June 6, 2011

Review: Do You Need the New Clarisonic Deep Pore Cleansing Brush Head?

I was just shy of breaking into two months with my Clarisonic Brush Head when I noticed they had a brand new Deep Pore Cleansing Brush Head!

Dammit. I had a month to go with my current head plus this particularly head was for oily skin and larger pores neither of which I have. What’s a girl to do?

What a conundrum!

I purchased it.

I never claimed I have willpower.


The Clarisonic Deep Pore Cleansing Brush Head promises to deep clean pores specifically those that are in hard to reach areas such as your nose.

Clarisonic suggests incorporating this into your routine when you’re having particularly oily days or in need of a deeper clean plus it’s gentle enough to use daily if you’re prone to oily skin and larger pores.

Wasteful purchase for me as I have drier skin and smaller pores but tempted I was because I thought I’d make use of it on days that I wanted an overall deeper clean.

Visually the brush isn’t any different from a normal brush head. The bristles aren’t any longer, there isn’t anything larger about the brush, you cannot visually see anything different about the brush.

Physically, I felt like the brush was considerably softer than any other brushes I tried from Clarisonic and the bristles were considerably less dense. It was an overall softer brush that was very pleasant to use since it glided so nicely on my face but honestly it wasn’t a major change from my normal brush head.

I was excited to try it also because of the “hard to reach area” promise but…well…it does seem to navigate around my nose nicely but the change is so subtle here you probably won’t even notice it being any majorly different from your old brush head.

After using it a few weeks I haven’t experienced any great change in my face outside of the way it normally looks after using my regular brush head. At first I limited myself to using it twice a week and just recently I decided to hell with it, might as well use it daily since I was about ready to toss my old brush head anyway!

Overall, you don’t NEED the new brush head but if you’re going into a new head purchase anyway, well, why not get this one? But don’t rush into a purchase if you don’t already need a new head!

But I honestly didn’t experience any major changes in the performance of the brush or seen any interesting results after use.

Anyone with oily skin and larger pores try it?

Did you experience some incredible results?

Do share!

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  • simplystephy

    WOW, I have been wanting to try that, I recently wrote a blog post about the normal brush head, but now I really want to know about this one, please do a review!!

    Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Kristina

    I just (month and a half ago) bought the blue Mia that came with this brush head. I am still hating the Clarisonic – although not quite as much as before. I went through more than 2 weeks of acne a room full of 13 year-olds could compete with. Now I’m following that up with rough bumpy skin on my cheeks. Exfoliation seems to be helping but I still cannot understand why everyone loves this thing so much. My skin was better before.

    • the Muse

      kristina I abhorred the brush for a very long time and wrote a horrible review when it first came out because it seemed like $200 worth of crazy. It just didn’t do anything for my skin using it and I was terribly, throw out the window, disappointed. And my skin went a little weird with it too…I’m dry but I started to get super oily after using it but it seems you have to have ALOT of patience with the brush b/c after giving it another try and sticking with it (it’s hard b/c I have a honeymoon with skincare and proceed to ditch it later) every single day I started to see the results….hopefully you will too!!!! I can’t live without the damn thing now ;D!

    • peacelovepanic

      My dermatologist warned me about initial breakouts b/c the brush cleans deeper and brings up pimples that would have come up the following week etc. she said if you stick with the brush it will clean it all out and your skin will get better. this isn’t the only product that has this risk, certain chemical exfoliators will cause a “flair up” of acne for the same reason, and when people ditch the product prematurely they never get the full benefits. i’ve had my clarisonic 2+ years, use it 2x a day, and LOVE it!

      • ifly

        I’m glad I read your post and it’s somewhat reassuring. I bought my Clarisonic a couple months ago and have been using the sensitive brush that came with it and love it. I have deep pores an decided to order the deep pore brush and for the last few days have looked like a 13 year old girl!

  • Tammie

    My question is should I purchase a Clarisonic at all…so expensive…

    • the Muse

      tam read my old review it’ll kill your lem! haha but know that I’ve since changed my mind and actually swear by the thing ;D

  • Valerie

    I bought this for myself a couple of weeks ago. I have very oily skin, so this seemed perfect for me. I do like it better than the regular brush. My skin seems even softer after I use this than my old brush head. My oily face situation hasn’t really changed much, but then again during the summer my face kicks into overdrive anyway. So that’s not really saying much. Overall, I like the brush and will probably continue to use it. I’ll give a few more weeks to see if I see even more results.

    • the Muse

      hey valerie thanks for sharing! I was curious how well it worked on oily skin ;D

  • CebuMUAs

    Thanks for reminding me to get mine. I still have a Sephora gift card to spend!

  • Chelsea

    I agree with the getting oily after using it. I got mine for a Christmas gift and after using it the first few times my face was extremely oily. After consistant use it got much better, and now if I skip a few days without
    using it my skin actually breaks out!

    • the Muse

      chelsea, same here, I had an adjust period where my skin went wacky for a while. after that I find I can see/feel the difference if I don’t use it!

  • Jen

    I’ll definitely give this brush head a go when I need a new one. I’m oily with giant pores so I’d be interested in seeing if this did anything for me.

  • Marissa

    I thought the same about the Clarisonic when I first got it. Overpriced for sure. I didn’t have any worse reactions when I started it, it just didn’t seem much different than me using the same cleanser with my fingers. But I figured, I bought the thing, it’s not hurting, so might as well just use it everyday and see what happens.

    That being said, now i also can’t live without it. I went without it for 2 weeks while I was traveling and I just felt my face not getting as clean as I usually do with my clarisonic. My blackheads were more noticeable, and my face just looked duller. I couldn’t wait to get back to my clarisonic again. It’s oddly addictive, and I still can’t say it completely changed my skin, but I notice a difference when I stop using it. Maybe its just the “i scrubbed my face and i KNOW it’s CLEAN” feeling. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Marissa

      Oh I forgot to mention. I got the deep pore brushhead too. It feels plusher to me than the normal and delicate heads I’ve used, which I like a lot more. I also have dry skin and not too big pores, but it’s more abrasive but soft at the same time that makes my cleansing feel *that* much cleaner. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • the Muse

        i def felt it was softer marissa, not by much on the delicate but enough to notice. I didn’t experience too much of a difference when using it but I just like knowing it might be going deeper haha!

    • the Muse

      same here marissa. I experienced the same exact thing as you. At first I saw no results but I started using it alot and ended up oily..but than my skin adjusted and I somehow couldn’t live without it. and the days I go without or if I go a few days without I’m the same, my skin gets duller and I can feel the difference..so yup totally can relate! I think it’s a generally CLEAN feeling that the brush gives..I dunno if I believe it’ll prevent my skin from aging, I don’t think it does much for my dryness, but it does do something for making my skin literally look cleaner and healthier and less dull ;D def can see a difference when I don’t use it!

  • Josh :D

    Muse — which heads do you normally use? I switched to the delicate heads after I replaced my first head. Would you say this is softer than the delicate if you’ve tried them or have you only used the sensitive or the normal? ๐Ÿ˜€

    • the Muse

      hey josh how are you sweets? I use the normal head but have used the delicate before, this is a little tiny bit more softer than the delicate but along the same lines….

      • Josh :D

        I gooooooood. I hope you’re doing well! I’ll probably give this a shot then, as I do have larger pores, very oily skin, and I’m due for a new head in a few weeks. Thanks! <3

  • Melissa

    So I’m about a million months past 3 on my current brush. Do you think this will work as well as the sensitive one? I don’t think I need the soft brush head so I might try the newest one. Thanks,

    • the Muse

      hey mel it’s an ickle softer than the sensitive but along the same lines…! hope this helps!

  • KimmyDarling

    I think I’m going to try it. I need a replacement brush and have enlarged pores on my nose, so I will report back after I try it for a little while.

  • JenJ

    I wants it! I’m due for a new brush head and I plan on giving it a go!!! *clapping*

  • Kairi Yi

    I bought this over the weekend! and I LOVE IT!
    When I use the sensitive brush head, and apply my night cream I always felt a layer of greasiness, but after the first use of this brush head, my crema glides on silky and smooth.. I <3 it soo much!!

  • Majick

    I almost bought this last Sephora purchase but decided to wait until I actually need a new brush. At the moment I have a couple spares because I bought the double when I had a 20% off code. I have been using the sensitive head.
    I think this one may clean a little deeper because the bristles are denser and soft. Remember it’s not about tearing the shiz out of your skin to get it clean, it’s about millions of tiny soft bristles gently vibrating the dirt out of the pores.
    I am very interested to hear how others feel about this new head. I’ll probably get one when another F&F rolls around or I need a new brush.

  • Holly

    Hi There. I wanted to chime in. I have had my clarisonic for over a year. I have combination skin that is sensitive and sometimes it is all over the board. Despite that fact I am a devoted user of clarisonic–I am still a BIG BELIEVER of DOUBLE CLEANSING. Step one, use a gentle cleanser (or what ever you have got) and get your makeup and sun block off. Step two, use your clarisonic with your cleanser and actually clean your skin and pores For me this keeps your brush a lot cleaner and could even extend its life.

    I adjust what cleansers I am using by how my skin is acting . Also, I only use my clarisonic at night. I still use an exfoliator in the am a couple times a week.

    I am curious what everyone elses thought are . . .

  • Cj

    I’ve been using this every day since I got it, I haven’t really seen much a difference in my skin but the brush does feel nicer than the normal head I used to use, plus it has a blue ring ;D who doesn’t love blue lol

  • Tracy

    I always wanted to try the Clarisonic, but was scared that it would be too harsh ! Like a car-wash on my face !! What kind of cleanser product should I use if I get one ?

    • the Muse

      tracy it actually comes with three cleansers you can try out but any cleanser you normally use is fine. I use mine with various asian foaming collagen washes ๐Ÿ™‚ so whatever floats your boat you can use with it.

      • Tracy

        Have you heard of Skinsonic ? It’s much cheaper, but don’t know if it’s good or comparable to Clarisonic?

          • Tracy

            hehe ! Just ordered my Clarisonic Mia, with an extra deep pore brush ! Heard good things about Skinsonic, but still thought I’d splurge on the real deal !

  • Julie

    I also got this brush as soon as it was in my nearest Sephora and I actually prefer this from the regular brush head! It is considerably softer and even using the same cleanser, it just felt different! A lot smoother.
    I couldn’t really notice too much about pore size (I have an oily face and strawberry pores! lol), but I did notice that after about a week of using it my face started breaking out.
    I’m not sure whether it was because it was actually deep cleansing my face (as I use the brush twice daily), or maybe it was because I just switched foundation? (from Lancome to MAC)??

    • the Muse

      Julie I had some crazy oilies going on after I started using the Clarisonic, it may be just your skin adjusting!

  • Lauren

    I have used my Clarisonic Pro for four years with the sensitive brush head. It was initially recommended to me by my dermatologist whom I was talking to about my quest for good exfoliation that wouldn’t aggravate my acne. I had tried everything from manual exfoliation to chemical exfoliation. Clean & Clear to Chanel. Nothing worked. Everything made it worse. Clarisonic transformed my skin. It is the one beauty product that I cannot do without.
    I recently purchased the new Deep Pore Cleansing brush head which is what I am currently using. From using the sensitive brush head for so long, I definitely noticed a difference. The first thing I noticed was that I felt like I got a deeper clean than with the sensitive brush head. I am also able to get into the ridges of my nose better which is a plus. Other than that it’s about the same. For my next brush head I’ll probably go back to the sensitive because I like that the bristles are plusher and softer. From my experience with the deep pore cleansing brush I would say that there are some perks but over all it’s nothing special.

    For those who have experienced breakout with it beyond the initial stage I would recommend not using the cleansers that come with it, do use the sensitive brush head, do not share it with anyone unless the other person has his own brush head, and also do make sure that you clean the brush head as instructed to in order to prevent issues with bacteria.

  • Heather Lynne

    I have oily skin and larger pores. Bought this head as soon as it came out. Very disappointed. I have not noticed any changes.

  • Mika

    Your blog was well written. My thoughts on Clarisonic is that it is too much for my skin. I have sensitive skin and it’s just been a nightmare even with their sensitive brush. I’ve also tried other brushes that did the same thing. Purge after purge of my skin which I understand it will do with these brushes and I am on my last straw. Went to Erisonic today for one last try, hopefully it will work.

  • Ummehani

    I hope the Clarisonic is really worth it. I’ve been using it for a week now. No change in pore sizes , no significant change in how my skin looks and feels.
    I hope I’m wrong . I’ll continue using it for a month and see how it goes .
    P.S. Using the sensitive brush