September 8, 2011

My Beauty Diary Earl Grey Tea & Macaron Sheet Mask Review

My Beauty Diary kinda took the French pastry route with one of its newer, limited edition collections. One of the pieces of the collection included Grey Tea & Macaron Facial Sheet Masks.

The mask supposedly contains essence from earl grey tea, honestly, earl grey probably runs through my veins already instead of blood since I drink so much of it so I probably don’t need a mask with more of it.

The mask promises to illuminate and clarify to ease dullness.

Does it work?


Apologies for the rehash but…

For those who never used an Asian Sheet Mask it’s simply a high quality fiber mask which is saturated with an essence (very wet feeling) that you apply on your face for 20 to 60 minutes. The masks have a cut out for your mouth and eyes so it’s a comfortable fit as you wear it. Different masks are meant for different skin problems or issues and you can purchase any number of formulas for brightening, soothing, whitening, etc…..

One of the nicest things about the My Beauty Diary Earl Grey Tea & Macaron Sheet Mask are the fact they have a lovely lemon-y scent. It’s a sweet tea and lemon scent that’s very refreshing and pretty and truly probably one of the best fragrances I’ve experienced from My Beauty Diary.

The mask supposedly contains many fruit extracts and also Arbutin for whitening. I don’t necessarily see any whitening or brightening but dullness is eased dramatically after a single use however results are not long term in my experience so indulging in a mask or two a week is nice way to keep your face looking refreshed.

The mask is pretty nice as I, for one, suffer from dull, tired looking skin and this revives it quite nicely however…

They are probably the worst masks I’ve tried from My Beauty Diary do to the very thin fiber they are made of. I find they tear super easily around the nose and mouth area as I pat (patting is customary with Asian Facial Sheet Masks). It got to the point that the mask would last the 20-50 minutes that I had it on as it was falling apart.


Not good.

Overall, Earl Grey Tea & Macaron Sheet Mask are a decent mask but the thinner consistency of the cotton used to create the mask was awful.

You can find a box of ten of these on various online shops as well as E-bay for around $14.99 but I personally recommend Sasa if possible as it’s $11.80 for the box which is a nice deal.

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  • 33

    I’ve been reading your blog for a while and I wanted to drop in and say how much I love your posts. I love how you do reviews and updates on both Asian and American products !

    It’s a shame about these masks though.. My friend brought back a box from Taiwan called Arbutin(?) by the My Beauty Diary series… Haven’t tried it yet but she told me it was pretty popular !

    • the Muse

      hi 33! nice to meet you thanks for the lovely comment ;-D It’s nice to know there are fans of both Asian and American products around ;-D! I haven’t tried those yet but I recently ordered them ;-D Looking forward to giving them a try! Let’s hope they are nice and whitening!

  • Caty

    That stinks! I had picked up 2 boxes of a little while back and I agree the thinness can be problematic. Despite that the scent is awesome sauce and it did give me some brightening/illuminating effects. I have the chocolate truffle masks as well and can’t wait to try them! Think you’ll be picking up the non-flavored Arbutin, Hyaluronic Acid and Collagen Firming ones?

    P.S. – Longtime lurker, love your blog. Good to know there’s other people as entranced with Asian skin care as I am! X)

    • the Muse

      hey cathy AGREED amzing scent and def has some good easing of dullness for me but so sad about the thinner design 🙁 it tears easily. Yes. not the collagen but already grabbed the A and HA did you? I’m curious about the Arbutin in particular.

      Thanks for coming out to say hey today, nice to meet you ;-D! gosh yes, Asian skincare, cosmetics, utter obsession ;D!

      • Caty

        My local Asian market had a gift set with the A, HA, CF, and the new eye masks. The Arbutin one rocks! I’m really fair already (NC 15) but it made my skin look extra milky & glowing and toned down redness. Did the Collagen one last night, wasn’t impressed or unimpressed. Felt a little firming but not enough to dazzle me. I think tonight I’ll bust out the HA.

      • Caty

        One more thing — you gotta try the new sleep concentrate/jellies MBD just came out with. Love em!

          • Caty

            Ahhhh! So late in replying, didn’t see it until now. How’s the scent on the chamomile one? I’m loving the orange blossom scent. Btw, the MBD HA is now one my favorites.

  • Bailey

    I have one of these that I haven’t used yet, but I bought a whole box of the chocolate truffle ones. Too bad about the cheap quality of the cotton though. I just got a random bunch of Beauty Friends masks (they were really reasonably priced compared to MBD) and they seem to be great.

  • Jasmine

    If I’m not wrong, the thinner sheets are more popular because thick sheets have drawn flak for ‘reverse-drying’ the skin. The belief from various gurus are that when the cloth is thick, liquid dries from the upper surface and thus ‘wicks’ out moisture from the skin…

  • Kamagrian

    I love the MBD Black Pearl masks, which thankfully have the thicker fabric more usual to the brand. I’ve also used Etude House’s Collagen Essence Mask which was lovely (left my skin soooo smooth) and I love some of the Beauty Friends offerings too. The only problem with the BF versions, I find, is that they don’t fit my face as well as the other two brands I mentioned. However, that’s such a personal thing – and they do have lots of great serum in them. I just took a Pearl one off about 20 minutes ago as I’m typing this! 😀

    Another Asian beauty-loving lass here.

    • the Muse

      hey kam ;-D have you tried some of the new mbd’s? they have some great new ones like HA formula and birds nest ;-D

      • Kamagrian

        Don’t know how I missed your reply, sorry! I haven’t tried the new MBD masks you mention, but I’ve heard good things about the bird’s nest one. I do love the Southern France Apricot one, which I tried recently, and I sooo want to get my hands on the red wine one.

  • lin

    i got a box of this from taiwan and im only left with 1 last piece!
    Results was good but i won’t repurchase it in singapore because its too expensive compare to taiwan.

    However i think that its soaked with too much essence that i find it a waste 🙁 the thickness is just nice for it and it doesnt tear easily actually. scent was 10/10!

    After use, my face was radiant and most importantly!
    It is smooth and not sticky at all 🙂

    • Kamagrian

      Don’t waste the essence! When I’ve put the mask on my face, I run my hands over it and then over my neck and decollete, and then I stick my hands in the sachet and get everything out I can. I put that over my arms and shoulders. When I take off the mask, I scrunch it up and run it over my legs (very softening for knees) before finally throwing it away.

      Can’t have too much essence. 😀

      • deedee

        i squeeze the mask a little then i take it out of the pack and the left over essence i just use a dry mask and soak it in there for another day 🙂 waste not want not!!

  • carolyn

    hello! for christmas i want to get my mom (whose a big fan of mybeauty diary) sheet masks from mybeauty diary! but i wasnt sure which one is the best for anit ageing? it would be nice if you replyed tellin which one is the best for anti ageing and mositerizing? ^^ thanks!

  • Angeline

    Hi Muse, I think the tearing you experienced might be due to leaving the mask on for too long. I have the same mask, and following the instructions on the box, which is to leave the mask on for 20-30mins, I do not have the problem of mask tearing apart. It is a common misconception that one can leave the face mask on for longer than 30 mins as the mask seems to be still soaked with essence, but actually when the mask starts to dry, it will remove moisture from your face instead. So never leave it on longer than instructed. As for the thinner material, it’s meant for improving the fit, so that the mask can adhere to your face more tightly and increase the speed of absorption of the essence. Hope this clarification helps 🙂

    • the Muse

      thanks angeline, I’ve left it on for the time recommended and still have issues with tearing sadly 🙁