September 7, 2011

Mënaji Skincare for Men: Is Your Dude Sporting Powder and Concealer? Maybe He Should Be!

Is your guy friend, boyfriend, or hub sporting concealer and powder prior to heading out the door in the morning?

Curious minds, how would you feel if you walked into the washroom and saw him applying concealer and patting it in with his ring finger or if you were at your fav place to eat and he asked to be excused so he could “powder his nose”.

Yay or nay on cosmetics for me?


Mënaji Skincare for Men Anti Shine High Definition Powder Vision $35
Men’s skin is almost 20% thicker and contains larger pores than women’s skin, which results in the production of more oil. This increased amount of oil makes male skin appear shinier and greasier. High Definition Powder anti-shine skin treatment eliminates men’s excess oils and provides an undetectable, flawless look.

HDPV (High Definition Powder Vision) was developed for professional actors and news anchormen. Due to the improved picture clarity of high-definition television today, professional television male grooming demands flawless coverage; traditional ‘pancake’ makeup does not provide the desired look. With higher picture quality, the new trend in on-camera makeup is high-definition powder. The HDPV™ dual active powder foundation is infused with antioxidants and vitamins E and C. This product reduces the appearance of premature aging of skin caused by exposure to harmful atmospheric free radicals without creating a made-up look. The HDPV™ covers blemishes and facial imperfections to provide those on camera a flawless, natural look.

Mënaji Skincare for Men ‘Camo’ Concealer $26
The world’s first jojoba-based concealing agent designed for men. This easy-to-use concealer creates a flawless look while being good for your skin. The Camo Magnum is available in three specially formulated shades to cover tired dark circles under eyes, razor burns, age spots or any other imperfections and/or blemishes.

I dig the concealer is shaped like an unassuming tube of chapstick just in case your dude is a little shy about his dark circles.

Whatcha think?

Ok on concealer for men?


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Mënaji Skincare is available at Nordstrom.

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  • kiwikiwidragon

    If i was dating a man that was more metro, I could be ok with it. My husband isn’t metro nor does he lean towards products to improve his appearance. I have a hard time getting him to use lip balm and cream on his elbows regularly.

    • Sara

      I feel you! I’ve been putting lotion on my boy’s hands and elbows every night, and lip balm too (used to just slather my lips and kiss him). He whines like a little girl almost every time, but knows it’s going to happen and consents with little fight back. *lol* It’s in his best interests since the winter dries the crap out of his hands. If I don’t care for them then they end up looking painful.

      Just do it for him and remind him you’re doing it out of love. And if he doesn’t stop wiggling then the mighty pimp hand is coming. He doesn’t want to make you hit him, does he? 😉

  • Tammie

    My husband would never do it haha. The only guys I’ve seen wear makeup are the guys who work at makeup counters/stores, and Japanese boys in magazines.

    I do think however that it’s good for it’s intended purpose for TV anchormen etc, who do use makeup anyhow…might as well get a more natural look.

  • AB

    YAY as long as he isn’t better at application than I am, or learns enough to start criticizing my makeup! :p

    Seriously though, where I’m from (Japan), it’s quite the norm for males to sport a little mattifier and/or concealer so I don’t see it as a negative thing that this trend is spreading westward. If anything, wanting to appear more presentable is a commendable thing for otherwise sloppy Joes!

  • Shannon

    it’s funny, i was just talking to a friend this weekend and she specifically want a guy who dresses up and cares about how he looks, and is “high maintenance.” Considering she wants a guy who’s so good looking that when going out she WANTS to see other women turning their heads (and she said if the guy doesn’t turn heads, then she start to find her interest in him waning LOL!), i would imagine having the guy groom himself this way to make himself more attractive is a major plus for her.

    for me, mmm i think i’ll be okay if he just got good hygiene! shower daily, wash his hair, face, shave, etc., and just have a “clean” look is fine by me!

  • JoElla

    *giggles* I think I would hurt myself seeing my husband wear this stuff! *nothing wrong with guys wearing makeup… hubby is so not that type of guy*

  • Cj

    MEN WEARING MAKEUP?! Are you kidding me! Ugh just the thought!

    Lmao but really as a guy who wears makeup I will say say one thing. Powdering in restrooms is extremely awkward lol

    • the Muse

      own it cj ;-D own it my dear! You’re fabulous, apply your makeup in the restroom eff those other dudes, they are jealous they don’t have ultra cool makeup like you my friend ;-D!

      • Sarah S.

        TBH, CJ, I’m embarrassed to apply powder 🙁 because I’m so shiny I’m like ugghhh but I love applying lipstick in public! I won’t lie; I don’t want my hubby’s skin to look more perfect than mine hehehe but I love to hear that other guys rock it (oh I am sooo shallow!)

      • Cj

        Lol totally 😛 Did you hear John Barrowman (Tochwood: Captain Jack) is coming out with his own male “grooming” line? I don’t exactly know what a grooming line consists of lol, but it sounds cool. I’m thinking of like skin and hair products??

        • the Muse

          you know barrowman has an entire regime he embraces CJ. that man is too delicious for his own good, that takes a shiz load of work. The hair is perfect, the skin, the body…even the clothes and accessories, he’s what my best friend Jai refers to as a professional gay lol ;-D aka barrowman takes gay all very SERIOUSLY ;-D GOD love that man ;-D lol! and love ripping into him too ;-D he’s just so cute you wanna rag on him for it ;-D! “I are serious gay man” lol

        • the Muse

          PS did you get the fabulips set from bliss OMG you need it! SO FUN! I got a review coming up shortly…!!!!!

          • the Muse

            PSS if you didn’t I have an extra b/c I purchased one and got one sent. You can have the one that gets here from Ulta if you wants it!

          • Cj

            “Professional Gay” Lmao I love it! Yeah I got mine today! I havent tried anything but the balm, which I’m liking so far. Everything smells sooo delicious!

          • the Muse

            LOL! ;-D Jai should talk as he’s so a professional gay man if ever I saw one ;-D! OMG I love it! Isn’t it fab!? I didn’t expect to fall for us but I’m kinda digging all over it ;-D!

  • Julia

    I would find it weird at first, but then again, it is kind of unfair how us girls can conceal our flaws and the boys can’t? So yeah for mancealer, I guess?

  • JennaP

    I guess when I say “nay” I just mean I don’t want to date a guy who is more high maintenance than I am 🙂

  • Amy

    As long as my guy still looked liked a guy and not ‘made up’ I don’t think I’d care one way or the other. I know of only one male friend who actually wears makeup, and had for years, and I never knew till I saw him put some on. He has rosacea something terrible and wore a tinted moisturizer, concealer and MAC Prep and Prime powder. I introduced him to setting sprays to make it even more invisible.

    It doesn’t really matter what we think anyways. It’s becoming more common and we might as well get used to it. If I can wear makeup any way I please without a care of what men think , then men should do the same without a care of what women think. It’s up to them and our ‘say so’ shouldn’t really matter in the long run.

  • diane

    my boyfriend uses tinted spackle from laura geller. he was watching qvc w/me and was intrigued. before that he was using foundation but said it was too heavy for him so he loves the spackle. he’s use the concealer on his eyes im sure. sometimes he takes mine if he has a show for his band.

  • Littlecreek

    As someone with dark circles under their eyes, I say if I get to cover it up, why shouldn’t everyone!?! And not just under eye circles, not long ago i was working with a guy that had a really bad breakout and I remember thinking that it sucks that I get to cover blemishes, but he has to let them show just because he’s a guy. I definitely support face products for guys!

  • V!

    Little turns me on to a guy faster than one who wears makeup, especially eyeliner and nail polish.

  • Comrade Garlic

    Didn’t John Paul Gautier have a makeup line for men?

    I like to sell makeup to men. They listen to me more than women do. What bothers me is when they feel they need to make an excuse. Really, guys, I don’t care. I don’t need an excuse. Do whatever you want.

  • Cee

    Agree with above…I support face products for guys too. Guys I know are becoming more into face products (face washes, moisturizers, etc). As for makeup, I only know a few who use concealer. I guess it depends on what type of guy he is too…I have some guy friends who are quite knowledgable about facial products cause they like that kind of stuff. 🙂

  • Sara

    Actually, reading through these comments reminds me that this isn’t really a “new idea”. I remember back in the 80s some guys I was friends with would pilfer their sister’s concealer to help out with the “pizza face.” Man, some of those guys had it tough, too. Regular, run of the mill “a man’s man” kind of guys.

  • Todd

    I’m down…

    But the truth is, the price point seems excessively high for products that are available elsewhere, you just have to go look. I know plenty of brands with gender-neutral packaging.

    I just wish these “macho men” and women who think their guy isn’t that “type of guy” would realize for one moment that it’s only in this past century that makeup lost it’s masculinity.

    And every single man that appears on stage, screen, in print, etc (as a professional) has makeup on. There is no question about it.

    Men, just get the hell out of the rut and cover up those dark circles. I don’t want to see them anyway.

  • Eve

    Of course they should be able to apply makeup! I see nothing wrong with wanting to even out their skin. I always felt luckly being a lady since I can cover my spots but always felt sorry for guys since it’s not “right” for them to. But I also don’t like to believe in gender stereotypes. 🙂

    • the Muse

      neither do I eve ;-D all ages, all sexes, all races, etc…etc.. ;-D doesn’t matter who or what sex you are, everyone and anyone can enjoy makeup

  • Melissa

    my almost 30 something baby brother father of one with one on the way used to always used tinted oxy and if he ran out he’d steal my concealer to cover a blemish. I don’t think gets spots too often anymore but I bet if he id he would be all over this!

  • C

    This reminds me of how i was reading up on a mens bb cream today (out of curiosity lol) and it said it was for young businessmen to wear for presentations, and for going on dates. which makes sense. I’m sure blemishes, large pores and other skin woes can be just as embarassing for guys as it is girls. I don’t find guys having skincare routines or wearing base makeup particulary odd, though too heavy point makeup would freak me out. really its their choice to make, as it is ours.

  • Soleil Doux @ Soleil Doux Blog

    Why shouldn’t men be allowed to wear concealer or powder? If anything, I’d rather they did than be forced to look at whatever it is that needed concealing–be it a big honkin’ zit or tired-looking dark circles! Heh. 😉

  • regina

    I’m pretty late to this party but my bf uses foundation to conceal blemishes, etc…and i love it! He’s pretty high maintenance but I love that about him – but also very much a guy’s guy – way into sports, home improvement stuff, etc. I tell people I am happy I found someone as vain as I am! 🙂

  • Daniel

    Chiming in as, perhaps, the only man here. Having skin that can get blemishes and that gets reddish during the winter ive been trying to find the perfect concealer, i honestly dont even know what the powder is for but i guess i might aswell try that one out aswell!