August 1, 2011

Tarte for True Blood Natural Cheek Stain Review, Swatches, Photos

I’m so pissy about True Blood this season.

First off, can it be sex time now for Sookie and Eric? Jesus, every time they are about to kiss or get it on something interrupts the action. STOP teasing me!

Secondly, Robin Quivers completely ruined True Blood for me. I was listening to Howard Stern a week or two ago and he was discussing the series and saying how much he loves it and Robin buts in about everything that is wrong with it this season. Suddenly, my fan girl-dom got crushed and I realized she was right and I was blinded by the fandom for a minute not realizing all the things really wrong with the series this season.

She was saying how there are WAY too many story lines and she’s right.

  • Jason and the Panthers and the whole gross Ghost Daddy thing! Ew!
  • Do we really need Werewolves, Panthers, and Shapeshifters?
  • Witches, Wicca, Etc…
  • Fairies, short lived in the beginning but still apart of the show.
  • Eric’s memory loss.
  • Pam’s rotting OMG PAM!
  • Bill the King.
  • Evil Baby.
  • Sam covering up the ‘rents death.

There are so MUCH going on….I got a headache from all the storylines….do we really need to have an evil baby? That was really the final straw for me.

But aside from that you know I still love me the show.


Way too much going on or is just right for you?

At least I got me some Tarte for True Blood Natural Cheek Stain but someone has to remind the kids at Tarte this is True Blood not Edward Cullen. What’s the dealio with all the shimmers?


As you know Tarte teamed up with HBO this Fall to create a True Blood inspired collection. I do believe I heard the faint cry and squeal of fan girls in the distance. I relate, I’m right there with you!

Tarte revamps (get it vamp?) it’s packaging of their Natural Cheek Stain and decks it out in black with a metallic mirrored top and the words “Glamour Me” on the back. The cheek stain is a shade of sparkling blood red. Take that sparkling very seriously as the stain has a super healthy dose of incredibly hardcore shimmer in the mix.

There’s been some whining about the shimmer but simply dabbing a sponge or fingertips with the product and smoothing it on the apples of your cheeks prevents shimmer overload in my experience so it’s rather easy to avoid the Edward Cullen look with a little TLC during application.

The blood red shade is rather gorgeous and unless you already have redness in your cheeks I’d say most skin tones can easily use this particularly those with caramel or tanned skin as you’ll get the most pop from it. The color isn’t nearly as red on skin as it is in the tube. I find it comes across on my skin like I stepped in from a cold night, a very natural flush of blushing red.

Tarte has improved considerably on their Cheek Stains and they have a longer wear time now and aren’t as runny and melty as they used to be when stored. They also sport a rather pleasant, citrus-y sweet scent and are made up of natural pigments and fruit extracts sans parabens and other harmful ingredients.

I’d say Tarte for True Blood Cheek Stain will be essential for vamps, fangbangers, and fangirls alike.

You’ll want this for sure if you’re a fan of the show but that’s not the only appealing aspect here as the color is quite gorgeous as well.

Did you pick it up?


Do share!

Available now from Sephora,, and

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  • Sarah S.

    SO agree with you about this season! So much junky noise going on that *SPOILER* Eric and Sookie’s sex scene was anti-climactic for me. Me and the hubs were like, “she’s still getting eaten by bugs while they’re getting it on.” NOT HOT. Nice A.S. bum shot, though. And don’t forget we have skinwalkers now, too. And there are no ghosts in the books but clearly they’re going to have ghosts (mystery lady who waved at the evil baby with the creepy doll, and/or Rene’s ghost starting fires). All we need is clown aliens and I think I will scream!
    Anyway, love this cheek stain and didn’t find the sparkle to translate at all. Tarte FTW! Now if only True Blood would get back to good old Vamps!

    • the Muse

      amen sista…it’s just too MUCH! AS shot was increds ;-D loves! Wait what mystery lady who waved at the baby? when was that!? frak if it really is a rene’s ghost I’m so over it..LOL!

      • Sarah S.

        When the baby looked over Arlene’s shoulder during the fire a pretty black woman waved at him, but when Arlene turned to see what he was smiling at the lady was gone… dun dun dun!

  • Courtney

    I want more Alcide and less of Debbie. She irritates me and I hope they kill her off. We all know she’s doomed to go back on V anyway.

    .Alcide is super hot (those abs!) but his character is underdeveloped. He definitely is eye candy though.

    I agree about the sex scene, not steamy enough. I dont know if it’s b/c she doesnt have the chemistry with him that she does with Stephen Moyer (aka, her hubby), or if it was just written that way but I think they can do better. I like Eric and Sookie together but right now they’re boring me.

    As for the cheek stain, it looks really pretty on you!

    • the Muse

      amen sista you can say that again…plus she isn’t exactly who I’d pick for Alcide anyway….OH there’s another story line….Alcide and a new pack..jebus….

      I like them together too but he’s awful childish now…very lost…they took away his manhood lol!

      aw thanks girl!

  • Cj

    True blood is definitely all over the place lol way too many storylines, but it won’t stop me from watching it lol! I’m in love with amnesia!Eric (and the cheek stain!) I’m mad about Pam tho! I loooove her and they totes ruined her face lol

    Oh and try using the stain on your lips, it’s amazing!

    • the Muse

      omg I cried for pam…she’s my fav CJ ;-D I like Eric sensitive but not completely whipped lol! ;-D ooo I have! It works better than the lip surgence they create with the collection ;-D!

  • Crystal

    There is way too much going on. I think the only reason I’ve been able to keep up is that I read the books. I thought the first episode of the season was too slow and then every episode after that goes at lightening speed with storylines/things happening. And waiting for Eric and Sookie to be together is annoying, and I wish Bill the King would be exiled or something. He’s just useless.

    • the Muse

      amen on Bill…he’s just annoying. such a power trip! Crystal, even after reading the books it gets a little hairy with everything they are throwing at us ;-D and of course, “the made for tv moments” make things even worst that weren’t included in the books.

    • lexi

      agreed on all! in the book, Sookie and Eric’s steamy scene was just…wow…harlequin romance stuff here, folks. on screen…not so much.

      I don’t care about the panthers, don’t care about the baby. I have a soft spot for Sam, but want Tommy to go away perm. I only care about Sookie+ Eric, Alcide, Jessica, and Pam. I want Bill to go away. I even think the Lafayette stuff this summer is just zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. And I LOVE me some Lafayette. meh.

      way too many damn story lines again, Alan…

      • the Muse

        don’t forget about andy hooked on v lexi..ANOTHER story line…lol! and now he’s going to have a little romance for himself!

        • lexi

          oh yeah – forgot about that. and – really forgot to highlight how AMAZING the guy who plays Sam was this week – playing Sam, but really being Tommy who is pretending to be Sam – the way he carried himself physically, his voice, and the way he phrased things…very obvious that he spent a lot of time looking at how the guy who plays Tommy acts and walks, etc.

          • the Muse

            I totes agreed Lexi! He def did a great job as Sam/Tommy! ;D!

    • tee

      Toootallyy… I dont fancy Bill the King, kinda miss Sophie-Ann LOL…

      True Blood aside, the color is so gorgeous on the Muse! Me wants!

      • the Muse

        ooo me too tee she rocked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! aw thanks Tee shucks!

  • Tammie

    I don’t watch True Blood (I know, I know) but I wanted this until I saw all the damn sparklies!!! If it was just blood red I would have it right now, I love the Tarte cheek stains although I only have one (True Love) right now.

    However I do not love the cheek stains if I have to give them TLC as you said, since I mostly use mine when I want a quick/stress free application! Oh well…

    • the Muse

      Tammie no worries about the sparkles it really doesn’t transfer onto skin imho ;-D

      • Sarah S.

        Yes! The storyline proliferation on the show is indefensible, but I must defend this cheek stain! Maybe this is weird but I get such a gorgeous, glitterless natural flush when I dabbed the top of the cheekstain with TP (guess I could have used a sponge?) and then dabbed on my cheeks.

      • Tammie

        I’ll give it a swatch next time I am at Sephora (aka most likely tonight haha…such a mallrat…)

  • winni

    I’m a True Blood fan, but I’m feeling like it has jumped the shark. They need to get back to basics by the end of this season, or i prob won’t tune in for the next.

  • Wendy

    I think they lost their way when they took Eric’s A-hole card away. It’s what made him “dangerous”. and fun all at the same time. Now he’s just a cute dope in B-Ball shorts. If they don’t stop Pam from rotting…well, you know.

    As for the cheek stain…lol, I would have liked to see it be a bit more “arterial” blood looking and less cherry Kool-Aid red, and ditch the glitter, save the glitter for Lafayette, it looks better on him anyway. ๐Ÿ˜€

    Fun post girlie, made Monday better. Carry on.

    • the Muse

      Wendy amen! lol…I daresay his a-hole-ness was rather appealing and fun….! I can’t get over the hoodie, b-ball shorts, and sneaks just freak me out..who the f’s clothes are those anyway? This is Bon Temp FFS….that stuff isn’t Jason’s because he only wears hick plaid and jeans lol!

      The glitter threw me, too Twilight, but love the shade ;-D ha…glad you enjoyed chica ;-D Happy Monday!

  • winni

    Don’t tell my hubby, but I mostly just tune in for Eric and Alcide. And what’s up with Eric? I much prefer the old bad boy Eric. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • the Muse

      winni I love both of ’em too haha won’t say a word to the hub ;-D promise!

  • Sarah S.

    Sorry to totally comment-bomb this post, Muse, but BTW your eye makeup is gorgeous!!! Is it the accompanying palette? I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a smoky eye on you.

    • the Muse

      aw cheers sarah thanks so much…comment away love listening/talking to you guys. No, it’s actually just a little black eyeliner, smudged out, topper with a drop of silver glitter!

  • SusanT

    My favorite TB characters are Pam, the evil baby, Hoyt’s wacky mother and Tara’s even wackier mother, now married to the preacher. Sookie annoys the ever living snot out of me, but I am happy to see Lafayette with someone I think loves him. I don’t get into blonde guys, but AS is quite cute. And I love Jessica, too, but I want to see her stay with Hoyt; Jason is a male bimbo IMO.

    • the Muse

      susan I LOVE pam! I gotta say evil baby is cutes as hell, hoyt’s wack-a-doodle mother rocks…her and her home shopping ways are the awesome lol! Tara’s wacky mother, LOVES! haha can’t believe she’s married to a preacher…! Sookie..mmm a little annoying at times but cute mostly. I love that Lala has a little relationship going on now but the guy playing the part is supposed to be on a new show in the Fall so I hope he’ll be back next season!? I’m not a blonde girl either but AS does have something! ;-D I wanna see her with hoyt too and I hate how their relationship is panning out!

  • SusanT

    Muse, OMG, I knew I was in love when I saw Hoyt’s mama buying that ugly Marie Osmond doll from Home Shopping!!! My mom was an HSN nut and I thought it was hysterical. I’m also anxious to see what happens with that ugly doll that the evil baby has.

    • the Muse

      lol sah LOVED hoyt’s mum buying MO’s dolls lmao! so classic ;D!

  • Jayne

    Well, yeah. There’s a lot to keep up with this season, but many of those story lines come from the books. The writers have a responsibility to take a lot from the books, and they have. However, they have also done pretty well so far with adding their own (except Tara’s entire character, but I digress). I’m really looking forward to seeing how the writers handle Eric’s memory loss, which is the story that made the 4th book my favorite of the series. All of you who are hating on “good Eric” and haven’t read the books, be patient. If they do this right, it will all be worth it.

    Last season’s Sam storyline was probably the highlight of the season for me, and it was totally different than in the books. (I also really wish Sam got more love – Yeah, we all love Eric and Alcide, but come on. Sam’s “I’m going to turn into a Doberman and chew your GD face off.” last night was amazing! Sam is my favorite any day.)

    So yeah, things are a little jumbled but I also feel it will smooth out by the end of the season because I have a lot of faith in the writers. They haven’t let me down so far. But that could be the fangirl in me talking.

    But, Muse, I totally agree with you on one count. EvilBabyWTF.

    Lastly, the cheek stain grosses me out. Not buying it. Sorry, TB and Tarte.

    • the Muse

      hey jayne hope you’re right and it’s worth the wait…just seems they are jumping into things too quickly for me ;-D evilbaby was way off the sidelines..>WTF! lol!


  • Resa

    Pam calling Bill a dork made my laugh so hard.

    I’m ALWAYS up for a naked Eric Northman. Mmmm.

  • Jess

    They wanted to follow some of what happened in the fourth book, which includes Eric losing his memory and getting less arseholeish. As much as a clusterfart as this season is, I’m enjoying it the most.

  • Lauren S.

    I tried this out in sephora, but just could not get over the price tag. I’m a TB fan girl, but I just can’t justify it.

    Favorite thing about this season:


    Man-wtiches are frickin awesome!

  • Barbara

    I have to disagree, I thought that this season is on stronger footing than the past two seasons, which I thought were all over the place. I hated how it would jump all over the place with plots that had nothing to do with each other. The dark comedy has been great this season (the evil baby, Pam, Hoyt’s mom, etc). I like where they’re going with this witch story, I cannot complain. And I’m glad they dropped the fairy plot, since I find it really unnecessary. However, there is no chemistry between Sookie and Eric, so their relationship seems really forced; the whole Authority thing is tiresome (though I still love Nan); Tara’s story makes no sense (I’m not happy with what the writers did to her character- bring back season 1 Tara!); and I just don’t care for Sam and Tommy’s story. Nope. Not an ounce.

    Anyway, this stain is a very pretty shade of red, but I hate that there is glitter in it. The packaging is just too gimmicky for my taste. Still, it’s very pretty.

  • Jackers

    You listen to Howard? Another reason to think you awesome! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • the Muse

      lol aw thanks jackers and yeah religiously for over 10 years ;-D

  • Kate

    I haven’t watched any of the fourth season (though I’ve read episode synopsizes), but I’m rewatching season three right now.

    It just occurred to me, that with the third season, the show has become jam packed with quirky characters who in the books most of the time sit around and twiddle their thumbs–or at least go about their mundane lives. I’m not enjoying the show as much because there are so many plot lines, I’m becoming annoyed. I really don’t want to watch demon babies or Hoyt and Jessica’s non-domestic bliss. I wish some characters could just have “boring” story lines to balance out all the supernatural crazy Sookie has to deal with.

    As for the blush–I don’t really wearing it in real life. But I kinda like the idea of added sparkles.

  • Majick

    ahhhh – I’m loving the show, loving the blush, loving the lippie, loving the shadows.

    On me I just swipe the blush on my cheek and blend with a finger and I really don’t see the glitter. ANd I HATE glitter. The blush gives a nice flush – very flattering on my light/med golden undertoned skin.

    I reviewed the eyeshadows (sephora) and took off a star because they did the micro-glitter thing. I have found that if I tap my brush before using those glitter colors and press the color on my eyelid I don’t get too much fallout. BUT – WTH is up with the glitter? I think they should make micro-glitter as a single to add if you want it instead of creating a makeup challenge just to use a really nice color.

    Ok, I’m done my rant. LOL

  • teasha

    I thought the books had a lot going on. That was part of the whole thing with the books being so popular. They did not follow the same plot line for the average book, which does get boring if you are analytical of such things.
    I knew Debbie was going to die. She did in the books and it only made sense for her to die for Alcide to continue fitting in with the story. I could not really see a way for Alcide to continue to be in the show if she did not die. Plus in future books her death comes back to haunt Sookie. Not literally, no ghosts. A person who loved Debbie comes back to kill Sookie, again and again and again. Hopefully the show will just have it last one season. It bored me in the books. It was book after book after book. Each book coordinates with a season. You still have to start with the first book.
    The Tara death is tricky. Tara stops being important to the books after about book four or five. She really could be killed off, or they could just write her in as they did with Lafayette (who died in book one). She has the occasional pop in in the books, but nothing of importance again until in the most recently published book.
    I say read the book, then watch the season that coordinates with that book. The books do not ruin the show for me. I find it makes the show more interesting. You can be more analytical. You can see why they added certain story lines or why they took other story lines out of the equation.