July 29, 2011

Soap & Glory Will Be Available at Sephora!

Welcome back Soap & Glory!

Today Soap & Glory officially gave the word about their US retailer. As of August you’ll be able to get all your favorite Soap & Glory products from Sephora.com and starting in September all Sephora locations will have Soap & Glory in stock!

I’m so darn excited I might have wee’ed myself. You’ve no idea how much I’ve missed Soap & Glory.


Welcome back guys! I’m looking forward to a nice long haul together.

As always, Soap & Glory products are available in the UK at Boots, online at ASOS.com, and of course, at Harvey Nics.


Yay for Sephora?


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    • the Muse

      I dunno Sara. It was announced a year ago that Target wasn’t carrying it but never any reason why. Guess it was just a contract that ended or something.

  • Jessica Allison

    I’ll miss it at Target- I think it was a much better placement & I wouldn’t be surprised if we see it back there again in the future.

    I think at Target it was positioned as it should be- a cute, kitchy, brand that, while budget conscious, was still a top tier for the retailer.

    At Sephora, the lower price point along side higher priced but *VERY* similarly marketed lines ::coughBenefitcough:: might serve to make S&G look like a cheap knockoff.

    Not to mention, Target’s much more convenient 🙂

    • Kayla

      I agree with this entirely. I hope Sephora doesn’t raise the prices :[

  • Barbara

    While I really like Soap n Glory, I’m not a Sephora fan, they’ll probably jack up the prices big time.

  • Josh :D

    I think it’ll fit right in at Sephora — The packaging gimmicks with Soap & Glory is what they’re all about right now…too bad Soap & Glory actually has decent products to boot.

  • Jayne

    @w#%^#^#$%! Oh, Muse. You always bring me the best news. I’m soooo happy. Soap & Glory is one of the few lines that doesn’t trigger horrible migraines. Since they’ve gone, I either have to stick to good old unscented Dove soap or use up some of my precious Lush stash. No more treating my bath products like liquid gold! S&G returns!

    BUT I’M ON A NO-BUY IN AUGUST! Blargh. I guess I can wait until September to completely overhaul my bath time routine.

    • the Muse

      that’s ok Jayne ;-D you have plenty of time as it won’t reach stores until September and by than hopefully you are off the no buy ;D!!!!!!!!

  • Janet Shepherd

    I’m in the UK, and when I got my email from S&G about this, I thought “The Muse will be sooo stoked!” 😀

  • Erin

    Random and unrelated: when first starting a blog, is it bad form to sign off your comments on other blogs with your URL? Not trying to plug myself now…just wondering if that is rude.

    • the Muse

      erin I guess it depends on where you do it. Alot of bloggers think it’s a bit rude where as I imagine some don’t really care. I guess it really depends. Alot of times if you do it sometimes the comment ends up in spam as well as I know I use askinet to capture spam and sometimes reader’s will comment with their own url or a url for something they wanna show me but it ends up being marked as spam as sometimes I don’t see it b/c I empty my spam box out without sorting through it.

      So…I dunno….sometimes I’m not particularly keen when I review something and someone who has never commented proceeds to follow up and say “I reviewed this too here’s the link…” That’s kinda plugging and pimping….if you never commented before why now?

      Hope this makes sense ;-D

      I would personally not sign off on a comment with my url.

  • Jess

    YYAYYYY that just made my day!!! i always have to bug my UK and canadian friends to send me over their goods… now i dont have to! :DDDDD you always brighten up my day <3

  • Melissa

    So happy they are coming back as promised. I hope the price point is the same as it was at Target.

  • Morgan

    Aw poops. I was hoping they would come back to somewhere similar to Target. I don’t live in a metro area, so there’s no local Sephora around here. So no advantage really, still all online. Humph! :{

  • Dana

    You know what? I was at a Sephora in my JCPenny’s on Wednesday and I could have sworn I saw a little Soap and Glory stand. Or at least a few of their products. Maybe….I don’t usually look at stuff like that so I may be mistaken.

  • Ruthless

    I am not sure how I feel about this. Sephora doesn’t seem to have any full size product for under 14-16 bucks and S & G has products that are around 8-10 bucks each.

    Currently in Canada Shoppers Drug Mart carries a couple of body butters, scrubs, face scrubs and body wash-but not nearly the whole line.

    Sephora also carries Bliss, which was created by the lady who created S & G and is almost 3 times the price, so I wonder how that will work?

    I await, anxious and hopeful

  • Elizabeth

    I don’t know, while I’m happy that S&G is back, I wish it was still at Target. I checked out the Sephora website and it looks like the prices are higher than they were at Target. Plus I think the brand was better suited for Target – at Sephora it just looks like it’s copying Benefit.

  • Valerie

    I had heard a long time ago that Soap and Glory was having a hard time keeping up with demand since they were so popular. They had to take a “breath” so they could work with their manufacturer to be able to increase their production. I have missed Sexy Mother Pucker lip gloss and am so glad it has returned.

  • Andy

    Hey but i know that soap and glory is going to ve available on the sephora website but my cuestion is YOU CAN GO TO YOUR LOCAL SEPHORA STORE AND SEE SOAP AND GLORY PRODUCTS? Or Its just on the website