July 26, 2011

Clean & Clear Morning Burst Fruit Infusions Reviving Cleanser Pomegranate Review

Clean & Clear have brand new Morning Burst cleansers called Fruit Infusions. These supposedly have real infusions of fruit and are available in three “flavors”.

As it’s Back to School shortly the marketing behind these is rather savvy as students will probably want to indulge in some new cleanser, skincare, or beauty bits and bobs.

I’ve actually mentioned before I like to cheapen up my AM routine as I save my more expensive cleaners for evening use so these are an ideal pick for me. I really like the Brightening Cleanser that Clean & Clear recently introduced so I was all about trying Fruit Infusions.

Let’s take a look at the Clean & Clear Morning Burst Fruit Infusions Reviving Cleanser with Pomegranate!

A new cleanser designed to revive tired skin with a fruit infusion of pomegranate, passion fruit, and acai!

I’m not sure how much I’m buying into the fact this contains “real” fruits although I will say antioxidants or anything fruity in my skincare tends to really make my dull skin look amazing! Supposedly this formula is infused with pom, passion fruit, and acai plus it has actual strawberry seeds in the mix….honestly, those strawberry seeds pretty much look like many of the scary beads that most Clean & Clear products have in them but don’t quote me there, maybe they really are strawberry seeds shrug!

If you can get past alot of the gimmicky “this is so good for you” marketing going on here (it contains parabens so you understand why I’m doubting the fruit part) it’s a very nice, basic cleanser.

This comes in a chubby little bottle which is newer packaging for Clean & Clear which favors more of a square bottle. Not only is the packaging quite cute but it’s also an oz bigger (9 oz size versus 8 oz) than the normal range of cleansers from the brand. The larger size does come with a larger price tag and in most cases it’s about $1 more than what you’d paid for their normal cleansers at your local drugstore. In my case, I paid $5.99 which is a bit high but that can easily be broken down during a BOGO offer or if the product pops up on sale or of course, depending where you purchase as I’ve seen these online for as little as $4.59.

The cleanser has a cheery, sweet scent that does remind me alot of the Brightening Cleanser scent. The passion fruit seems to dominate here and you get a little tartness from the pom but not an awful lot. It’s kinda tart, sweet scent that does have a very, very slight dish detergent thing going on but don’t let that sway you as overall, the scent is nice so long as you aren’t sensitive to fragrance in your product.

The formula is a thick gel-like texture which has smaller beads in the mix or strawberry seeds as Clean & Clear is calling them. It lathers great on its own but works even better when used in conjunction with a Clarisonic. After use I feel like my face has a nice squeaky clean feel with very minimal tightness so you aren’t left with dry, flaky skin after use thankfully. As far as reviving…mmmm…the scent might be revitalizing but my dull, tired skin doesn’t look particularly perky after use and I’ve had far better results from their Brightening Cleanser in this department.

I don’t really love the beads (aka strawberry seeds) in the mix. I’ve mentioned this in the past but it deserves a re-mention as these tend to irritate me since they never fully burst and they seem to serve no purpose and I’m kinda freaked out one might slip into my eye or something.

  • Anyone looking for a basic cleanser to use in the shower in the AM (I recommend this paired up with your Clarisonic for a quickie AM cleansing but wouldn’t trust it for removing heavy makeup).
  • Anyone looking for a cheaper cleanser to use with minimal or no makeup removal for getting skin squeaky clean without leaving it tight or dry.

  • Anyone sensitive to fragrance (this does have a stronger, fruity smell).
  • Anyone looking for a cleanser to remove makeup at the end up the night (this wouldn’t be my first choice for makeup removal but more as a shower or AM cleanser for getting an already clean face even more clean).
  • Those who aren’t keen on parabens in their skincare.

Clean & Clear Morning Burst Fruit Infusions Reviving Cleanser seems to me like a basic cleanser. Personally, the novelty for me, would be the scent of the product. I think I’m instantly attracted and tempted by skincare that promises a fruity experience! If you’re sensitive to fragrance in your skincare you’ll probably want to avoid this but I like scented skincare so I’m cool with this. It’s a pretty basic cleanser that will work in the shower in the AM but not necessarily something you’d want to use to remove heavier makeup in the evening. I liked it well enough but probably wouldn’t indulge again.

I got mine at Target but they are pretty much at every drugstore at the moment.

Tried ’em yet?

Love ’em?

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    • the Muse

      ha that’s promising ines, cleanser that looks like lube ;-D!

  • Cj

    Good morning Muse! I have been looking for these for a while now! I’ve been to 4 cvs’s and 2 walgreens lol I’m gonna check target today. So you like the brightening one more huh?

    • the Muse

      hey cj sorry delayed reply lovely! ;-D You found them by now haha! I like the brightening one way more…but looking forward to your thoughts on it ;-D! maybe you’ll like the pom!

  • Amanda

    I decided to switch it up and buy this instead of my morning burst face wash. It was okay but not amazing. After a few days of using it my whole entire face has broken into a crazy rash all over! I haven’t had a history of any allergies, but it could be the strawberries. I’m not sure but I defiantly threw this out!

  • Lisa

    Amanda, the same thing happened to me after the first time i used it. I really wanted to like this cleanser, but it’s left me with a horriable rash all over my face and neck, and i’m having a horriable time getting ridd of it.

  • Amy

    I broke out from this product as well! D’: And my face was just starting to get clear, too… :'(

  • Danielle

    I have to agree with Amanda and Lisa, it left my face really dry and also gave me a rash on my chin. I thought it was a heat rash or maybe the foundation I was using, until someone told me to see if any of my facial products had Sodium Lauryl Sulfate and found the culprit. I stopped using it and my rash is now gone. Only good thing I can say about the product is that it smells great, I was using the Pineapple one.

  • Ashli

    I used this for 3 days it worked well and I would use morning and night but then on the third day. The area around my nose started to burn badly the next day I woke up with a broke out face from my nose and down to the rest of my face. A year ago I used this product and the same thing happened and I don’t know why I tried it again I just didn’t have any other face wash at the time. My face breaks out easily i can’t where lipstick use face wash where makeup it just all doesn’t work out for me and my face