September 27, 2011

Benefit Ring my Bella Eau de Toilette Review

Benefit Cosmetics moved me into Crescent Row recently. They realized how important a part I had to play in the Crescent Row Fragrance Collection thus naming their newest fragrance after, you guessed it, yours truly.


I wish that was the case but hey, the good news is at least I share the name of the newest Crescent Row girl, Bella!

Ring my Bella is a fruity, floral, sweet seductive fragrance that’s sure to please the sweetie floral types out there.

Let’s take a peek!

Like all the Crescent Row girls, Bella comes housed in her own “apartment”. The fragrance comes in a flip down box with Bella’s apartment inside. The packaging is really whimsical. The bottle is equally as cute as it looks like a cocktail shaker.

The fragrance starts out with a full bouquet of floral notes including a fresh burst of pink rose petals, a soft, delicate stroke of lily, and a touch of daisy. My nose picks up alot of rose in the scent which I happen to be partial to but also an underlay of soft vanilla and white musk. Surprisingly Egyptian jasmine and well as white patchouli make an appearance without every overtaking the fragrance. Both of these notes have the potential to dominate but they seem to play rather gently with the other softer florals in the blend.

Ring my Bella is the perfect touch of floral and sweetness combined to perfection. The fragrance never goes childish or immature even though it has a fun, flirty sweetness…it manages to keep an edge of sultry mystery with a touch of innocence.

Likey lots!

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