September 27, 2011

Pixi Line Relax Serum Primer Review, Swatches, Photos

Pixi Line Relax Serum Primer supposedly provides a formula for smoothing fine lines. Dude, I so noticed I’m starting to have marionette lines….I smile too much.

I’m going to start sitting around stone faced. No laughing, no smiling, not even a smirk.

Unless Pixi can save the day?


A face primer formulated to smooth fine lines, relax the face, and hydrate the skin!

Pixi Line Relax Serum Primer has a whole lot of extra going on. This primer promises to wake up dull, tired skin, relax fine lines, and smooth them out for more awake skin.

It’s packed full of peptides that to seve as a wakeup call for tired skin. Floral extracts and peptides wake skin up while aloe soothes and hydrates and Gingko Biloba energizes skin. Plus add in a little Witch Hazel to reduce redness and calm skin.

I love the formula which is a cool, hydrating gel. Just the type of primer I enjoy using since my drier skin isn’t too keen on silicone based primers. The primer has a iridescent glow-y pink look but it applies clear and absorbs easily. My skin is parched and can use all the moisture it can get so this feels quite hydrating and lovely plus it creates a nice dewy surface for my base to adhere to.  This comes in a pump style packaging which distributes just the amount of product without overdoing it.

I wouldn’t say it prolongs the wear of my foundation nor does it smooth out those evil smile lines but it does ease dullness slightly and keeps my skin fresh and dewy to the touch all day which in turns keeps my makeup looking and feeling fresh.

Large pores, deeper lines, etc…might not find this is the base solution for “filling” these problem areas however those with drier skin will appreciate the extra moisture this provides which in turn results in a “softening” of finer lines.

  • Those with dry, parched skin.
  • Those with dull, lackluster skin.
  • Those with finer lines (this may soften these areas slightly particularly if they are due to drier skin).

  • Those with oily skin.
  • Those with larger pores or deeper lines (this won’t necessarily fill in these areas).
  • Those wanting to prolong the wear of foundation (this won’t prolong the wear of your foundation but it will keep it look fresh for the time it is on your face).

I don’t have finer lines on my face outside of the ones I mentioned above so I may need to use this an extra few months before determining fully if it’s helping my small issue however I was pleased with the formula on a whole. This is just the type of primer I enjoy using as it’s a hydrating, fast absorbing product that allows powders and bases to look natural and fresh plus the added moisture it provides is a welcome relief for my dry skin particularly in the Winter. If your skin is drier you’ll appreciate Pixi Line Relax Serum and particularly love that it does ease dullness enough to be noticeable.  The peptides are just a nice extra that we can hope are working to make our skin look less aged!

I liked this alot, I’ll def repurchase when I’m done with this one!

Worth a try in my opinion especially if your skin needs a bit of extra hydration!

Available for $32 at Target,, and

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