June 8, 2011

Review, Swatches: Bourjois So Delicate Lip Cream One of the Few Matte Lippies I Like!

Matte…..the evilness in my otherwise perfect makeup world. Matte is such a damn difficult formula for me to get a handle on. Be it eyeshadow or lipstick, I just can’t do the matte thang!

I picked up some Bourjois So Delicate Lip Creams several months ago on ASOS even though the formula is all about the matte but curious I was so I snatched these up and called it a day. Why, oh, why did Bourjois pull out of the US? In other great news it’s now available in Canada…!

Let’s take a look at these and see if the matte agrees with me!

A matte, velvet finish lip cream.

And the verdict is out…

I likey these.

That’s saying something considering I absolutely do not get on with mattes at all. For some odd reason these do so appeal. I picked up three of them when ASOS had them several months ago and I regret not getting more now because they are actually quite nice (I have no idea why one says “tester, it arrived that way…weird).

The formula isn’t a typical matte as it’s not super drying and doesn’t have an uncomfortable feeling on my lips. The texture is more like a silky, powdery feel with a velvet-y finish. I was getting vibes of a lightweight silicone primer on my lips but not in a bad way as the formula spreads evenly onto lips and fills any nooks and crannies in my lips for a smooth, flawless lip look. I can wear get 5 hours in here and it stays in place without migrating all over my face or ending up on my upper lip line. A little gloss on top makes the actual colors pop but does defeat the smooth, matte finish’s purpose. Do I look all Dita von Teese with these on? Hells no! Do I feel all Dita? Hells yes! They create a smooth, sophisticated lip look that’s quite flattering and classy.

I picked up 56 Prune Sophistque (rich berry), 53 Rose Veloute (beige nude peach), and 55 Fuchsia Delicat (rosy fuchsia). The colors are all very pigmented and do not bleed, feather, or migrate.

A small note on the packaging which I really love. The lippies have a flat, thinly designed tube that’s rather interesting with a sponge applicator.

I didn’t have issues with these drying out on my lips but I do think proper prepping is essential for the best wear as drier, flakier lips might not see as smooth an application as I did and the product could potentially feather on less than smooth lips.

Those sensitive to fragrance beware as with most Bourjois lip products these sport a heavily perfumed flavor/fragrance.

  • Those interested in a comfortable wearing matte lip cream.
  • Those wanting a sophisticated lip look for work or evenings out.

  • Those uninterested in hunting down harder to find makeup items (ASOS used to have these but I believe your best bet is Evil-Bay since Bourjois is no longer sold in the US).
  • Those who have drier, older lips (these have a smooth formula that wears well but drier or aging lips may have some feathering issues).

Am I believer in matte lippies? Naaaa! But I really do like the formula of Bourjois So Delicate Lip Cream and would actually indulge in more if they proved easier to locate here in the US. I thought the formula was very comfortable and quite long wearing plus easy to apply without alot of migration issues. Believe you me, matte lippies end up all over my face like a kid playing with her mum’s makeup whenever I use them so it’s saying something that I actually LIKED this formula. I’ve actually seen these all over E-bay for dirt cheap
but they are from UK sellers so airmail has to be factored into the cost if you’re interested in trying.

Damn shame Bourjois yanked their line from the US. Maybe it’ll make a come back one day!

For now, I’d say So Delicate Lip Creams are worth a little sleuthing around and tracking down for a try out. After all, it’s the beauty hunt that really gets my blood pumping!

Anyone try them?

Love ’em?

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  • Mina

    love the colors!!! I will try these too to compare with the NYX soft matte lip cream i have. I actually look/work better with matte colors as opposed to shimmery or glossy… 🙂

    • the Muse

      hey mina ;-D I think you’ll find they have a very similar texture ;-D but these wore a bit longer on me!

  • EttaJ

    I’ve been avoiding matte like the plague but this looks so good on you that I might have to reconsider. Thanks for the review!

  • Bethany

    Weird, I don’t often see stuff on Musings I have. Just stuff I WANT. xD However, I’m reading this like two minutes after applying colour 57, Rouge Chic. I don’t mind matte lipcolour, but I usually follow up with a lip gloss. Even at 21, my lips aren’t smooth enough (okay, so that’s probably more laziness in grooming than age) to apply it some days without lip-balm first, I’ve noticed.

    The colour is so dark and intense that I usually don’t apply this like a regular lipstick. As a massive fan of the red from OCC Lip tars, I certainly don’t shy away from intense shades. Haha. But I actually prefer to apply this product by apply a tiny amount to my finger or the center of my lips and rubbing it in. Instead of an overwhelming colour, it gives a beautiful ‘just bitten’ type effect.

  • Lulee

    wait.. but i could have sworn i saw bourjois at ulta recently.
    i think their main problem was that they are a dugstore/high street brand in europe but they were more mid-range here. always annoyed me and turned me off the brand :-/

    • the Muse

      lulee perhaps a few pieces…but sadly nothing new. Ulta has been phasing it out slowly. It’s not longer available on their website le sigh 🙁

  • Y

    Oooh, wish I could get my paws on these! Loos lovely on you, the swatches too.

  • Truus

    I live in The Netherlands and Bourjois is very easily available over here, lots of drugstores sell it. If I can help you with it, tell me and maybe I can send it to you from this side of the earth?

    I’m really pale and I have blonde hair, I bought the fuchsia colored lip cream as an impuls buy a few months ago and started using it since spring.
    It’s a great formula and a great colour which I can absolutely pull off 🙂

    I look a bit like this, only with more *POW* lipcolour because fuchsia is obviously a lot darker and outgoing 😛


  • Danielle

    Where do you buy bourjois products? The only place I can find that ships to the US is asos but they don’t have much