August 17, 2011

Bath & Body Works Halloween Anti-Bacterial Pocketbac Sanitizing Hand Gel Spheres Review

Pocketbac fans unite! You know, you’re that crazy lot of folks that keeps collecting Pocketbac Hand Sanitizer Gels every time Bath and Body Works releases a new one.

This is a very real disease, seek medical advice soon.

But before you do, haul the Halloween Pocketbac Spheres from Bath & Body Works k?


You absolutely don’t need these and I even gave myself that pep talk prior to purchasing them but here they are, sitting on my desk, looking all kinds of innocent.

For shame.

No willpower at all.

There a ripoff at $4 bucks each as it’s the packaging you are paying for considering regular Pocketbacs are 1 oz and $1.50 versus these at $4 each for 1.7 oz. Ouch!

But…ya know, Halloween, cute factor, yada, yada…forces me to indulge and later kick myself in the azz when they are on clearance for 25 cents each.

But if it’s the little things in life that bring you a little joy why not grab them up?

Although I will say not only is the price a put off but the packaging which is kinda hard to squeeze….I find I have to tap them against my hand to get the gel out which is a pain in the backside!

These are available in three scents which include Apple (Franekstien), Candy Corn (Pumpkin), and Bubble Gum (Eyeball). Actually none of them really smell like their namesake in my opinion outside of Bubble Gum. Apple comes across weird and fruity sans any Apple and Candy Corn is a bit vanilla, a little bubble gum, and a buncha other notes….they are all pretty pleasant but the names can be misleading.

Do you need them?

Probably not but if you enjoy Halloween you might wanna haul them. They make fun little treats for kids, friends, co-workers, etc…as well!

Available now at Bath and Body Works.

Hauled them already?

Planning on it?

Do sahre!