August 23, 2011

Hard Candy Stay in the Line Eyeliner Review, Swatches, Photos

Hard Candy Stay in the Line Eyeliner is part of the new Hard Candy Fall 2011 Collection. These mechanical eyeliners are available in six shades for $5 each and include a smudger sponge.

At this price, you’ll want to own them all!

Check it!

A budget friendly collection of mechanical eyeliners with a creamy, sparkling formula!

I ventured in Wally World for one reason only, Hard Candy, otherwise Target is my budget department store of choice. But the trip to the evil empire is well worth it as Hard Candy continues to put out some really great budget little makeup pieces that prove worthy of a haul in my humblest.

Hard Candy Stay in the Line is a range of mechanical, swivel up eyeliners for $5 bucks each. I debated with myself for a while on this one as I know that Milani makes some really nice eyeliners in the same design (think MAC Technakohl) for around the same price tag so I wasn’t sure if I wanted to recommend Stay in the Line as a purchase. I finally decided that yes, it was worthy of a buy but it did have a few quirks which I’ll share with you in a few.

Stay in the Line starts off rather dry. It tugs at first, it feels dry and hard but it warms up quickly. I suggest swiping it first on your arm and than applying to your eye to get the formula warmed up for the first time. Once warmed up the formula goes from hard to creamy and smooth and applies with a nice glide sans tugging or skipping. The shade I selected was Black Pearl Sparkle which is, obviously black with silver sparkle. I used it on my upper lash line and found it applied evenly without issue. I also went ahead and applied on my waterline something I do not suggest as I can’t say whether this is waterline safe or not due to the sparkle in the mix, mind you, it didn’t cause me any problems but you never know particularly if you’re sensitive.

The formula works out very well and wears decently long. I didn’t have issues with smudging, flaking, or smearing however it’s hard to say how it’ll work out for you particularly if you have watery eyes or oily lids. I personally have dry eyes all around and never really experience eyeliner woe.

The design of the pencil is a dual side featuring the smudger on one side and the swivel up pencil on the other. The pencil starts off with an extra sharp tip…

But it goes dull after a few uses and my pet peeve sets in which is the fact this fails to include a sharpener. Most mechanical eyeliners include one nowadays and I believe that it should be essential when creating a pencil of this type, no one wants to use a dull tipped eyeliner. Granted, I can easily grab a sharpener from one of my other eyeliners but I shouldn’t have to do that! If anything I could have done without the smudger and just replace it with a sharpener.

Sorry it’s my biggest pet peeve and deserved a rant.

  • Those seeking a budget friendly eyeliner with a bit of sparkle.

  • Those who put alot of importance on basic packaging needs and wants (lack of sharpener is a basic feature this should include).

Overall, Hard Candy Stay in the Line Eyeliner is a decent budget pick with one minor flaw that I believe is rant worthy. It does lack some variety and only comes in six shades which makes me question whether you absolutely need it since brands like Milani offer a similar product and formula along with the price tag and a slightly nicer formula. I don’t think there’s anything extra special about it in terms of formula but should appeal to those on a budget and at this price you can easily haul all the shades without feeling guilty!

Tried it?

Love it?


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  • SusanT

    Muse, it totally is rant worthy. I’m sure most people would rather pay 50 cents more just to get a sharpener, don’t ya think? I want to see if they have a plain black one — I’m too old for sparkle, LOL.

    • the Muse

      thanks susan ;-D nice to know I am not alone! ;-D you’re never too old for sparkle girl!

  • Maria

    Ummm….can I say that every time I try to use those little cone things that come with automatic eyeliners I end up breaking the tip because I obviously do not know how to use them? This is one of the reasons I have had to learn to deal with a blunt tip, since I do more damage just trying to sharpen them. ^_^
    Cant wait to try these! I’m glad you mentioned that it gets creamier when you warm it up since hard eye pencils are a NO-NO for me.

    • the Muse

      maria you slowlyyyyyyyyy roll it around ;-D it’s a god sent! ;-D me too, hate hard eye pencils. This starts hard so def warm up first on your arm and than apply!

      • Maria

        Oh God! I laughed like a crazy person when I read your message. LOL I’ll try it a little slower…and gentler….hehehe!

  • Perilla

    OHHH likey! I hate sharpening pencils, so the twisty ones are better for me~ haha xD

  • Tayler

    Heeyyy 😀
    i saw this at Wally World today, and considered buying it since i’ve heard great things about Hard Candy products from many YouTube makeup gurus. the only reason i didn’t buy it was cause i was planning on getting Maybelline’s Falsies mascara (which i love so far) and didn’t want to spend more than $5 on makeup today. so when i got home i looked for reviews for it the internet & found this. (i’ve actually read many reviews of yours, they’re pretty trustworthy) and i think i’m gonna try it. one thing i have to disagree with you on, it that i HATE sharp tips on my liners. i actually prefer a dull tip. and yes, i can still create thin lines & wings with a dull tip. but i think adding sharpeners on twist up liners isn’t necessary. if i wanted to sharpen it, i’d just buy a pencil. but, many people seem to love it, and it is pretty genius. so kudos to whoever thought of it 😀
    so yeah, i think i’ll but it since the only con you mentioned was the lack of built-in sharpener, which isn’t a con for me(:
    once again, great review 🙂 <3

  • SusanT

    Tayler, when I first found musingsofamuse, I was on this site for days, reading every review the Muse had ever posted — it’s addicting. Welcome to the site! The Muse will never steer you wrong and is extremely honest about product reviews, both price & quality of products, and will review products found at both Walmart and Neiman-Marcus.

  • Janell

    I thought the eyeliner was mechQnicL and it definitely looks like it from the pic. Why did u have to “sharpen” it? Just roll out the end?