August 22, 2011

Forever 21 Love & Beauty Blush Review, Swatches, Photos

Didja know that Forever 21 has its own house brand of cosmetics called Love & Beauty? I haven’t been paying proper attention, blinded by all the damn accessories whenever I go into their stores, because I seriously never pursued their beauty offerings.

Have you?

I’m going to explore them and tell you what I think starting with Love & Beauty Blush!


A pot of powder blush at a budget price!

Oh my gosh this is so damn cute! Kinda reminds me of vintage makeup from the 70’s or something..!

The packaging is a tiny pink compact that has a screw top. The packaging completely slays me as I’m all about sweet, girlish packaging…this could prove a little immature for some but as a fan of Asian brands I’m all about it. Japanese and Korean brands embrace the same kawaii, princess-y style packaging as you know from my reviews of such brands…this is cute, pretty, yet practical.

The blush inside is a bright shade of apricot with a nice color pay off and a silky formula. The blush feels a little heavier and not as lightweight as some higher end blushes, not sure if that makes sense but when you wear it you’ll understand exactly what I mean. It’s not uncomfortable in the least but it deserved mentioning. At under $3 ($2.80 to be exact) this is a fairly decent formula that’s on par with drugstore blushes or even better thanks to the nicer packaging.


If you’re a bit more selective about your blush formula and what’s in it and where it’s made you probably want to take note….

This was made in China and does contain mineral oil as well as parabens.

The blush does fade within a four to five hour time frame sometimes even faster if you’re out in the heat.

  • Anyone looking for a budget blush that isn’t particularly selective about ingredients.
  • Anyone who loves pretty packaging that hides a completely functional makeup product.
  • Those seeking a nice shade of apricot blush!
  • Those on a beauty budget.

  • Those who aren’t keen on mineral oil and parabens in their blush formula (keep in mind MAC blushes also have mineral oil).
  • Those who aren’t keen on makeup made in China.
  • Those wanting a long wearing, all day strong blush!
  • Sensitive skin types (this has a bit of a fragrance to it so it might prove irritating for those with sensitive skin).

What can I say? I liked it but I’m not super sensitive about products made in China nor am I bothered by parabens or mineral oil although I do try to avoid parabens, let’s face it, they do make a guest starring appearance in many popular products including my beloved Lush.

If you’re on a budget and seeking a decent wearing blush, check this out, price can’t be beat at under $3 bucks and it proves better than some blushes I’ve purchased at the drugstore for triple that amount!

Anyone try Love & Beauty Cosmetics?

Anything that sticks out as brilliant?

Tried the blush?

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  • Tammie

    Love the color and the packaging, I’ll have to pick this up next time I go to the mall (assuming they have it).

  • Katy Eridao

    omg Muse, i just discovered their makeup earlier this week! i just picked up the Ombre Eyeshadow Palette from the beauty section. the darker colors are nicely pigmented and smooth, but the lighter creams of course are chalky.

    absolutely love the packaging of these products, makes you feel pretty just taking them out. some of them look like lancome products!

    • the Muse

      I saw that one katy and was very tempted good to know it isn’t half bad!!!!!!!!!! ;-D

  • Christine

    I was tempted to get it when I was in F21 last because the packaging is just super cute! But I resisted.

  • Michelle

    I’ve been eyeing this for a while, but I was a bit scared of buying it, not because of the Made in China label or the ingredients, but because I was afraid it wouldn’t be any good. Quality seems pretty good to me from your swatch!

    I’ve tried the “explosion wand” mascara from F21. It was a total rip-off of Givenchy’s mascara, but wayyyy wayyyyyyyyy worse. The packaging had a gold cap, and when I got home and tried to twist the cap off, the cap came off to reveal ANOTHER cap that had the Givenchy patterning on it. LOL. As for the product itself, the mascara never dried and smelled funky, plus it made my lashes look wet and that’s it. =/

    I’m also tried the spring lip gloss in the color salmon. THAT on the otherhand is amazing. It’s a sheer orangey gloss that isn’t sticky and has a lasting time of like 3-4 hours. Laaave it. 🙂

    • the Muse

      it’s not bad for the price michelle count me shocked girl! LOL oh noes I saw that and thought it wouldn’t be good so def avoided ;-D! sounds nice gotta pick it up!

    • ileana

      Michelle – I also tried the mascara and had completely different results. Maybe you got a bad batch… I’m curious of the gloss though…. I’ll have to check it out.

  • plue

    omg what’s with fashion brands coming out with makeup collections? but this looks pretty cute!

  • ileana

    I have also been pleasantly surprised with the quality, price and cuteness of their makeup line. I did a few posts about it and I’m in the process of reviewing a few more. I think they are on to something great! I can’t wait to see if you have more reviews.

  • Nadiar

    that’s exactly what i hate about beauty products..
    Our lives are in danger thanks to the parabens family 😐

  • Tammie

    Just bought this this week! Sadly it was the only blush and I had to DIG through the bins to get it…what a pain, but it was worth it I love it!

  • Susan

    Hi. I tried the Rose Gold Palette from their cosmetic line and would highly recommend it. And that’s coming from a girl who usually sticks with high end.

  • Rozy

    I dont know if I am rare but I often have reactions to paraben free products. Nothing has been proven yet to protect against microbial growth as well yet so it makes sense. I feel safer using products with proper preservatives so I would use this.