August 15, 2011

Beauty on a Budget: LA Splash Eye Sparkle Review, Swatches, Photos

I’m not of a mineral eyeshadow girl for two reasons. 1. Fall out….! Ugh anything loose is always turns into a dramatic application for me and 2. if I start indulging in mineral eyeshadows from various e-tailers I’ll be in a whole hell of alot of trouble. I already have enough beauty addictions! I could just picture myself with endless baggies and small jars of piggie laying all over the place.

No, thanks.

I did indulge in a few LA Splash Eye Sparkles though as they are Buy 2, Get 1 Free at Cherry Culture.

Check ’em!

There isn’t anything I like more than when a product offers me variety. Blessed, endless variety.

With over 150 shades to choose from LA Splash Eye Sparkle definitely puts the variety out there!

Each Eye Sparkle comes in a square jar that’s 1.5 g in size for $5.99 each (Buy Two, Get 1 Free at the moment). I find the name slightly misleading as these do in fact start out as a shimmery shadow but when you blend them out the finish becomes thinner with alot less sparkle and more of a softer sheen.

The formula is silky and lightweight and blends easily however fall out, as with any loose eyeshadow, pigment, and sparkle, you will experience but you can easily avoid this by using a cream base. I find the shades have a bright pop of color with excellent pigmentation.

I hauled three shades which were the following:

  • Starfish Coral: A rosy coral shimmer.
  • Shrimp Cocktail: A bright peachy coral.
  • Pink Sands: A rosy shimmer.

I hauled out LA Splash Eye Sparkles this week because I thought they make a fabulous Back to School pick since they are such a great budget pick.

You can get them now at