August 11, 2011

Bath and Body Works Cute Dog Pocketbac Collection

Sometimes brands can do a little too much rehashing resulting in repetitive products which leads to a very tired, fed up beauty junkie.

Let’s face it, it can’t get much more overdone than Bath & Body Works Pocketbac Collection. Seems like they have a new type of gel almost every other day but I gotta admit…

I’m not tired of these damn things yet.

How about you?

The new selection of Bath & Body Works Pocketbacs have gone to the dogs and I know my friends Sam and Paddy will absolutely have to have these!

Wait until you hear how Royal Tea smells!


Bath & Body Works Royal Tea Pocketbac
Lightly scented with a sweet blend of fresh squeezed lemonade and strawberry tea.

Bath & Body Works Glam Star Fruit Pocketbac
Lightly scented with a zesty blend of juicy mango, passionfruit and peach nectar.

Bath & Body Works Hip Hop Plum Pocketbac
Lightly scented with a delectable blend of passionfruit, white plum and sweet peach.

Bath & Body Works Snob Berry Pocketbac
Lightly scented with a juicy blend of fresh raspberries and sparkling lemon.

Bath & Body Works All Star Apple Pocketbac
Lightly scented with a blend of fresh picked green apples.

BBW should start doing some of these scents in body mists, I’d buy ’em! Royal Tea sounds divine!

Pocketbacs are an affordable beauty luxury at $1.50 each or 5 for $5.

Available now at Bath and Body Works.

Love ’em?

Tired of ’em?

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  • Tammie

    I wish there was a PUG~! Then I’d buy like 5 and I don’t even collect these things.

    • Agatha Tefora

      I’m imagining the PUG! So cute!

      I want to see a Great Dane or a Saint Bernard for a bigger bottle. =)

  • the beauty alchemist

    As a dog LOVER I gotta have at least one or two of these.

  • Samantha

    You’re definitely barking up the right tree!! We picked these up on our last B&BW order and you’ve inspired us to add do a post on them for Barkzilla. Thanks for the link love 🙂

  • Mara

    omfg! so this is really new then?! lol when i went 2 weeks ago i got the royal tea, and i’ve been looking EVERYWHERE to try and figure out what the scent is!! So glad now I know!! Love the smell!!

  • Cait

    haha my mom got a coupon for a free pocketbac the other day, so i went in with her to pick it out, and i couldn’t BELIEVE how many different varieties they had! lol crazy! they’re so amazing though

  • Jonnie

    I went to BBW yesterday and was creeped out by these… but, I do not like dogs so that is probably why.

    I did get a honey pretzel scented pocketbac that is awesome though! And chocolate mint, chocolate donut, lemon fizz, and strawberry. All are awesome but the strawberry…

  • Fey

    I hate dogs enough to dislike these. Not really. I just hate how bad dogs smell and how germ-y they are, which is totally irrelevant in this scenario. I guess that means I must buy them all.

  • Perilla

    I’m so tired of these! They have a new scent every month @[email protected] the way they do it strangely reminds me of Pokemon:

    Take the old, slightly change it, say it’s new and CHACHINGGGG

    I always see girls in my school (yes I’m a high schooler) carrying this stuff and showing it off to the world to see, and then they laugh me and my germ-x because the packaging isn’t as “cute.” They carry it like it’s some sort of designer handbag, haha 😉

  • Joy August

    Aside how cute it is 🙂 This you can carry anywhere you go. 🙂

  • Elle

    the royal tea is as pretty as a tea cup itself! how cute! I’d LOVE to buy one but it’s so hard to find these days.. well, it has been a year and I didn’t get the note when it first came out, so..

  • Erquilly Yunis

    I like, Bath and Body Works Cute Dog Pocketbac Collection

    My like buy…