July 25, 2011

Would You Buy It? Maybelline Great Lash Gets Designer Look and Packaging

They tell me Maybelline Great Lash is one of the drugstore’s golden gems. The tell me it’s a cult favorite, a hit amongst cheap mascaras, a HG drugstore mascara…

I don’t believe ’em.

If they revamp Maybelline Great Lash and give it a designer look does that mean the formula will be all those things they tell me about?


Naaa a zebra can’t change its stripes!

Maybelline New York celebrates Great Lash Mascara’s 40th Aniversary with three new limited-edition designs. Max Azria, Tracy Reese and Vivienne Tam were inspired by some of their own collections and creations to re-create the look of the popular green tipped tube.

Might look nice but it’s still boring Great Lash Mascara which has personally never worked for me.

Will you buy it?


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  • Jessica

    No way! Great Lash is one of the worst mascaras I’ve tried. Never understood the hype.

  • Appu

    Awww…look at great lash trying to be all pretty 🙂 It’s still great lash and will NOT work for me

  • CucumPear

    I’ve always liked the packaging, but that’s all Great Lash has going for it. On my lashes it looks just unimpressive. The only thing it does is sticking my lashes together and that’s not particularly pretty.
    So that’s not something I would buy just because the tube is now Teh Prettehz.

  • Jess

    I have an HG drugstore mascara :/ lol

    Maybelline Lash Stiletto is AMAZING I love it almost as much as I love my Benefit Bad Gal Lash lol

  • Kayla

    I know companies can’t really claim that they’ve gotten all these awards and things when they haven’t… But secretly, I’ve always thought Maybelline was lying about all these claims, haha. Maybe back in 90s…?

  • Shoppingaholic

    I have never used it so i would definitely like to use before i say “no”… from your words it seems that I shouldn’t. what say?

  • JoElla

    I hate this mascara with the heat of a bazillion suns!

    I can’t get the wand any closer than 3 inches to my eyes before they water like crazy!

  • KPrice

    I have always loved Maybelline Great Lash. I’ve tried some pricier brands and none haved worked better. I have not tried this new packaging, but if they haven’t changed the formula then I recommend trying them.

  • Sara


    Tried it, found it “meh” and won’t buy again. I like shiny packaging as much as the next gal, but it doesn’t mean I’ll actually buy a product for its looks.

  • Jaana

    Like many “designer edition” products, they will keep the formulation the same, just revamp the package. This still gets more sales 😛

  • breyerchic04

    I like great lash. It gives me nicely defined lashes, doesn’t make my eyes water like so many other do, doesn’t flake, doesn’t give me raccoon eyes. So I’ve never really understood all the hatred. I’m not going to go out of my way to buy this, it’s great lash, I’ll buy whatever one is in front of me.

  • Nicole R.

    I would never, ever buy Maybelline Great Lash again, even with the designer packaging. I’ve only bought this mascara once and it was the worse mascara I have ever tried, I don’t understand what all the hype behind it is about?

  • SueGintheUK

    Great Lash doesn’t deserve its reputation IMO, but Maybelline’s One by One Waterproof is HG for me and better than I thought any mascara could be. It keeps every single lash separate whether you use one coat or more and won’t smudge or budge at all.

    • Sydni

      Haha, yes! New packaging is worthless unless the formula is improved.

  • Freidra

    Given the ratio of beauty editor “o-faces” over this dreck to its actual functionality, this is the worst mascara ever. I’m embarassed to admit that I’ve purchased twice (in my defense, I was 19 and 22). Never again. I would possibly try another version specifically the one that uses some sort of text on the front (lol? something like that…)

    • the Muse

      makes me lose faith in beauty editor’s opinions on these things freidra, it’s ALOT of raving haha!

  • Cee

    Maybe it depends on who uses it, but it never worked for me either. I tried it once, didn’t work out very well. Then people kept telling me it’s awesome, so I tried it again and still failed.

  • Karyn

    I think there is some magic trick to using Great Lash. The MUA at my sister’s wedding used it on us bridesmaids and it performed BEAUTIFULLY. When I tried it on my own I looked like a raccoon. Maybe you have to be part of the MUA club lol

  • Liz!

    The new packaging is cute, but Great Lash just doesn’t work for me. In fact, I’m not exactly sure how it’s such a cult item, as I’ve never known anyone who used/loved it and often peeps on the blogs I read say the same! Oh well, kudos to anyone who can work it, it is cheap and super accessible.

  • vonnie

    i’m the same as you…if the FORMULA made my lashes stand out like designer quality goods, then yay…but um, no thanks just for packaging, still HATE the mascara

  • cathee

    ugh i bought it once, all the hype was insane, but it was the worst thing i’d ever used!!

  • Claudia

    Personally hate this mascara. However if they want to do packaging like this with The Falsies then im in:)

  • Ana

    My mother uses GL and has been since it came out! She’s never strayed from it, and I just don’t understand! It looks all right, nothing amazing and nothing horrible, I guess… and it’s her prerogative to use it… even though she keeps the same tube for about 6 months at a time and curls her lashes AFTER mascara, haha. Even when I say something she just smiles and goes her way with the makeup. :p

  • Mary the Muse Militant

    How can this monstrous mascara still be alive??
    I’d rather go without mascara than use this stuff.
    A bit harsh I know but it’s so awful.

  • Regina

    It’s great for your lower lashes b/c the brush is so tiny and it’s even better to top of the ends of your lashes after you’ve first coated with something else.

  • christine

    this mascara is not available in my country,but a MUA used it on me on two occasions (both weddings) at it worked perfectly fine on me…to those who don’t want it, i’d be happy to take it!

  • K

    I don’t like it either. I’m not sure why it’s a HG for many artists. I find that it smudges even if it’s waterproof and it’s just not great formula wise

  • theRothstanator

    I think it is great for the price point. I actually use it everyday underneath my Buxom mascara.

  • Ryan

    I don’t like it or dislike it. It’s just very blah. The only good thing about it is the size of the brush: small. I have a really hard time getting other mascara brushes into my inner and outer corners.

  • Ruthless

    Honestly, I feel that Maybelline has slipped a lot in quality over recent years. The new eyeshadow quads are shit. Color lipsticks aren’t that appealing either. It’s just not exciting.

    Rimmel, on the other hand has come out with great eyeshadows, very impressed.

    This mascara does nothing for me either

  • Mia

    It’s a decent 1st mascara. As in it’s fine for those who don’t really need mascara or teenagers. For a good, HG mascara, I prefer L’Oreal Voluminous. That’s a real winner.