September 29, 2011

Tokidoki 24 Karat Skate Deck Eyeshadow Palette Tokidoki Pittura Brush Set 24 Karat Edition

More of the Tokidoki 24 Karat Holiday Collection is popping up at this week.

The Arte Palettes were enough for me but we’ll also be getting a entire eyeshadow palette that we can look forward and kawaii Pittura Brush Set gets a revamp as well!

Take a look!

With decadent detailing and a mixture of black, white, gold and silver shades, tokidoki has gone 24k. It started inside tokidoki headquarters where Simone Legno, the artist behind it all, has a skateboard hanging on the wall. Printed with metallic-colored artwork, its opulent-yet-edgy look served as inspiration for this crew of tokidoki characters. The skateboard-shaped compact includes a collectable charm of Adios dressed in his best silver metallic suit and topped off with red bowtie.

Tokidoki 24 Karat Skate Deck Eyeshadow Palette $39
A palette with 12 eye shadows in a compact shaped like a skateboard.

This palette contains eye shadows in:

  • Nuvola (shimmery white)
  • Stella (shimmery sillver)
  • Viola (shimmery light purple)
  • Cuore (pearlized soft pink)
  • Duna (peralized nude)
  • Sabbia (shimmering cream)
  • Goccia (pearlized dark blue)
  • Pioggia (matte black with silver glitter)
  • Tempesta (pearlized dark purple)
  • Oliva (pearlized mossy green)
  • Camo (pearlized dark brown)
  • 24 Karat (shimmery gold)

Tokidoki Pittura Brush Set: 24 Karat Edition $42
A set of four makeup brushes detailed with metallic colors and tokidoki charms.


  • Ciao Ciao Star Powder Brush
  • Latte Eyeshadow Brush
  • Adios Star Smudge Brush
  • Unicorno Eyeliner/ Lip Brush

These aren’t in stock yet but look for them at Sephora and this Holiday season.

Will you snatch anything up?

I need the palette!

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  • Bev

    Loving the shadows! I’d have to scope out in person but I like that the gold color looks more earthy and ochre-y (?) than most others I’ve seen. The pearl nude, dark purple, and moss green also look great! The brushes are very cute but I don’t like the idea of charms jingling all around by my face while I’m trying to apply makeup. Good gift do the die hard Tokidoki fan though!

    • the Muse

      bev liking that gold color too ;-D agreed, kinda impractical but fun on the brushes!

  • Aretsuya

    WOW! I covet those brushes! I’m so glad that I didn’t yield to temptation. I <3 tokidoki but I like my brushes to look more…let's just say mature. Mature, sophisticated kawaii-ness makes my day and made me cry when Momoberry went out of business. Keep up the good work, Ms. Muse! You definitely inspire my beauty forays! (#^_^#)

  • Susan Lewis

    A small needle nose pliers should easily convert those brushes from annoying-in-the-morning to usable 🙂

    • Deeds

      I was thinking the same thing! Those brushes look gorgeous, but I think the cute charms at the ends would drive me batty.

      • kiwikiwidragon

        Looks like they disconnect to use the charms elsewhere, no autopsy needed!

  • KristyQ

    I think the charms are removable…I see a clasp that looks like you can simply undo like a necklace, and then the chain seems to be able to slide right through the hole in the end of the brush! Smart idea…you could take them off and attach to whatever you wanted! Of course, they could be attached. Anyways, I’ll probably pick these up regardless. TOO CUTE.

  • Coral

    That palette is amazing! I’ve wanted something from Tokidoki for such a long time. Maybe now will be the time to splurge.

  • kimkats

    I want the charms from the brushes – phooey on the brushes themselves! 😀 those would be adorable on a charm bracelet or strung along a small silver neck chain!

  • Soo

    oh my god. I want both the palette and the brushes! I have their older ones and they’re still some of my favorites ones! I love how that palette looks too. omg, this is so terrible, Muse 🙁

  • Ivy

    Do you know if these will be released in-store at some point as well, or only online?

    Also, that Adios charm makes him look like he’s cosplaying as the Eleventh Doctor. 😀

    I run a Doctor Who blog, might have to pick up the palette now just so I can share the cuteness with my followers. 😛

    • the Muse

      WHAT!? tell me the link Ivy I wanna read…! I’m a huge who fan since I was a little kid ;-D would love to hear all about your site! I’ve toyed with the idea of creating one 😀 they will def be in store during the holidays!

      • Ivy

        Sure thing! My blog is

        Let me know what you think of it! 😀

  • mon

    Wow so glad they came out with new brushes. The old ones look like they would be annoying to try to store. If you stand them on one side then you can’t see the cute little characters. If you stood them on the other then the brush bristles would get out of shape. These new ones are a problem solved woot

  • Asuka

    “Mature, sophisticated kawaii-ness”… Very well articulated, Aretsuya! I really hope those brushes will be available at my local Sephora!

  • tiny

    MUST. HAVE. BRUSHES!!! I love my other tokidoki brushes they are amaaaaaaazing in quality. *if you can get past the slight heaviness*