August 19, 2011

Hard Candy World Balmination Review, Swatches, Photos

If lip balms were like an army of zombies I could take over the world with my collection, it would be a World Balmination.

I don’t have an army of zombies but I wish I did, I do have an army of lip balms though and the newest to grace my collection is Hard Candy World Balmination.

Brilliant stuff and a beauty budget pick for you back to schoolers out there.


A lemon-scented balm that comes in eight shades to protect and moisturize lips.

World Balmination Lip Balm is part of the Hard Candy Fall Collection 2011 and comes in eight shades for….drum roll…three bucks each. ‘ello awesome Beauty Budget pick!

I happen to be a lazy touch-upper so once my lipgloss and my lipstick wear away chances are I’m NOT going to make the attempt to head to the ladies and touch it up. This is one reason I keep an army of balms in my desk drawer as they are a quick way to slick on a hint of color and get my lips feeling hydrated again.

World Balmination is a cheap as day old chips pick for not only moisturizing lips but also giving them a hint of color. I picked up two at my Wally World (Walmart) and was quite pleased with the formula. Each balm comes in Hard Candy’s funky packaging, heck I was having a hard time not thinking of Urban Decay when I saw the rather cool prints on the tube.

The formula is a hydrating balm sans a waxy, uncomfortable feel. It glides on easily and leaves behind a lightweight moisturizing finish with a tiny hint of color. The color is pretty sheer but it’s enough to give lips a natural, healthy flush.

I picked up two shades which were Good Girl, a nude peachy beige and Fishnet, a subdued fuchsia. As I mentioned the colors are super sheer here so don’t expect for the colors in the tube to make an appearance on your lips.

Packaging kinda irks me because the glosses are swiveled too far up to begin with which means putting the top back on is an experience you have to be careful with less you knock against the balm with the top and create a mess! They should have allowed the balms to swivel down more to avoid this.

I’ve been using them several days without issue but I noticed the balm narrows a hair towards the end which means it’s a little shaky and I’m kinda worried it might snap at any minute. So far, knock wood, nothing happened…!

  • Anyone seeking an inexpensive balm for tucking into their tote, drawer, etc..for a quickie touch up!
  • Students on a budget.
  • Those who like natural lips without alot of color or product on them!

  • Those who aren’t really a fan of lip balm formulas (if you’re more a gloss girl or a lipstick one, well this prob won’t float your boat).
  • Those sensitive to scented or flavored lip products.

Overall, Hard Candy World Balmination is a solid yay for me. I like having a balm around that gives my lips a hint of color and some much needed moisture and this fits the bill and won’t break my piggie bank doing it. I find it’s a nice pick for students as well that really can’t dish out on expensive lip treatments plus it travels nicely for touch ups while you’re in class. At three dollars you’re not going to find a nicer balm with fun packaging and a decent formula. They are comparable to Fresh Lip Balms not only because of the formula (this isn’t as pigmented but very close to the brand’s formula) but also because of the sugary lemon scent and flavor which I find very pleasant so if you didn’t want to dish out the twenty plus price tag for Fresh’s version you can snatch up one of these for relatively the same lip balm experience.


Well worth your buck!

Muse Approved for purchase!

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Isabella MuseIsabella is just an average everyday geeky girl who doesn’t blend her eyeshadow correctly, wears too much blush, and hopes she never finds her holy grail products because she likes the thrill of the chase so much. Her mission is to bring you super honest reviews on makeup, skincare, fragrance and all things beauty. She’s in no way an expert on the topic and she sure as hell isn’t a super model. But she’s passionate about makeup and is seeking like-minded individuals that like pina coladas, getting caught in the rain, and ones that enjoy spending hundreds of dollars at Sephora without feeling buyer’s remorse. If you’re that person feel free to reach out and leave a comment or follow me on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Bloglovin‘.

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  • Sarah S.

    Same issue with the packaging as I had with my Tokidoki balm stain. Love Fresh’s, though. A twist-cap balm is quite convenient!

    • the Muse

      I’m so careless I’m liable to slice off the balm when I put the cap on sarah haha!

  • Hai Dao L

    hmm, I think I’ll still stick with my Nivea balm. It applies semi-opaque, and is almost as good as Labello! Plus, it’s only a dollar up here in Canada 🙂

  • S

    These look great! Will check for them next time I go to walmart (my least favorite place ever)….just curious, what do they retail for?

  • Sabrinna

    this looks cool, but for now i think ill pass this and stick to the CG natureluxe lipbalms. theyre quite pigmented (i love coral and anemone) and keeps my lips from drying (they arent very hydrating though). and normally its like 7 bucks but if you get sunday coupons (theres some that is 5 bucks off) they only cost like 3.50 each if you buy two 🙂

  • kimkats

    Ran to Wally World today and grabbed the Good Girl one and the new mascara! Just a note – if you’re looking for the mascara, there were only a couple left and they’re in a huge screaming pink foiled tube and they were actually laying down in the little slot reserved for them, so they were hellahard to see…

    The balm is very nice on, and tastes delish! I see what you mean about the packaging ho – it’s like they didn’t set the product down into the tube far enough, and the really stupid thing is that they could have – there’s room for it to go further down and not stick out so far! Dumbdumbdumb…

    Havnt’ tried the mascara yet, but had to get it justbecause the packaging is so cool! (yep – I’z a package ‘ho!)

    Thanks for the heads up on these, Muse! they look great!

    • the Muse

      agreed kim…packaging totally made me mad 🙁 I know I’m liable to slice off a piece of the balm sooner or later, probably sooner than later lol! Haven’t yet but interested in it…did haul several shades of def shadows and played, so far LOVE ;-D My pleasure hun!

  • TokyoChel

    Like you, once my lipstick or gloss melts off, I rarely apply it all over again. I usually just throw on some lip balm and call it a day.
    I’ve seen these at my local walmart and was interested in them. Now that I know how good they really are, I’ll definitely be picking up at least one. Thanks for the review Muse!

    • the Muse

      my pleasure chel! I can’t be arsed to reapply haha…lazy I guess ;-D! Let me know whatcha think when you get one? 🙂

  • Nadiar

    Muse, sorry to bother *wink tehee
    But i’m dying to know what kind of ingredients that every nice lip balm products has that gives you a comfortable feeling rather than a waxy sticky yucky feel on lips?? (you know,when you lick it taste super weird!?)

    • the Muse

      i haven’t a clue what the ingredients are nadiar..sorry…! it doesn’t taste weird to me, tastes like lemon sugar. Wish I could help :-/

  • lexi

    I went to Wally World this weekend to pick up some thangs, and these were one of my hopes for the shopping trip. they didn’t have these yet…but they did have the new mascara from the fall line. I really like it!

    • the Muse

      awesome lex! haven’t tried it yet but hope to soon ;-D picked up a few high defs btw and I love so far have to test a little more though!

  • Majick

    next time my DH drags me kicking and screaming to this place that I detest – I will make him shop with me in the beauty aisle. Let him take 20 minutes picking out a fishing lure this time. LOL

  • Majick

    oh crumbs- I forgot to ask, do these have an SPF like the Fresh? or is it just a similar flavor?

  • Mia

    I just tried this today. I like how it goes on and the smell but I don’t think these are worth the $3. A hidden gem is the Dr. Pepper Lipsmacker by Bonne Bell. They add a hint of color, moisturize and at my local Walmart they’re $1.50. I haven’t found any other lip balm out there that measures up.

  • Lexi

    meh…scratch my earlier thoughts. after wearing all day – it was smudge central. too bad because I really like the brush and the way it looks…but the formula needs some serious re-tooling.

  • Jojo

    Just went to Walmart and bought three balms and the Lash Ink yesterday! Was a pain to get there (don’t drive) but it was worth it. Haven’t tried the makeup yet but am excited! There was a good selection of the makeup there, but a heads up to anyone looking for it – the mascaras were almost sold out at the Walmart I went to, I got thek last Lash Ink!

  • Khadija

    I did not like these product I got mines in “Bridal Blush”. It had no tint AT ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!! Also, mines broke after the 3rd use. I also got mines at Wal-Mart because Hard Candy Cosmetics are pretty good. But, I was not pleased with this product at all. BTW I LOVE YOUR REVIEWS BEFORE I GET AN ITEM I ALWAYS LOOK HERE. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!