July 13, 2011

Fusion Beauty LipFusion Tinted Lip Conditioning Stick Review, Swatches, Photos

Is it October yet?

Because I seriously need to get back down with The Walking Dead. ZOMBIES!

But bad news, Lauren Cohan will be in Season 2. Dude, that girl is everywhere. Supernatural, CIS: NY, Vampire Dairies, Chuck (the list goes on!) …she’s infiltrated all my favorite shows and she starting to annoy me. Stop it!


Speaking of zombies, naked lips…so damn hard to pull off without looking zombified. Granted, I don’t mind lookin’ like a Zombie. I said it before, I’ll say it again, Zombies are people too!

But I just can’t do the naked lip so well…My go to naked lip look is courtesy of Korres Cherry Full Color Gloss in Nude 33 who proved to me I could do nude.

And now I have Fusion Beauty LipFusion Tinted Lip Conditioning Stick who proves again I can go nude!


A tinted lip balm with an SPF enriched formula that gives lips a dash of color while making them look fuller and firmer.

I love these.

I know I’ve mentioned it before but I really do adore these.

These come in a slick mirrored tube with a convenient twist off cap. The packaging is practical yet very sexy. The kinda remind of Fresh’s Lip Balm packaging but a step way above.

The balms are available in five shades (I feel like hauling them all) and have a formula that sports an SPF 15. One of the ingredients is something that Fusion Beauty calls Amplifat which are marine collagen spheres that increase volume, firmness and fullness resulting in a full-out pout instantly and over time. I’m not sure of the lasting effect of Amplifat as I haven’t experience it yet but I will say that the balm does give my lips a bit of a lift and makes them look fuller. They have a minty fresh flavor sans a sting as hey, mint and plumping in any lip product normally means it’s going to hurt but there isn’t any stinging here!

The actual texture is that of a traditional balm with a bit more thickness behind it. These glide on nicely and fit lovingly onto the contour of lips while offering instant hydration and a moisturizing finish. The balms sadly lack a shiny, glossy finish but this is more than made up for the fact that they wear quite long so you aren’t having to chronically touch up every your balm every hour on the hour.

The tint proves to be just the right amount that gives the MLBB (my lips but better) experience. I tried two shades one of which was a great nude sans the zombie look. My favorite of the two shades, Buff, is a warm brown beige and the other shade I tried Clear is simply a transparent balm.

I start my day with either lipgloss or lipstick in place but as it wears away I’m simply too lazy to reapply it which is why I like to have a solid, good quality tinted gloss around to keep my lips looking pretty and these fit the bill perfectly. I’m seriously obsessed with Buff and its become an HG (holy grail) in my desk drawer (I recently got a back up at Ulta for my makeup bag).

There a little expensive for a balm at $22 each but I like them too much to rant about the price!

  • Those seeking a high quality balm that gives lips a fuller appearance.
  • Those wanting a touch of color or a more natural lip look!
  • Those who are minimal makeup users.
  • Those wanting a balm they can use for touch ups throughout the day!
  • Those looking for a great barely there nude lip look!

  • Those who aren’t keen on paying alot for a lip balm!
  • Those sensitive to scented or flavored lip balms!

Fusion Beauty LipFusion Tinted Lip Conditioning Stick are a surprisingly little balm. I didn’t think these would be anything to rave about but they quickly proved me wrong. I really like the barely there, natural lip look and these provide that with a superior formula that keeps my lips hydrated.


Muse Approved for purchase!

You can find them at Ulta. Learn more at www.fusionbeauty.com

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Love ’em?

Leave ’em?

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  • Jayne

    Man…I’m just going to say it – I didn’t like season 1 of The Walking Dead. And believe me, I wanted to. I am obsessed with the graphic novels. I devour them, over and over again. But the show just…Blah. I think it’s the casting, honestly.

    It felt good to get that off my chest.

    I want to want these, but tinted lip balms never show up on my lips, and lip plumping products make my full-but-short lips look even stranger. I think I will stick with my HG lip balm (CO Bigelow lemon FTW) for now.

    • the Muse

      REALLY Jayne? Season 1 was fairly close to the novel with some changes..but I liked it! who in particularly didn’t like you? curious minds!

      • Jayne

        No, they did a great job of staying true to the novels! That wasn’t my problem. I guess I wanted Rick to be different. More masculine, maybe? Who knows. That’s my biggest problem, but something just did not suck me in the way the novels did. I’m still holding out hope, though!

        By the way, I’m on season 2 of Doctor Who (after hearing about it here a ton and then your direct recommendation) and holy cow. It is cheesy, but it sucks you in!

        • the Muse

          mmmm I understand Jayne….I LIKE the way they did Rick but yeah he’s a bit mushy at times ;-D I think the series was a little slow and than things began to rush forward quickly. Plus it was just too short…so hopefully an entire season will prove brilliant! LOL def right? Cheesy yes but oh so brilliant somehow ;D!

  • Lulu

    Oh my gosh! I am so excited for season two. It’s going to be awesome.

  • Top Makeup Zone

    Wow! Your lips look nice with the gloss on it! I might have to pickup some for myself!

  • Truus

    Andrew Lincoln! OMG, he was sooo adorable in the Teachers series 😀

    Oh, and nice color and finish, the coral one. But really, 22 $ is way too expensive ;(

    • the Muse

      AH truus! I liked him in teachers too! ya 🙁 a little shave off would be nice!

  • Tigress

    Ever so slightly off topic, but did you hear Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell are remaking Evil Dead?! Army of Darkness is my all time favorite movie ever – so the remake is either going to be awesome or suck, there’s no middle ground. lol

    These balms are lovely, but ouch at that price!

    • the Muse

      tigress this is me with my fingers in my ears lalalalalalalala…I hate this idea b/c I’m worried it’ll SUCK it hard!!!!!!!

      • Tigress

        I know, I fear it will suck too, but I’ll give it a chance because I love Bruce Campbell. Remakes usually bomb, but if nothing else this would probably be hilarious.

  • Isis

    andrew lincoln! I remember him from this life… great great tv!

  • Savannah

    I have Buff and I love it! It makes my lips a warm brown/pink color. I think it has a bit of a wonky smell, but that might just be me! It’s not bad, just not necessarily the best thing I’ve ever smelled.

    • the Muse

      oh savannah I don’t get that..! mine smells like a stick of gum or something;D!

  • DaenaCat

    Mere words cannot express how EXCITE I am for TWD Season 2.

    Fun Fact: I got married last year on Halloween. We had a small wedding in our home, in costume (everyone wore a costume — husband and I were zombies of course) and instead of a reception, everyone just hung out and watched The Walking Dead.

    I’m a massive fan of the comic (been reading for years) so I am really excited to see when my favorite character will show up. 😀

    • the Muse

      ME too daena 😀 me too! OMGGGGGGGGG my dream wedding! got pics?! lol! that sounds wicked! I love the comic too but I gotta say in this case I actually loved the series even more…..ZOMBIES!!!!!!!!!!

      • DaenaCat

        Hi hi! Here’s a link to the makeup I did for myself — it was a bit rushed but I like how it came out. The purple stained so I had purple scrolls on my face for 2 days, haha! My husband was a more trad. zombie and had some prosthetics on his neck and face (and kept bumping into walls b/c one the on his face covered his eye. LOL How romantic!)


        I can’t believe we have to wait until OCTOBER for TWD! But at least I have Torchwood Miracle Day to tide me over. (Captain Jack — ROWWWRR!)

  • M

    I just swatched these at Sephora and wasn’t sure if it was any good. How timely that you have a post on it! 🙂

    I swatched Buff and it looked sooooo pretty on my hand, but hmm, need to try them on my lips to see if it gives me that deathly pale lips look, LOL.

    Might get the Clear one or Bitten. And URGH I keep missing the Walking Dead!!! Only watched the first 3 eps or so and I haven’t caught up since. :((

    • the Muse

      i loved these m. maybe I’m nuts but the buff was so rockin’ for me ;-D! CATCH up catch up catch up! It’s SO good!

  • Sara

    I want one of these balms so bad but damns LipFusion is so freaking expensive. I have a hard time spending that kind of cash on lip stuff. Eye stuff, sure, because it’s hard to find good stuff that *lasts* there, but lip stuff? Dime a dozen…but still….I want puffy lips. 🙁 Puffy *colored* lips. Mine look like zombie lips too.

    Didn’t read the graphic novel (have a hard time getting in to them because as soon as I crack the cover it’s devoured instantly…read too fast I guess) but enjoyed the show. Most of it. I had the wide shot of him walking in to the city on horseback as my background for a loooong time (now it’s a 3d model of the robot devil from futurama – beautiful!). Some stuff bugged me, but usually it’s wailing women and jazz like that. And the thing with the science guy…was that in the novel?