September 19, 2011

My Beauty Diary Luffa Mask 2 Step Summer Mask Pack Review

My Beauty Diary combined a great facial sheet mask along with a creamy moisturizing gel for a cool Summer Mask Pack…I’m loving this.

Summer may be over kids but this one will be apart of my staple Winter skincare regime.

Check it!

I know I’ve said it in prior reviews but I always like to start off a review explaining a facial sheet mask for those that might be new to Musings. Facial Sheet Masks are shaped like a mask and made out of a high quality cotton fiber. The masks are soaked in essence for a very wet feel. You apply them to your face (there are cut outs for your eyes and mouth) and sit around for 20-30 minutes and allow the essence to soak into your skin. There are various masks available in the Asian market with various formulas for brightening, anti-aging, etc….I’m a big mask fan because I like to use various products to not only whiten my skin but also to ease dullness and my experience with sheet masks has been very good tackling both these issues.

My Beauty Diary Luffa Mask Luffa Extract which is an antioxidant that fights free radicals, and calms sensitive skin which is prone to premature aging. This one is excellent if you have sensitive skin or redness as it’ll help ease these issues.

The mask comes is a two step process. As you can see from the packaging it has a tear away seedling-like tag on the upper top of the envelope. You can tear this off and set it aside as that’s part two of the regime.

Apply the mask to your face and sit around for a bit and let it do its work. Now after that you can rip open the smaller packet which contains a Aloe Vera Creamy Gel. Apply the gel to your face for extra moisture and a soothing effect. This absorbs easily, has a light scent, and offers a nice burst of moisturizer.

I normally purchase facial sheet mask based on whether they will aid dullness but the Luffa Mask 2 Step doesn’t do that however it does tackle the issue of my dry skin beautifully. I apply this in the evening a few hours prior to bed and I wake up with super dewy skin!

I’m looking forward to using this in the Winter when my skin is extra parched.

Likey ALOT!

Very Muse Approved for purchase.

You can get a box of ten from for $15.99. Well worth the haul.

Every try My Beauty Diary?

Which are some of your fav masks?

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  • Boone

    Muse, I have a question about Do you recall if they tape an itemized customs form to the outside of the package? The reason I ask is because I recently ordered from for the first time, and while the transaction went smoothly, I was more than a little red-faced when I realized that the entire mailroom at my office now knows that I need “Special Treatment Lifting Masks” and “Pore Putty”! Thank god I didn’t order “My Diet Diary-Constipation” or any nipple cream! 😮

    I’m asking about imokoko because I’m wondering if the, um, explicit detail on the customs form is standard in China. I’ve purchased mail order from Korea and the customs form always just says “cosmetics.”

    • the Muse

      LOL Boone I don’t mean to laugh but that’s hysterical!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hah ;-D I know what you mean about sasa though. Imomoko is located in CA so no custom forms to deal with ;-D so order your nipple cream and feel safe knowing it’ll show up in a United States Priority box with your address only on it and not nipple cream stamped on it *wink*

  • Eve

    Aw man, dry skin peeps get all the cool stuff. I wish there was more suited things to us oily skin peeps.

  • deedee

    eve maybe try out My Beauty Diary Apple Polyphenol – great for pimples and redness and minimise oil production ive found. oily skin only – My Beauty Diary – strawberry yogurt is amazing ive found the scent lasts until the next morning which is a plus 🙂 hope that helps