July 8, 2011

Face Q Luffa + Adlay Mask Review

I’ve been reviewing a few of the various Face Q Facial Sheet Masks out there. Anyone try them yet?

This is a range of masks made by the same company as My Beauty Diary. I admit I was attracted by the cute boxes prior to really concentrating on the formula of the masks but kawaii packaging aside I have to say I really like a few of them!

Here’s a review of the Face Q Luffa + Adlay Mask!


I know I’ve said it in prior reviews but I always like to start off a review explaining a facial sheet mask for those that might be new to Musings. Facial Sheet Masks are shaped like a mask and made out of a high quality cotton fiber. The masks are soaked in essence for a very wet feel. You apply them to your face (there are cut outs for your eyes and mouth) and sit around for 20-30 minutes and allow the essence to soak into your skin. There are various masks available in the Asian market with various formulas for brightening, anti-aging, etc….I’m a big mask fan because I like to use various products to not only whiten my skin but also to ease dullness and my experience with sheet masks has been very good tackling both these issues.

Face Q Luffa + Adlay is formulated to whiten as well as to calm skin!

The mask contains Luffa Extract which is an antioxidant that fights free radicals, and calms sensitive skin which is prone to premature aging, Barley Extract strengthens skin and calms it while reducing wrinkles and helping with hyperpigmentation, and Pineapple enzyme to minimize the appearances of pores.

Out of all the Face Q formulations I’ve tried this tops my favorite list as it always makes my face look whiter, brighter, and moisturized. Although I’m noticing that Face Q Sheet Masks have a knack for making my skin feel weirdly tacky after use but nothing that a little moisturizer doesn’t ease.

One thing that did disappointment with this mask was the fact that it tore easily. I tend to wear a mask for 30-60 minutes and I pat the mask every few minutes to help the essence absorb into my skin however doing so leads to the mask tearing easily around the nose area.

Outside of this I really enjoyed this formulation from Face Q.

If you have duller skin or you’re looking to gradually whiten your skin I’d try these out, they worked fabulously for me although I do think there are better options available out there that won’t tear or leave skin tacky…that was a bit of a turn out.

A box of 10 should set you back around $16 on the Internet. Which isn’t too bad a price although retail would be nicer but since these are exclusive to Asia it’s not something you can easily get within the US.

Every tried Face Q?


Any favorite sheet masks you’d like to share?

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  • Tina

    I wonder what the girl is holding in her hand in the packaging? Is it a watermelon or is it a pickle/cucumber? Why is a crab holding the cucumber and what is she saying to the crab? Or is she talking to us? Those are the things that go through my warped mind.

    • Christine

      She’s saying something like “double action” (referring to the two extracts, luffa and adlay) and the melon thing she’s hold is the luffa. The luffa melon is actually what they dry to make into real loofahs (that you wash stuff with). They’re pretty yummy too. :>

  • Cristi

    I’ve been really digging your mask reviews, Muse. 🙂 The drawings on the boxes are so darn adorable!! I hope to try these out sometime.

    We have an asian mega-mart thing kinda/sorta near where I live, so I’m hoping that they have these there the next time I go (haven’t been in ages)… if not maybe I can convince them to start carrying them! XD

    • the Muse

      cheers cristi ;-D thanks! I hope you get lucky at the mart ;D!

  • Angie Twehilley

    Same as you Muse, I use tons of different kinds of masks to keep my skin moist, brighter and prettier. (at least that’s what I think). 😛

    Have fun with them!

    • the Muse

      angie they are fab ;D aren’t they? great way to spoil your skin!

  • deedee

    love My Beauty Diary Strawberry yogurt one more then this brand unfortunately. i dont see much results with face Q :/