July 7, 2011

Tokidoki for Sepohora Fall 2011 Tokidoki Royal Pride Hercolino Palette

I’m getting a little antsy to rush through Summer so I can indulge in all the new Fall Collections releasing! Particularly Tokidoki Fall 2011 which looks cute as sin!

But most important I want to jump to late August because rumor is that’s when the new season of the Guild is coming atcha! Can’t wait squee!

But…about that Tokidoki Fall Collection.

Check it!

Tokidoki Royal Pride Hercolino Palette $28

  • Profumo (matte dusty rose)
  • Elettica (sparkling gray green)
  • Ippo (dark purple)
  • Lion Pappa (pearlized bronze)
  • Patatino(cream)
  • Hercolino (pearlized chocolate brown)

Tokidoki Royal Pride Compact Mirror $8
Your favorite tokidoki characters are inviting you to a safari adventure. Face all the world’s rough and tough terrain while looking your best with this portable mirror featuring a safari print with characters from the tokidoki Royal Pride crew.

Tokokdi Royal Pride Bags $30-$39
Your favorite tokidoki characters are inviting you to a safari adventure. Face all the world’s rough and tough terrain while looking your best with thes makeup bags featuring a safari print and an embroidered appliquΓ© patch of Savana, the Royal Pride’s First Lady, or Bastardino dressed in leopard camo.

  • Tokidoki Royal Pride Savana Everyday Bag
  • Tokidoki Royal Pride Bastardino Carryall Bag

I love the palette! And I need that budget friendly mirror! So cute. I like these new styles of palettes that Tokidoki is embracing.

Whatcha think?

Gratuitous Codex and Fawkes fun!

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  • Jayne

    Ahh! I thought they would never do another season! You just made my year, Muse!

    I swear, I make the boyfriend watch The Guild CONSTANTLY. He’s a good sport, though, because he went through a WoW phase and I played along. Haha.

    Oh, and I’m not LOVING the palette. I could do without the entire left side (pinks and red-toned purples make me look like I’m dying.) However, the packaging is so adorable I may buy it for the bronze!

    • the Muse

      I hope this isn’t the end Jayne…they keep saying that this is the final season πŸ™ totally freaks me out as I heart the show so much! I wish my wow “phase” was over lol! I hope they bring back Fawkes ;-D

      The bronze is def why I want it ;-D can understand about the purples, they make my bags worst ;D!

      • Jayne

        Oh, boy. I tried to play with him, I really did, but I need story-based games that I can really get into and WoW just did not do it for me. If this is the last season, I will be really sad. The Guild is so brilliant and I don’t know what I will do without my Codex meltdown hilarity and Clara’s parenting methods.

        PS – I finally broke down and watched a few episodes of Doctor Who – very entertaining! The only thing that bothers me about the show is that I constantly want to brush Rose’s hair. Haha.

        • the Muse

          hey Jayne! ;-D LOVEEEEEEEEEEEE Clara’s parenting methods ;-D hahaha! I think I’ll curl up and sob if it’s the last season πŸ™ sigh. Felicia Day is just so amazingly fabulous as Codex ;-D You’re lucky, W0W sucks the hours out of life, don’t get involved ;-D haha!

          LOL rose’s hair def had its weird moments ;-D You mind like Pond a bit more, her locks are always rather lovely!

  • Carrie

    Ooh I need that mirror! Do you know when the release date is?

    • the Muse

      carrie I imagine without a week or two. It’s on Sephora’s site but not yet in stock ;D!

    • Danii

      This is all available in store and online right now at Sephora.I must know,is the mirror metal or plastic?I remember the circular compacts were metal but what is this one made of?!

  • Andrea

    I definitely don’t need the palette since I think I have dupes for all the colors, but the packaging and the puppy are so cute…

  • Courtney

    I just haven’t been able to get into Tokidoki’s makeup but I totally heart their packaging. Grrr. Maybe eventually they’ll come out with something I can’t live without. I wish I could just buy the cute little figurines by themselves. lol

    • the Muse

      you can court! they sell little figures and such at Tokodoki’s main portal ;D!

    • Quinctia

      The marker-style eyeliners are pretty good (I only have the black, but reviews of the others have been pretty positive), though there’s obviously not much room for cute packaging on something that skinny! πŸ™‚

  • Josh :D

    I need the Bastardino bag in my life — he’s BEYOND adorable. πŸ˜€

  • CucumPear

    Somehow Tokidoki is way too cute for me.
    But I’m really excited about The Guild, it completely rehabilitated Wil Wheaton for me (oh, the horrors of Wesley Crusher) – Fawkes just rocks. I should probably re-watch it in preparation for the new season.
    Of course I now can’t get Do You Want to Date My Avatar out of my head.

    • the Muse

      lol cucumpear I’m actually too much of a fangirl when it comes to WW to ADMIT that WC was awful! But on the other hand my trekkie good nature demands to make fun of the WC generation years…oy vey *head desk* even Wil admits how bad it truly was.

      Fawkes does rock it ;-D! Me too! DEF needs a rewatch ;-D Me either or GAME ON!!!!!!! can’t wait for the new song parody! Yes, both are on my mp3 list…

  • 18thCenturyFox

    My issue here is similar to that with Urban Decay. Essentially if you have the Robbery and Sodashop palettes you have all the eyeshadow colors already. The packaging is adorable but I already have all the colors. And I was a huge fan of Tarina’s bits and bobs. She hasn’t sold well, however, so this might be a big pink R.I.P. X,(

    • the Muse

      Century I think so…it doesn’t bode well they didn’t introduce a single piece for Fall…I feel SALE written all over this one! Pink out! :-/