September 28, 2011

Cargo Metallico Eye Kit Review, Swatches, Photos

I’m saddened to say that the Cargo Metallico Eye Kit is sold out everywhere I’ve looked. I’m reviewing it today with a heavy heart as I had hoped to get a back up of this set for myself plus it’s kinda stinks reviewing something you can’t actually get.

I’m hopeful Cargo will bring this back soon……! This is supposed to be apart of not only the Fall Collection but also Cargo’s Holiday 2011 Collection so I’m keeping hope alive it’ll be back in stock soon.

I do suggest checking out Ulta store locations to see if you can get it.

Let’s take a look!

An 8 pan shadow palette of metallic eyeshadows plus a makeup bag and brush for application!

It’s not everyday I say I want to add a back up to my collection as I simply have too much makeup but the Cargo Metallico Eye Kit…I need a back up.

This set is amazing and an absolute must have, you NEED this item.

At first glance it’s easy to pass it up as the palette looks like a loosely pressed pigment palette. Think MAC Crushed Metal Pigments…you know, that chunky, flaky pigment formula that falls out all over the place. I was thinking the shadows would have major fall out woe and would have little pigment plus a hassle to apply but little did I know how wrong I was.

The set is $39 and comes with a dual sided brush, makeup bag, and eight pan eyeshadow palette. The star of the collection here is the Metallico Eyes Palette. I found the dual sided brush a little useless as the slanted eyeliner side is useful enough however the smaller shader brush is too tiny to use with these shadows. The makeup bag wristlet is a nice little extra but I honestly don’t need an extra makeup bag….

Now the palette…

The palette is the real treasure!

This is a tiny, thin credit card style palette. It’s small, compact, and could prove disappointing when you open the package as you might think, “wait, this is what I paid $39 for?” but try not to panic…I promise what’s inside is worth it. After getting over my initial shock at the size I started not only loving on the formula of the shadows but also loving that the smaller size allowed me to travel easily with some very dramatic eyeshadows.

The shadows remind me of a press formula of MAC Crushed Metal Pigments. They look quite flaky and chunky and delicately pressed in the pan but they pack a punch. The shadows are loaded with pigment and blend out beautifully on lids. The promises metallic effect delivers as every single color in this palette gives the look of pure, liquid metal on lids. I expected a subtle color pay off but these pack a very nice punch.

The palette contains 8 shades total. Two of the khaki brown shades look the same to me however the other shades include a pewter blue, grey-ish purple pewter, cream, soft peach pink, black pewter, and blue. I had no application issues with the formula on any of the shades and felt they wore nicely with a good base without creasing, fading, or looking their vibrancy.

Some of the colors do look very similar in the palette the khaki brown bronze in particularly.

I thought the brush was a little useless due to the smaller size.

  • Anyone looking for brilliant metallic shades of shadow.
  • Those wanting a stunning eye look for Fall.
  • Those who like pigmented eyeshadows that sparkle, shimmer, and shine!

  • Those who aren’t too keen on sparkly shadows.
  • Those with crepey lids.

Overall, the Cargo Metallico Eye Kit was a solid win. I kinda thought the bag and brush were nice extras but in the grand scheme of things a little useless…the real treasure here lays in the palette. This ultra slim palette packs a mighty punch and creates some truly dramatic eye looks. I was more than happy with it and hope Cargo does another palette like this soon..hey, maybe with all nudes or golds or coopers…the possibilities are endless.

Loves it!

I hope it comes back in stock soon. I purchased it from

Very Muse Approved for purchase!

P.S. Best application technique is a sponge applicator to pack color on easily!

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Loving it?

Leaving it?

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  • Laci

    If it helps, I grabbed the palette only from my Sephora inside JC Penney for $24. You don’t get all the extras from the set, but you get the most important item. 😉

  • Iris

    My first thought when I saw this: Stila’s Jewel Eye Palette! Do you think they’re similiar, Muse? PS the eyelook looks gorgeous on you!

    • the Muse

      nooo nothing like it iris ;-D way nicer imho! color saturation is much much better than the jewel eye palette ;-D aw thank ye! you’re sweet!

  • Sarah S.

    Your eyes look so beautiful, Muse! No wonder you’re a self-professed shimmer ho’ 😉

  • Linda

    When I went to buy this at Ulta it was already sold out like you said. I found the palette only at at a much lower price plus I picked it up during the 20% off sale. They list it under a different name but it is the same product. Hope this helps those who are looking for it.

    • Ana

      Hmm I wonder if you got the eye lining palette instead? That’s all I can find on – it is the same sort of palette but different colors.

  • Asuka

    That metallic khaki you wear looks fabulous!

    “The palette contains nine shades total” – Muse, what are you talking about…? Anyone can see there are eight of them 😛

    • the Muse

      thanks asuka! sorry…I have the flu, feeling rather poorly, making all kinds of a mistakes ;-D

  • Majick

    the colors remind me in a way of the loose BE shadows that came out a couple years ago called HIgh SHine or something like that. The texture was really flaky. THey were a bit too much for me but the color you’re wearing in the pic looks great on you, very pretty.

          • Majick

            My Ulta is out right now but they def expect more to come in. So, anyone who is chafing at the bit – we may still get lucky. 🙂

  • Blair

    WOW those shadows are amazing! That eye look you were sporting in the picture – I’m speechless! Oh, I must get these for Christmas. LOL. <3

  • tennille2811

    there are so many beauty brands and products that are unavailiable in australia that I have seen on your site! i am jealous! this one looks amazing!

  • Ana

    I swatched this at ULTA and loved the color in the lower right… reminds me a bit of the purpley cream shadow from Chanel ombres (I splurged on myrifique but am trying to resist buying any more!) Sadly it was out of stock… I’ll try the ULTA by my work tomorrow (I have enough points to get $9 off, woo!) 🙂

    I love the super sparkly, wet looking finish… I just realized some of the super sparkly shades from Sleek have the same finish (like the coppery shades in the original palette)

    • Ana

      Ok so I managed to get it at the ULTA by my work after having no luck at Sephora inside JC Penney. I called in the afternoon and had them put one on hold for me, and came in the evening to buy it. Then as I opened it in my car… NOTHING BUT THE POUCH! IT WAS EMPTY! Went back in and explained the situation; after ok-ing it with a manager I was able to get the last one they had left. I felt so judged, like they all thought I was lying about it being empty. lol. Sooo pretty and worth it – I can see why you wanted an extra, Muse! Wish I could’ve got it at JCP since the pouch is pretty useless to me.

      • the Muse

        ana couldn’t agree more I have way too many little bags ;-D ugh I hate JCP Sephora…they are awful particularly about returns, it’s such a drama to return anything!

  • charlotte

    Really like the idea of posting older reviews to remind me of good products I may have forgotten about… but if they are no longer available it’s just cruel. “OOH, that looks amazing…sorry you can’t have one, hahaha”.

    • the Muse

      lol sorry 🙂 I thought it would be a fun way to introduce folks to some older products but you’re right without them being available it’s rather cruel :-/