August 25, 2011

Victoria’s Secret Hypnotic Beauty Luminous Blush/Highlighter Review, Photos, Swatches

Victoria’s Secret Hypnotic Beauty Luminous Blush/Highlighter was released this week along with the new Hypnotic Beauty Collection for Fall at your local Victoria’s Secret Stores.

Anyone peek at the collection yet or haul some of it?


Let’s take a look at this blush/highlighter combo!

A blush and highlighting combination powder!

If they toted this as simply a highlighting powder I’d probably have skipped it because as pretty as it is I simply do not need another “pretty” powder for my collection. However, a blush and a highlighter?


I’ll take it!

This comes in a gold compact with a Mediterranean style design on the cover. I’m not completely sold on the packaging as it has the same issues as the lipstick from the collection but I’ll get into that shortly.

The powder itself somewhat mimics the design on the compact. It’s an intricate star burst made up three shades of color in golden beige, light taupe, and a blushing coral-ish pink. The colors are very pretty and have a soft, shimmering finish with a velvet fine formula. The design does run straight through so even after a few swipes of a brush the powder looks like it hasn’t even been touched.

Sadly, I was a little disappointed….

That it merely worked as a highlighter for me. I couldn’t get the beautiful shade of coral to show up since a swirl of the brush picks up alot of the golden beige….mostly it comes across as a soft sheen of pink beige that doesn’t show overly pigmented on my skin tone and merely highlights certain area but doesn’t work as a blush. A super lighter skin tone maybe might have better results to have it work as a blush but sadly it didn’t work for me as such.

I admit the packaging did throw me. It’s very light and flimsy and not what I’ve come to expect from Victoria’s Secret and generally their limited edition collections feature some very luxe packaging plus the label on the compact instead of an actual engraving really cheapens the entire compact.

  • Those who really love pretty powders.
  • Those who want a golden beige pink highlighter that can be used on cheeks, face, and lids.

  • Those who have purchased VS LE Collections before and expect the same packaging and quality as they’ve received in the past (no issues with the highlighting formula here but packaging was a sore disappointment for me).
  • Those wanting to use this as a blush and a highlighter (the color didn’t show up so well on my cheeks as a blush sadly).

I personally didn’t like this powder outside of the very pretty design. I expected it to work as a blush and was definitely pretty sore about that it didn’t because it would truly look lovely with alot less of the golden beige color so that lovely pink-y coral color could come out to play! Don’t get me wrong, it’s truly a gorgeous piece of makeup but it has a few minor quirks that disappointed me however, most folks might feel the love here.

Available now at Victoria’s Secret for $16.

Did you see it at your local store?

Love it?

Haul it?

Leave it?