June 28, 2011

You NEED this: LipFusion Balm

Lipfusion has a new, brilliant little balm out that I’ve been carrying around like I do my old lady PBS tote. Listen, it’s serious news when I carry makeup around like I do my PBS tote because I take that damn thing seriously. All the donations I make to PBS I believe at this moment in time I actually own half of the network. Forget about the Helena Fubinstein Foundation, next time you’re watching Sesame Street that shiz is going to be brought to you by the kind donations of the Muse yo! I’ll tell you how to get to Sesame Street, make a left at www.musingsofamuse.com.

I always told myself I wouldn’t turn into a little old lady that carries around a PBS tote and watches Masterpiece Theater, Mystery!, and Charlie Rose but somehow, someway by the time I was 19 it suddenly happened, I did indeed turn into THAT old lady. Now, into my 30’s, I feel empowered to carry around my PBS tote like it’s Chanel.

It also helps that they now hire really cool men to do the openings for my favorite shows like Alan Cumming and Ten. I feel like my donations are feeding Alan and Ten….! Bless!

But anyway…the moral of this story is Lipfusion Balm has become an important staple, so important in fact that I keep it on my person at all times.

Loves it!


These are balms are loaded up with SPF 15 and have a subtle little hint of tint with a hydrating formula that has a minty-fresh flavor. Part of the main appeal for me is they sooth and moisturize my lips while giving a really pretty MLBB experience (My lips but better).

They are formulated with what Fusion Beauty calls Amplifat which are marine collagen spheres that increase volume, firmness and fullness resulting in a full-out pout instantly and over time. Honestly? It actually does work as my lips look pouty and gorgeous after use.

I tried out two of these and will review them shortly but just so you know they haven’t left my makeup bag for a full three weeks! We has committed relationship here.

Fusion Beauty promises instant results from the balm to sooth and moisturize chapped lips instantly while collagen molecules dissolve into tiny microspheres that can infiltrate the lip tissue and then search for the body’s natural water to re-hydrate up to 50 times their size.

Over long term use your skin’s water content will increase by 6000%…phew inflated number much? Haha! Not sure if that’s working but I swear by the moisturizing formula and lovely little tint that makes my lips look fuller while remaining moist for longer periods of time.

Lipfusion Balm is available in 5 shades:

  • Buff
  • Bitten
  • Berry
  • Butterscotch
  • Clear

You can get ’em now at Sephora/Sephora.com and Ulta/Ulta.com! Find out more at www.fusionbeauty.com

An ickle pricey at $22 but I think they are worth the haul!

Review upcoming soon!

Anyone try ’em yet?

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  • Larie

    Don’t the Tarte lip stains claim to increase your lips moisture by 6000% too? Where do they get this ridiculous number??? And I have always been intrigued by these, but I’m not gonna jump on $22 balm without a review! Looking forward to seeing yours, and welcome back from your vacation, Muse!

    • the Muse

      haha larie do they!? ;-D I love that number. 60000000000000000000000 percent ;-D wahoo! ;-D review a coming chick! ;-D It’s good to be home but now I’m thinking man I need another vacation he!

  • Polly

    Wow, these sound amazing! Haha, 6000%, is that even possible!? Can’t wait to read your review!

  • Brooke

    Is the minty fragrance over powering or just right? I tried the YSL Candy Gloss and I loved the feeling and everything about it except I couldn’t get past the smell. It initially smells good – kind of fruity, but after a while it gave me a headache!
    These also kind of remind me of the Laura Mercier balm I almost bought….hmmmm….maybe it’s a sign I should get this! 🙂

  • Mary the Muse Militant

    The BBC here in England is funded by the people like PBS, but we are forced to pay £245 which is around $240 every year. Otherwise we get prosecuted.
    BBC have no ads and say they are non-profit making.
    I’d rather they sell comercials and make money that way than have all of us pay that great whacking fee every year.

    • the Muse

      hey mary so now we need to erase that and say “Brought to you by the kind donations of the Muse and Mary” haha ;-D My best friend lives in the UK and always bitches about the forced bbc pay ;D! I wouldn’t mind, I think the BBC is worth it ;-D!

    • Tammie

      The thing is that although PBS is funded by the people it’s not as “big” as the BBC, we still have to pay for cable if we want “prime time” sorts of shows unless you have an antenna but not all channels come in with it (we don’t get good reception with NBC for instance).

      I personally don’t pay for cable but I think a lot of shows that are on BBC would be on premium channels in the US.

      For instance Torchwood Miracle Day is on STARZ, a premium US channel (you need cable AND to pay extra for it) whereas it will show on BBC in the UK. I am sure STARZ alone for a year costs almost as much as BBC, not to mention it’s like $100/mo. for cable.

      So basically I would happily pay $240/yr. for BBC compared to US cable…but that’s just me…and I am somebody who doesn’t subscribe to cable any more haha. I just use an antenna and a Roku box through which I watch shows on Netflix mostly and Hulu+.

      • Tammie

        Unless I’ve got everything wrong and Torchwood Miracle Day is showing on a BBC channel you have to pay for. I admit I am not 100% clear on how UK television works.

        • the Muse

          Miracle Day premieres after us in England Tam but sadly, the BBC hasn’t actually released an official date for it even though they have a press release about it. but yup, if and when it shows it’ll be on a premium channel 😀

          • Tammie

            Yeah I heard it’d be like a week after the US premier 😐 Stupid.

          • the Muse

            mmm but no confirmation. sucks for UK fans :-/

      • the Muse

        there also taxes and such evolved though to actually own the telly haha wahoo TV tax ;D

  • Mary the Muse militant

    Now if we had a say it what was aired wouldn’t we see some Aiden and some Tenny and some Joongy and your beloved JRM !!
    I hardly watch telly as I’m always looking at Muse TV instead !

    • the Muse

      oh JRM….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SWOOON! I’d pay big bucks for that ;-D! lol Mary you rock!

  • Tammie

    So basically everybody everywhere is ripped off if they want to watch TV–hurrah!

  • Julie

    I LOVE that you reviewed these! I sell all 5 colors on ebay, new in box for $8.79 each. :0) xoxo

  • Angelica

    Looove Masterpiece Mystery, Alan’s my favorite host so far. I don’t care if people think I’m a granny tuning into Mystery Sunday nights. Granny needs her Poirot fix!

    • the Muse

      i miss gorey’s opening but I don’t mind Alan in the least Angelica he’s wonderful eye candy ;-D ha! me too! me too!

  • sarah

    These have been out since last summer; I have one in Bitten and I love it.

  • dark nyx

    So…I was totally disciplined at not getting this because I have a gazillion lip products then your blog told me that I needed it…next thing you know, I found myself at Sephora….sigh, LoL. I ended up getting butterscotch. Can’t wait to hear your review still!