August 29, 2011

Open Thread Volume 4: What Are You Watching?

Open Thread is a time we can all get together and discuss our week, our life, our new favorite makeup, a current purchase…anything! That’s why it’s open thread, it’s the option to discuss makeup or anything else on your mind! It’s a time I can talk to you and you can talk to me and hopefully you’ll talk to each other too!!!!!

Off the topic of makeup…

What’s on your Tivo, in your DVD, or on your telly at the moment?

My Tivo is loaded up tight with backed up True Blood, Vampire Dairies, Mystery episodes, and the latest eppy of Who…I’m savoring it, like a fine wine, don’t say a word about Hitler or River until I’ve watched it…Shhhh!

At the moment my DVD is lonesome while I’m debating on finishing Personal Taste which was so damn slow to start or if I should go ahead and indulge in Oh! My Lady….I’m really not ready to take on Lee Min Ho at the moment, too much leisure suit, AHHH my eyes! So I guess Oh! My Lady it is.

The girls over at Dramabeans have taken to a rewatch of My Lovely Sam Soon and I was tempted to join in but…..mmm I have a bit too much backed up at the moment and haven’t even slipped the new Joe Cheng (dontcha just wanna eat him for dessert?) drama in my DVD yet so never mind rewatching stuff I already saw.

And we just finished watching, for the third time, the suckage that is Sucker Punch because it seems that we either can’t take our eyes off the incredible story line…..or the really short skirts.

How about you?

What are you watching at the moment?

Share it!

P.S. Is it be Walking Dead time yet?


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  • Stellar

    Been watching Protect the Boss, I love it to bits! So silly and light hearten, as well as City Hunter, not the most original plot line in my opinion but man is it good. Plus Lee Min-Ho, homg *A*

    As for whats on tv. Usually CSI, or Criminal Minds, Phineas and Ferb, and I am in need of Glee season 3 *__*

    • the Muse

      stellar really wanna see PtB!!!!!!! ;-D City Hunter I’m holding off on, I’m LMH’ed out girl. lol! I’m very excited about You’re My Pet, did you see the promo images?! Awww

      Sadly not a gleek, can’t take all that singing…! sorries ;-D!

      love me some CSI NY though! GS=brills!

      • mS

        I’m watching Protect the boss too! totally addicted to it! it’s just hilarious…and u get 2 cute guys in one drama, what more can u ask for…….. ah…think Kim Jaejoong and Ji Sung.

        as for taiwanese drama, my friend was telling me that “Love You / 醉後決定愛上你” was good, but i’ve yet to watch it.

  • Cj

    Other than the obvious (Torchwood, Doctor Who, True Blood) I’ve been obsessed with Big Brother! Totally rooting for Rachel and Jordan :]

    • the Muse

      you need to talk to my sis on that one cj ;-D I haven’t watched big brother since 2001 and that was the Dutch version, my xboyfriend was dutch and obsessed with BB at the time and somehow I got suckered into watching it too, with translation being ever so difficult ;D it put me off BB for life!

  • Chelley

    I finished You’ve Fallen For Me / Heartstrings… it was okay… really cute guy, but the plot was ehhh… going back to my Japanese dramas now. I still like it better than kdramas… :X

    • the Muse

      haven’t seen either yet chelly..still on my t-drama kick and slowly getting back to my kdrama one. Japanese ones too rushed! Have you seen My Sister Of Eternal Flower by chance? Trying to get feedback on that one, Taiwanese.

      • Cee

        Just saw you mention My Sister of Eternal Flower and you wrote Taiwanese after that. Are you talking about the series from TVB (Hong Kong)? Cause if you are….I thought the first few episodes were okay but I could barely get through the series cause it annoyed me too much. It was too much of a “light” drama for me and the characters annoyed me for some reason. (Or maybe I’m biased cause I like dramas that make me cry or are more action packed?) Anyway…..if the HK one wasn’t the one you were talking about….nevermind this reply then! 🙂

        • the Muse

          is it the one about the slowish girl and the rich guy? ya know, traditional story line there lol! If so that’s the one Cee.

          • Cee

            Hey Muse….just my opinion, I think you’d be better off spending your time watching another series. (My dad loves watching all TVB dramas and he told me that show annoyed him).

            I’m also watching Protect the Boss right now….much more awesome and better use of your time! 🙂 Or if you’re looking for a Taiwanese drama, have you seen 下一站,幸福 (direct translation: Next Stop, Happiness) starring Vanness Wu and Andy An? It’s also called “Autumn’s Concerto”. That’s a good drama too!

          • Miss D

            OMG Muse one of my fav dramas ever is “Knock, Knock, Loving You” with Ming Dao and Maggie Wu (it’s Taiwanese). If you haven’t seen that one yet, please do. Also the recent Taiwanese cop drama “Black and White” was really good as well- with really cute guys! LOL! XD
            Another classic one is the j-drama “Majo no Jouken” with Nanako Matsushima. Even though it’s about 10 yrs old, it’s still a pleasure to see.

  • Marina

    Haha, well I guess this answers the question I left on the Palmer/Gaiman post! Can’t wait to hear your thoughts on LKH once you see it!
    I’m currently watching Degrassi (guilty pleasure…it’s like a teenage soap opera!) and Doctor Who of course. As of yesterday, I have watched all episodes of new Who, including the specials. I’ve come to the conclusion that season 4 is my favorite. Now I just need to watch the classic serials.
    I really WANT to watch Torchwood, but I feel so far behind. Although, the first disc of season 1 is waiting for me at the library, if I can make a trip there tomorrow after classes.
    Also, Pretty Little Liars. Another guilty pleasure.
    In addition, I saw Fright Night twice. The first time, I went basically for Tennant. But it was funny, and I had a blast with my friend. So we saw it again, kind of as a ‘day before the first day of college shindig’. So good. I was surprised! I’m not into horror, but I enjoyed it! It was cheesy enough that I was never really frightened, just a bit on edge. And Tennant was brilliant, and definitely my favorite part of it. I mean, it’s not AMAZING, but it was a fun movie.

    • the Muse

      I don’t think I got your question marina or got to it yet guess it was about Let’s Kill Hilter ;-D hehe…! gosh haven’t watch degrassi since I was a kid ;-D yay good catching up!!!!!!!!!!!!! You have a ways to go once you start the old serials…pick a doctor and stick with it is my suggestion, might I suggest Tom Baker to start, he’s my doctor. ;-D

      TW isn’t really too bad, you had alot more catching up to do with DW than you do TW plus Miracle Day is absolute crap btw.

      ha..twice? ;0D once was good for me def seen it for Ten though ;-D

      • Marina

        Haha. Yes. Twice. My friend really wanted to see it again, and I was like, “What the hell, why not?”
        I’ve heard much about Tom Baker, so I am quite excited.
        And I’ve also heard that about Miracle Day. Still, I want to see what all the buzz is about. And I love Jack so…

        • the Muse

          you should def watch MD regardless, it’s worth a sit in imho Marina ;-D

  • SusanT

    I’ll list all I watch, but my favorite is “Mad Men” and it’s killing me it won’t be on until next year! Let’s see: “The Office,” “The Simpsons,” “Curb Your Enthusiasm,” “True Blood” (which is frustrating the hell out of me this season), “The Walking Dead,” “Boardwalk Empire” and “Jerseylicious.” Probably a few others, but these are the main ones.

    • the Muse

      ugh susan right? what is up with all the crazy on TB? so many storylinesssssssssss!

  • Morgan

    Doctor Whoooooo!! I recently got the entire David Tennant series. I started watching when they use to play the Christopher Eccleston season on pbs. Then they played the first few Tennant episodes …then stopped! I don’t have cable so I was pretty bummed. But I am quite content now! I’ve been trying not to watch too many all at once, but it has proven difficult! The Doctor is rather addicting.

    • the Muse

      yay morgan! dw rocks. I’m a longtime fan since I was a child so it’s really great seeing the come back ;-D!

  • Maggie

    I’ve been watching Parks and Recreations. Its hilarious! It has a similar feel to The Office which I adore. So sad that Steve Carell left 🙁 I will miss his “that’s what she said” jokes…

    what do you think of the Vampire Diaries?? I LOVE that show! They do an excellent job of keeping the storyline interesting. Ian Somerhalder is my favorite…I can’t stop looking at him! Yum!

    • the Muse

      i watched the first two eps of park and recreation maggie but it failed to get me for some reason but I regret it b/c everyone keeps telling me how brilliant it is…dvd time maybe ;-D

      I haven’t watched the American version of the Office tbh I’m a hardcore RG/Office girl so that’s why I never gave it a go.

      I have eight from last season I’m trying to watch…did it get a LITTLE boring or was it me? I’m trying to push through it as my sis told me that it gets much better….Ian..SWOON!

  • Michelle

    Watching Degrassi, I am such a kid lol. Waiting to watch Ridiculousness and Death Valley at 10 and 10:30.

    • the Muse

      me too me too michelle…is that tonight? damn if I knew I’d have stayed home tonight rather than head to a movie..! I thought it was tomorrow oh well thank gawd tivo’ed it…have you watched awkward by chance?

      • Michelle

        I watched the first episode of Awkward but it wasn’t for me. My son likes it though. I’m so upset Degrassi is coming to and end 🙁

        • the Muse

          i didn’t like it at first but I’m kinda hooked on it now Michelle dunno why..LOL!

  • Mallory

    I’ve been jumping around a lot because some of the newest dramas just doesn’t excite me as much. I guess you can say I’m watching A Thousand Kisses but with it being 50 episodes long I might quit halfway.

    TV-wise I’m all geared up for the season premieres. I can’t wait to get my weekly doses of all the three series of CSI and the two series of NCIS!

    • the Muse

      can’t go there mallory…too crazzeee for me. I get too roped in and waste away my life when they are that long! I am too! Looking forward to the return of GG also Chuck and Supernatural and of course, CSI NY ;D

      hurry Fall hurry!

  • SusanT

    I really want to see “Fright Night,” too — I LOVE the original! Two shows I watch religously & DVR every day are “Maury” (please — don’t laugh!) and “Seinfeld.”

    • Ruth

      Susan, I saw Fright Night and it was so awesome! I’ve seen the original too and still loved the remake. see it soon!

  • Cynthia

    Oh my goodness welcome to my fanatic world of K-drama as well. I’m currently watching Scent of a Woman starting the same actress Kim Sun Ah who starred in Lovely Kim Sam Soon, but this K-drama is a bit touchy. I was bawling into tears most of every episodes. You should check it out. I’m sure you will love this drama as well.

    • the Muse

      Lee Dong-wook!!! I’ve been sneaking recaps Cynthia but awaiting the DVD…ugh can’t wait for the last episode as it’ll launch on YesAsia soon after ;-D eager to see it!

  • Mercedes

    FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, do NOT watch oh my lady! It’s disgustingly stupid and possibly the worst drama I’ve ever seen. There are way better ones you can watch like SKK or City Hunter. Trust me on this.

    • the Muse

      no kid mercedes? I read ok things about it too! Oh well, got the dvd already might as well give it a whirl ;D!

  • Jayne

    I haven’t even started season 6 of Doctor Who yet, unfortunately.

    I have been watching True Blood (HOLY CRAP, last night’s episode made me very upset but I don’t want to give out any spoilers) but not keeping up on much else religiously because there’s been so much going on around these parts. Right now, most of my day is spent watching not TV or movies, but an 11-week-old Westie pup who is proving to be quite the handful.

    I am, however, SO EXCITED for the new Vampire Diaries season. I feel so dirty admitting it, but I’ve finally just embraced my love for it. And I loved Sucker Punch! I was obsessed with the soundtrack for a while. It’s just…So cool.

    • the Muse

      jayne I’m caught up but didn’t see sunday yet…was kinda annoyed they made Lala a medium, seriously? a medium? so dumb! sucker punch was SOOO bad LOL but loved the silly factor ;D soundtrack was quite good though props for that!

      • Jayne

        Yeah, that was irritating but at least they set up all that last season so it looked a bit LESS like it was all pulled out of their you-know-whats. Haha. I’m just SO HAPPY to not have to keep hearing about that baby!

        I don’t know if I would say it was BAD. I think the soundtrack (for me) made the movie. Without it playing during all the fantasy sequences, it would have been ridiculous. But the combination of the insanely over-the-top fantasy scenes and the super-super-super-cool music made it a pretty enjoyable experience. Groundbreaking cinema or expert storytelling? No. Super-cool costumes, music, and ridiculousness? Yes. And that is enjoyable. Haha.

        OH, I went to go see Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark this weekend! Guillermo Del Toro made two of my favorite movies of the last 20 years (The Orphanage and The Devil’s Backbone) and while DBAOTD was good, creepy fun, it was nowhere near on par with his Spanish films. Sad.

        • the Muse

          LOL amen Jayne, that’s true. Right out the ass you mean? like all the other story lines? HAHA!

          Heck yes on the super cool costumes, music and ridiculousness…entertainment at its best! Girl crush on all those chicks!

          The Orphanage was prob one of his best! The twist was unexpected and interesting! I saw DbaotD last night and was impressed but agree not on par with his creepier foreign films ;D!

  • Becks

    Ah! For some reason I kinda figured you’d be a fellow dramabeaner (err)-er :). I’ve been watching city hunter and golden girl re-runs. What a weird combination huh?

  • tiny

    I love summer series(es? lol) I love tnt for shows right now.. memphis beat, leverage, falling skies = *noah wyle NOM!* I also love switched at birth on abc family, criminal minds, glee, though.. I’m almost ashamed to admit this… my guilty pleasures are bad girls club, teen mom, 16 and pregnant, and when the seasons are over and they do marathons jersey shore.. T SHIRT TIIIIIIIIIIIIIIME! lmfao. *hangs head*

  • Jennifer

    I just recently started watching that show Pretty Little Liars and I’m actually enjoying it 😛 but other stuff I’ve been watching is True Blood since it’s summer, and The Office….

  • Littlecreek

    Open thread yay! Time for updates: read Providence, I give it a 7 out of 10, but I am really glad that there is a second one. The overview for Requiem sounds a ton more interesting so I can forgive Providence it’s issues and now that the backstory is out of the way hopefully this next one is good.

    Syfy takes up most of my TV time especially on Mondays. I was super upset to find out that Eureka will be cancelled after next season. I love that show! I also haven’t seen the newest Who, but will be catching up on that tomorrow. I also have some time I need to dedicate to the Guild.

    Other than that I am cross stitching a Hylian Shield on a baby blanket for my brothers future little one. Bonus points for anyone who knows what that is.

    • the Muse

      brilliant littlecreek! I haven’t started book 2 yet but maybe this weekend when I’m away! ;-D Good lake side reading! I can’t believe they cancelled Eureka it was shocking! 🙁 I’m backed up two eppies on the Guild…! as in LoZ?! LOL that’s one geeky ass baby ;-D!

  • Dana

    I’ve been watching a lot of Community and The Big Bang Theory on my computer while waiting for the new seasons to start. I like how the new season of Curb Your Enthusiasm started in July, something fun during the summer.

  • LMat

    I thought “Oh! My Lady” was the one with Choi Siwon in it…If you’re into him, he’s shirtless in the first episode, if I remember correctly. 🙂

  • Rita

    you have to watch city hunter!!!!! lee min ho’s in it and he’s SO HOT! This drama is quite different from other korean dramas cos the plot is actually quite deep and serious! recommend!!

    • the Muse

      I’ve been cheating rita and read the recaps, really does look good ;-D!

  • Musebeliever

    I'”m watching Hearstring/ you’ve fallen for me in K drama !
    I love the plot, The music, the actors ! Good but not excellent !

    I started protect the boss as well and it is for me the best K drama of the year after Secret Garden ! Witty, excessively fun and amazing acting !

  • zang

    lol, i’m a lover of LMH, but I would watch OH! MY LADY!! I have seen LMH’s Personal Taste and loved it, but I’d watch OML first.

    How are you liking it?

    • the Muse

      I haven’t stayed OML yet zang….Personal Taste I watched an hour but I can’t get into it for some reason..keep going or start OML?

  • Mara

    It’s Dr. Who, Breaking Bad and Project Runway for me currently, to which I’ll add Mad Men, Boardwalk Empire and Game of Thrones when they return. I’ve given up on True Blood two seasons ago as it’s become too ridiculous for my taste.

  • Tricia

    I watched attack on the pin-up boys… T^T Its a short and shallow Korean movie. Not much to think about in the plot, but it’s a good feel good movie. Its a nice movie to watch if you’re a fan of the Kpop group Super Junior =))
    I’m planning to watch Heartstrings with Park Shin Hye and CNBlue’s Yonhwa :3

  • Courtney

    True Blood, Torchwood, Drop Dead Diva, Project Runway, and my new guilty pleasure, Billy the Exterminator (on A&E). Can’t wait for Dexter to start back up again , oh, and Spartacus!

    • the Muse

      billy the exterminator tell me more Courtney…I’m a storage wars fan on A&E ;D Dexter AHHH! and Spartacus! ;D

      • Courtney

        He’s this crazy exterminator from Louisiana and they don’t kill anything really except wasps and roaches. They relocate rattlesnakes, big alligators, racoons, etc. It is hilarious. They also dress goth/punk and they go to these little old ladies houses and it cracks me up.

          • Courtney

            It is! You can watch season 1 on Netflicks. So far I prefer season 1 to season 2 but season 2 is still very entertaining.

  • DaenaCat

    i cannot wait until TWD starts again. I hope this season is great and the recent… erm… creative changes and budget concerns won’t effect the quality. (I’m nervous — really nervous.)

    Until then it’s been Torchwood: Miracle Day and Breaking Bad that keeps me sane. Sons of Anarchy starts soon, too.

    And I’m VERY much intrigued by the new show, “An American Horror” which premiers on my birthday! (Hey at least I might remember when it comes on this way! lol)

    I’m quite cranky that we have to wait until Spring for the next season of Game of Thrones. I don’t want to wait!!! Winter is coming!

    • the Muse

      me too cat me too! when I heard on Geek Time about it I got super nervous! Oh yes me too! I read about that somewhere, looked good ;-D!

  • Rose

    At the risk of sounding stupid… What kind of series is this “Mystery” you are talking about? Do you have an imdb link? If you place it next to True Blood and Vampire Diaries it should be very interesting 😉

    I can’t wait for the series to start again! I’ll be watching VD, Desperate Housewives, Glee, Gossip Girl…

      • Rose

        Still sounds good tho! I might give this a try thanks 🙂 Gossip girl yes!! I have one episode left and, like you with Who, I am savoring it 😉 Can’t wait for the new season!!

        • the Muse

          it is! ;-D it’s awesome imho! I’ve been watching it for years. OMG WATCH IT ;-D haha! it’s kinda sad though or at least for me it was. I want a Chuck Happily Ever After…!

  • J3nn4

    I just downloaded the Syfy series Alice so I can watch it again, purely to see Andrew Lee Potts!!!! Corrrr… not often I say this but I really think I’d rather watch him in this role than Johnny Depp.

  • jerseygrrrl78

    Oh wow, you are even more backed up than me! I am currently watching a few anime online, Bakumatsu Kikansetsu, Steins Gate and of course Bleach. On DVD I have Summer Wars and the second half of the Eden of the East movie that was just released. I only got through part of Sucker Punch, is it worth finishing?

    • the Muse

      Bleach is positively time consuming jerseygirl! no way, was garbage….lol…it’s the action that was kinda funky fun but the story line was trash imho! move on to something else…! if you want can offer a simple spoiler for you lol!

  • Sara

    Haven’t been watching too much tv lately. It goes in phases where we have good shows to watch, and others when it’s like B-grade material and I feel like it’s wasted time to watch it.

    Watching True Blood regularly (otherwise the spoilers would ruin it for me), letting Torchwood gather on the DVR for a marathon watch (spoilers for that seem less likely, unless you give something away :P), Louie (I LOVE LOUIS C.K.!) gets watched within a day or two of recording, Wilfred is kind of hit and miss for me (funny, but something just isn’t pulling me in), umm……shit, I don’t know what else we’re watching!

    Looking forward to Walking Dead, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia(!!!), Boardwalk Empire, Bored to Death, 40 Rock, aaaannndddd….I’m hazy on what else is coming back this fall!

    Was disappointed with the creators of Supernatural being swayed to continuing the series even though they only planned on five seasons. The sixth was a tired shadow of its former self and just lacked the sheer awesome of the first five. I really loved that show and it hurt a little to have that last season leave such a bad taste in my mouth. Now I get annoyed when I think of it. Stopped caring about the American Office a while ago, but still record it out of habit (though I spend the whole time dicking around on the internet while it’s on), simply can’t watch shows on the “normal” networks. They’re such shit. You know the ones: crime dramas, hospital shows, slutty teenagers, slutty cougers, slutty etc…

  • Veredith

    currently watching Spy Myung Wol! it’s a pain to wait for the English subs, makes me wish i was Korean T.T anyway it’s an AWESOME show, real drama, with high octane thrills and the works! 🙂 the story line’s abit crazy, but it’s really funny at times and it doesn’t hurt that Ryu (Lee Jin Wook) is so damn fine! and HAN YE SEUL OH HAN YE SEUL <3

    just finished Playful Kiss just for the heck of it, quite liked it, but i still prefer ISWAK and They Kiss Again, no one can beat Joe Cheng and Ariel Lin's chemistry, IMO! but it's really pleasant and fun watching Kim Hyun Joong and Jung So Min! 🙂 cuteness overload!

    as for US shows, deffo waiting impatiently for Vampire Diaries and GLEE to come back! 🙂 FALL OH FALL! and my country just started airing The Voice, oh gosh it's sooooo good! Adam Levine! <3

  • frecklesspeckles

    Hey Muse,

    So you like Joe Cheng eh? Have you watched Channel X? Is it any good?

    If you like taiwanese drama, I will recommend Fated to Love You (played by Ethan Ruan *** gorgeousness!!! *** and Next Stop Bliss (played by Vanness Wu). These 2 dramas are top 2 on the charts in tv drama history so far… 🙂

    • the Muse

      who doesn’t freckles? After seeing ISWAK I was hooked on the bible of Joe ;-D No…mmm story line didn’t capture me, not much in for the action, like the mushy romance stuff…I’m about to sit down to That Love Comes with him, I heard it was great!

      Fated to Love You I’ve seen ;-D haven’t seen Next Stop Bliss, will look that up! thanks girl!

  • Li

    If you haven’t watched it yet, I recommend Secret Garden. I laughed and cried with this one. Hyun Bin has gotten thinner since My Lovely Samsoon. Plus it is a little different from the usual K-drama. Oh My Lady is ok. Just finished Taiwanese drama Meile Go (aka Love Keeps Going) – looks like they ended it quickly at 13 ep. It was ok. I watched it for Mike He. I think there was one scene with him shirtless. Too bad his abs aren’t as impressive as the Korean guys. Since I haven’t gotten into American TV lately, I’m watching Protect the Boss as new episodes become available and You’re Beautiful for the 8th or 9th time? I think the three guys liking one girl thing a great fantasy.

    • the Muse

      Li omg that many times on You’re beautiful!? Hahaaaaaaa! ;-D awesome! I wanna see Sunny Happiness with Mike but sadly, it hasn’t arrived in subtitles on DVD yet…!

  • Genevieve

    Im waiting for the new Supernatural season to begin (oh!Cas!…what did you do!!!) so im re-watching all the previous seasons. Excited for the new Sons of Anarchy! Just finished the two seasons of MOdern Family and watching Doctor Who with the husband. Horror movies (specially spanish ones at the moment) and documentaries every 2 to 3 days (im a horror freak…love it…love it!!!)

    • the Muse

      me too Gen! totally with you there. Evil Cas AHHH! *runs in circles* Misha=HAWT! I love horror too but GOOD horror ;-D foreign horror=AMAZING! just finished rewatching Suspiria and Inferno recently! if you haven’t gone there, def do so!

      • Genevieve

        I actually met Dario Argento back in 1996 for Montreal Fantasia Film festival. he is like Royalty to me!!! You should look up Rec, We are what we are, KM 31 and 6 Films to Keep You Awake : these are awesome awesome horror movies!

  • Mimsy

    I love Mystery! David Suchet ftw! I even have the Agatha Christie Poirot pc adventure games that he does voice overs for.

    I’m currently re-watching Game of Thrones and Delightful Girl Choon Hyang. And the last movie I watched was Hanna — thin on plot but a good action flick.

    I’m also really into BBC/PBS historical re-enactment reality shows where people try to live the way people did hundreds of year ago (i.e. Tales from the Green Valley, Victorian Farm, 1900 House, Edwardian Country House, Regency House Party, The Diets That Time Forgot). They’re fun but educational, and it’s just crazy learning about some of the things people believed, did or ate back then especially in medieval times.

  • Yinyan

    Oh my gosh – I JUST finished watching Drunken to Love You with Rainie Yang and Joseph Chang and it was amazing! I laughed, I cried, and I watched it on with the timed commentary on, which made it infinitely more hilarious. It’s by the same people who produced Fated to Love You so it’s a similar premise, but with a different cast.

    • the Muse

      STOP yin stop! I wanna see it SO BADDDDDDDDDDDD but it’s only available with mandarin subtitles GRRRRRRRRRR and I hate watching online!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Yinyan

        But it’s so worth it! And the quality of video is actually pretty awesome so if that’s why you don’t like watching online then problem solved.

        • the Muse

          naa just don’t like sitting at my desk for hours at a time to get through a drama ;-D rather have it on my big screen tv and watch it at my leisure from my couch…nice and comfy ;-D!