beauty Diary (yup, the same company that makes sheet masks).

I mentioned it in my prior post but it deserves a re-mention that I love the fact that My Beauty Diary, known for it’s cult favorite sheet masks, has ventured into the realms of creating cute little skincare products. This particular cleaner was from their Tea Collection and was available for a limited time, still is actually out there and available for your purchasing pleasure.

I actually liked both versions of this cleanser I tried so far although it does lack the joys of a traditional Asian foaming wash in some aspects.

The cleanser comes packed in a tiny little pink tub, think Lush Facial Masks and/or Moisturizers and you’ll totally understand the packaging. Like most Asian skincare products they are always very conscious about such packaging and understand our obsessive compulsive need to not dip our fingers into a tub of product so they included a little spatula that allows you to scoop product out easily.

The product is a thick, pearl-ish formula which looks alot like many Asian Collagen Washes however it’s a tad thinner in comparison. There are two versions of the product available an Aloe one and this Strawberry Yogurt one. The Strawberry Yogurt one smells more like strawberry ice cream to me, spot on actually for it.

I’ve had no ill effects using the cleansing and my skin appears brighter, happier, and less dull after use not that the product promises such benefits but regardless it does a fine job cleansing my face.

Using it with your hands I thought it produced alot less foam so I decided I’d take to using it with my Clarisonic and in this case it creates a richer lather but like I mentioned above not as much as you’d see from a more traditional foaming facial wash from Asia. I didn’t mind so much and felt like the texture also lacked the slippery texture of such a wash as well but again it wasn’t bothersome to me and a refreshing change from the norm. After use my skin doesn’t appear to suffer any dryness, tightness, or flakiness but it doesn’t feel any more hydrated either so following up with moisturizer is a good idea (which you’ll do anyway I’m sure).

Neither versions contain soap content and this version contains amino acid plus fruity strawberry & yogurt extract as the cleansing ingredients supposedly. The pH level is supposed to on par with the one of your skin so you won’t experience dryness after use or ill effects.

The product is exclusive to Taiwan and a few select Asian companies which proves a hassle since you’ll be forced to purchase online but I think it’s well worth the extra effort.

  • Anyone looking for a basic foaming cleanser that may or may not help along with the anti-aging process.
  • Those who like strawberry ice cream!
  • Those who want a basic cleanser that works well with their Clarisonic and eases dullness while cleansing skin well!

  • Those who aren’t keen with online ordering, airmail charges, and abroad purchases (E-bay and some small shops are the best way to get this online however it may prove difficult to locate in a regular store if you aren’t living in area with smaller Asian beauty shops and stores).

Overall, I really enjoyed this and I’m saddened that it’s LE as I think I’d probably regularly purchase it to pair up with my Clarisonic. It just seems like one of those great basic cleaners that makes my skin quite happy after use plus the kawaii factor and awesome smell is a plus.

I originally purchased one of these off of Sasa and sadly they do not carry it anymore but Imomoko (not affiliated with this seller) still carries the Aloe version.

I recommend this one and felt like it deserved a Muse Approval for being a great basic cleanser for all skin types!

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  • Makeup Morsels

    ohh I love the little spatula. What a nice touch! I’m making a sheet mask shopping list, so I was wondering, which ones are your favorite from MBD?

  • Jonnie

    I just got this yesterday… I ordered he whole little dessert set off eBay. I used it this morning with my Clairsonic and I liked it a lot! My skin does feel a bit more oily than usual this afternoon, but it is also 90+ degrees and super humid today so I would bet on that being te cause.

    • the Muse

      yay awesome Jonnie! I got that set, it’s so cute ;-D! Enjoy!

  • iris Judy

    you can check out Asia market , Ohio have a chain Chinese store carry all this , I always got my MBD in there .

  • ahnushiya

    hey all i wan to get it i just used once but it worked me a lot ๐Ÿ™‚ but iam trying to get it i cant….kindly give me some idea from where to get this product tks

  • justagirl

    hello i just wanna know that if this product gives you acne? because i really have sensitive skin and wondering if this works for me. all these while i used Physiogel cleanser and would like to give this product a try ๐Ÿ™‚