July 20, 2011

Dior Miss Dior Cherie Blooming Bouquet Eau de Toilette Spray Review

My Nordstrom Anniversary Sale order was sadly lacking. What did you haul?

Mine consisted of Dior Miss Dior Cherie Blooming Bouquet Eau de Toilette.


How awful. But there wasn’t anything that I really needed or wanted this year. It seemed quite uneventful.

Did you haul Blooming Bouquet?

I love it but….!

It’s an EDT and the wear time is kinda weak but I still love it none the less!

To me Miss Dior Cherie Blooming Bouquet is kinda a Summer-y, low calorie version of the original fragrance. This comes in the traditional square bottle with a ribbon wrapped topper to add that sweet, flirty feminine detail to the fragrance. I like this bottle alot perhaps because it’s so princess-like and girly due to the pink color of the fragrance.

Sadly, the fragrance comes in an EDT formula and only in a size of 1.7 oz. It’s limited edition and I thought it would be available in a larger size so I ended up hauling two which kinda stinks as it would be $85 for a 3.4 oz size if it was available versus the $64 per bottle I had to pay for the smaller 1.7 oz sizes.

I don’t suggest buying two the way I did though since the formula proves an ickle disappointing at this price due to the lighter, short wear time of the fragrance. I find myself refreshing up the fragrance at least three times daily as the notes are rather delicate and have a very short linger and throw.

Needless to say it is gorgeous though….

If Miss Dior Cherie is a little too in your face due to the heavier more dominant patchouli note you’ll really love Blooming Bouquet. Although patchouli is still very much a note here it’s very faint and provides a playful background for the softer more delicate floral notes in the mix.

Peony is a heavy note here and occasionally, I find this flower to cheapen fragrances but the sharpness and beauty of it combined with rose creates a floral layer that’s very feminine and beautiful in Blooming Bouquet. A soft white musk finishes the fragrance with a backdrop of soft patchouli and highlights of other soft floral notes that my nose isn’t sophisticated enough to name.

Although Dior considers this a fruity floral I personally get a very delicate, soft straight floral from the fragrance. It’s truly gorgeous with an edge of innocence that’s not easily captured in a fragrance.

Although perfect in so many ways I’d have appreciated an EDP version or a better throw…but I guess if it was any stronger it might kill what makes the fragrance so special, it’s soft, delicate heart.


Very worth a pick up regardless of the shorter wear time.

Anyone smell it?


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Available now, exclusively at Nordstrom and online at www.Nordstrom.com

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  • Larie

    Oooh, pretty! The original is a bit strong for me, so this could be right up my alley. Still, I already have two pink perfumes…I don’t want any more pink! 😀

  • Sarah S.

    I just got the original so I think I’m gonna skip this one… I didn’t haul anything from the Nordstrom anniversary which is SHOCKING because I’ve been spent like 10 year’s worth of $$$ on makeup this year… but I did just haul Harajuku Super G! But of course I did… probably will name my future child Gwen!

  • Sarah S.

    Alas, I just ordered it today and must wait to find out, biting my nails!

      • Sarah S.

        Hi Muse! Super G just came today… it’s powerfully fruity for a few minutes but I found it to fade realllllly fast! Much faster than my other Harajuku Lovers fragrances… I can’t recommend it except the packaging (bottle) is crazy cute! Worth it for a collector but stand-alone… nope. Your namesake by Benefit (Ring my Bella!) is awesome though! Citrusy, which I didn’t expect, but my hubs loves citrusy scents so I had to get it, too!

        • the Muse

          sarah no noes really? I haven’t had a chance to sniff it in person yet…but dying to sniff! I’ll prob haul anyway ;-D Ring my Bella smells really lovely I didn’t haul it but def need to grab it as it really does smell lovely ;D!