September 29, 2011

NYX Pump It Up Lip Plumper Lipgloss Review, Swatches, Photos

Ahh plumping gloss.

Ask me several years ago if DuWop Lip Venom plumped my lips, I’d totes say YES! Today, I’d probably say maybe…mostly it works at irritating my lips so they look bigger.

Hey, whatever works right?

But actually some plumpers have a thicker formula which give the illusion of a fuller Angie Jolie look, I’ll take an illusion any day since I’m not blessed with the real deal.

NYX Pump It Up Lip Plumper are new glosses from the brand that promise bigger, badder, plumper looking lips.

Take a look!

A plumping gloss formula.

Each of these glosses is named after a celeb with fabulously full lips. Cute marketing eh?

The formula here is a bit weak as the gloss is a thinner consistency. They have a glossy, shiny finish but the thinner, runny texture means the gloss tends to fade away rather quickly and has a super short wear time. All the shades I tried didn’t have too much in the ways of pigmentation either and for the most part applied with little to no color. Not to worry though the plumping formula will actually cause the blood in your lips to circulate enough that they will turn reddish pink naturally.

I tried out Pamela (clear, transparent pink), Scarlett (subtle touch of clear red), and Kim (nude, beige peach which had the best color pay off).

Verdict? Did they really plump?


It’s a painful sensation. Don’t bother if you’re sensitive as just like Lip Venom they have a super tingling sensation that could be a bit too much for some. I’m actually used to Lip Venom as I use it regularly so these were a cake walk for me but some folks are super sensitive and in that case I don’t recommend these.

The gloss formula isn’t thick so this isn’t an illusion….the formula will actually cause a very slight swell so lips look a little plumper.

Personally I thought they could have added in some peppermint or some flavor here as these taste like…pepper? They have a rather nasty taste which didn’t endear me to them!

The wear time wasn’t great here…they can stay on for an hour tops before they fade and disappear completely due to the thinner consistency of the gloss.

  • Anyone seeking a subtle plumping effect (if you have thinner lips you’ll see nice results).

  • Those sensitive to plumping lipglosses.
  • Those who want a long wearing, plumping gloss.

Yes, they do work….without a doubt you will notice some small amount of plumping action going on here. Chalk it up as an irritating formula that kinda forces your lips to plump out. I actually liked the formula overall…it has a lightweight, glossy finish but the wear time and nasty taste killed the deal. These aren’t for everyone though particularly if you hate the feel of DuWop Lip Venom as the sting on these is along the same lines. If you like plumping glosses and don’t mind a shorter wear time and a nasty taste these are actually worth getting involved with as you will see some decent results!

Anyone try?

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  • Sarah S.

    I got Liv, Angelina, and Scarlett… but basically I hate them! I have no problem with DuWop lip venom, but these straight-up HURT!

  • heavymetaldiva

    I got one of these as a freebie from some giveaway.I lam oddly addicticted to the ‘burn” caused by it.Is that pepper??

  • Eve

    God, I love that Kim! And I love the burning sensation. Yeah I may be a bit of a masochist…

  • Olivia

    Im so glad I was blessed with huge lips lol. they look silly at times and wearing bright lipstick is out of the question as i WILL look like a clown but when i see plumping products, i think AHA! THEYRE GOOD FOR SOMETHING!

  • Felis

    Now see, a pepper taste would actually sell me on it cause I love pepper! I’m going to try this – NYX is cheap like whoa so if I hate it who cares? 🙂

  • Barbara

    I went to Ulta to buy one, but it seems that it’s still too new to be in stock just yet. Anyway, I love the flavor of pepper (I know, but I blame it on my Polish heritage) so I think this will work.

  • Airi Magdalene

    NYX let me pick one to try out and sent it to me in a package of goodies I received from them. I was looking around online to see if anyone else got the black pepper effect. To me, it doesn’t taste like black pepper, but it feels as though I ate a spoonful of it.
    I got Angelina, and it has a very strong pigmentation to it. I would go so far as to say that it’s strong enough to wear on its own. It’s a very shimmery pinky gold and I like the colour, a lot. It actually seems quite thick, and it’s also sticky enough to wear longer. Maybe that’s not the case with the shades you received, but if you picked up Angelina, I’m sure you’d see what I meant. I think it’s because it’s a shimmery shade.
    I’ve found that the plumping effect REALLY does work. And by really, I mean REALLY. This could be because I have pouty lips and they’re very textured, which I’m almost certain is what makes the plumping agent do a good job. On people with smoother lips with fewer lines, I don’t see it making a world of difference, but rather a more subtler one. I haven’t tried it on very many other people, but I’ve noticed that those with lips more similar to mine tended to show more of a result.
    The feeling is overall an unpleasant one, but since plumpers work through irritation, you can only expect an irritant to feel so comfortable. It does contain aloe to sort of counteract the negative effect. Overall, I would say that these irritate me more than the DuWop Venoms did, but produce twice the result. They’re worth it, especially at the price point.

    • the Muse

      It tastes odd Airi..I get black peper from it..and something medicine-like…! thanks for your review…! I def experienced some plumping as well but the unpleasant taste threw me off :-/

    • with

      plumpers work through irritation??
      I was so tempted to buy one of NYX lip plumpers since they’re on sale now but thank God I found your review, Muse, and so glad to read Airi’s review too 🙂
      i think i will avoid any lip plumpers now 😉

  • Tiffany

    i have “scarlett” and “liv” and i like how they feel on my lips, but i didn’t notice a huge plumping effect. anyhow, i’m not the lip-product type of woman, i prefer stuff for the eyes, but since i love the soft burning and tingling on my lips, i will keep them as my allday lipglosses. 🙂

  • Mikayla

    I got the shade Elizabeth. I love it. I don’t feel like the formula is thin at all. It is super thick, and last FOREVER. I put some on before I went to bed and it was still on my lips hours later when I got up to use the bathroom. Maybe I’m just tough, but the gloss only “tingles” to me. It doesn’t hurt at all. That’s just my personal experience. Also, Elizabeth is nude but very pigmented and gives a beautiful look to the lips. I haven’t noticed mega plumping action, but my lips are definatley smoother, which it also claims to do.

    • Mikayla

      I will also say that I taste absolutely nothing in the shade elizabeth. I also do not smell anything.