September 12, 2011

Philosophy Fresh Pressed Cider Shower Gel

Opening up today’s blog with my heart going out to Andy Whitfield and his family today. He passed away yesterday surrounded by his family and loved ones. I was shocked to read it, even though I knew he was sick, and instantly felt really, really bad about it. He was so young. Just makes you realize how brief and fleeting our time here is.

Phew….’nuff depressing news on Monday.

On to the beauty to lighten up the mood!

The next QVC Philosophy Shower Gel of the month is available. This month the brand brings us Fresh Pressed Cider.

Philosophy Fresh Pressed Cider Shower Gel is infused with fresh pressed cider and spiced essence.

It will be available for the next 30 days on for $20.

Will you be picking it up?

Did you indulge in any of the Shower Gel of the Months yet?