June 8, 2011

The Skin Food Black Raspberry Saeng-gi Pack Review

I think I’m coming to terms with the fact that I may be a mask junkie. Hoarding facial masks like they are going out of style or something, applying them nightly, convincing myself that I look whiter, brighter, more youthful…

Yeah, all the signs of a mask junkie.

I’ve been using The Skin Food Black Raspberry Saeng-gi Pack for ages since I get a little high off the scent. This is part of Skin Food’s Raspberry range and you might remember the eye cream I reviewed a while ago from the collection. This has a strange freshly turned dirt, herbal scent going on that I find terribly addicting. Some folks say it smells like Chinese medicine herbs but I don’t get that from it, I get freshly turned up dirt! Surprising since I’m fruity, sweet kinda girl and anything that’s remotely smells like stinky hippie is tossed into the bin…but this…I find soothing somehow.

What’s it do?

Does it work?


Let’s see.

A wash off mask that provides moisture, facilitates blood flow, and proves clear, vitalized skin.

Skin Food dubs the mask as being rich in black raspberry which and jayangboeumdan and cheongyeondan extracted from 12 medical herbs. I have no idea what any of that is outside of the raspberry part but trust in Skin Food I guess. Ha!

The mask also contains silicone elastomer, a natural moisturizing factor to provide immediate moisture, and gold flakes to facilitate blood flow, providing noticeably moisturized skin.


It comes in a generously sized squeeze tube and is a gel mask which a tacky, sticky feel but it is noticeably thinner compared to some Skin Food masks. It’s a bright berry shade and absorbs fairly easily as you massage it onto your face.

Skin Food suggesting massaging on dry skin, leaving on for 5 minutes, and washing it off.

After I rinse it off my face kinda takes a blushing glow on my face for several hours after. My skin doesn’t feel extra moist but the dullness I normally sport is considerably lessened and my face looks brighter and healthier.

As with most Skin Food masks the effect is temporary and I haven’t experience any long term benefits from use but the glow it gives me is pretty nice.

I wish it was as moisturizing as it claims to be but if anything I feel a little tight after use and not hydrated.

  • Those wanting to liven up dull skin.
  • Those wanting a mask that supposedly improves blood circulation (hey, maybe it does?).

  • Those wanting long term benefits from a mask.
  • Those expecting a hydrating finish.
  • Those with dry skin (my skin feels an ickle tight after use so be ware dry skin users).
  • Anyone unwilling to shop online (Skin Food is a Korean brand located in a few select Asian countries so online shopping is essential).

Overall, Skin Food Black Raspberry Saeng-gi Pack might be all talk and very little action. Perhaps I could find a rave in me if my skin felt moisturized after use but I really haven’t experienced any amazing results using this mask for several months and probably wouldn’t buy it again.

It’s a nice, novel way to treat your skin at the end of a long day and does make dull skin look a bit lively after use but sadly the benefit of this isn’t long term.

A friend picked this up for me in Korea but if you absolutely have to have it both Sasa and YesStyle normally stock it but the retail price on YesStyle is very high.

Used it?

Love it?

Do share!

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  • Makeup Morsels

    hmmm sounds promising. I’ll try anything that makes my skin brighter, even if it’s temporary! Speaking of Skin Food, have you tried anything from their Potiron au Lait range? The scent is DELICIOUS, like milk and honey and pumpkin and spices yummm.

    • the Muse

      I have indeed makeup morsels ;-D my dry skin loves that ;D

  • Appu

    I wanna try Skin Food products so badly! I wish they were available in the US 🙁 Every time I have a craving to try masks, I cant wait for 12-15 days to lay my hands on it 🙁

  • Natsuki

    Hi Muse,

    Sorry to hear it didn’t have any long effects. Have you tried SKINFOOD Black Raspberry nutrient Serum? It keeps my skin very moist and tight for a couple of days. I don’t have really dry skin so I only use it when my skin feels a little dry.

    Thanks for all the great reviews. I love to read the reviews of Korean and Japanese brands. I’m a big fan of Asian cosmetics.

    • the Muse

      Yup Natsuki, quite nice stuff and the eye cream I enjoy too! My pleasure! glad you’re enjoying them ;-D!

  • Dawn

    Haha you’re not alone…I’m a mask junkie as well. Have hoarded enough to open a small shop of my own or something!:P

  • Majick

    I may be the “stinky hippie” you’re Mother warned you about. LOL I love most “natural” scents. Heck, I’m allergic to most unnatural ones.