September 27, 2011

Urban Decay Stardust Sparkling Lip Glosses Review, Swatches, Photos

Sparkle, shimmer, glitter…my finish of choice. Unhealthy obsession with it here, how about you?

When the Urban Decay Stardust Sparkling Lip Glosses released for Holiday 2011 I had an instant lemming! I love the Stardust Eyeshadows so of course, I needed the lipgloss.

Sparkle! Ah! Everyone run in circles and get excited. It’s the holidays, even if you hate shimmer, it’s some kind of law you wear it during the most festive time of the year. If not, you may be dubbed Grinch.


A shimmering, glittering gloss for the Holidays!

Think of Urban Decay Stardust Sparkling Lip Gloss as the equivalent of the shadow but for your lips! Think glittery, sparkly, shimmery joy for your lips. Each gloss is packed full of sparkle!

Urban Decay released three shades of the gloss in their Holiday 2011 Collection. Hopefully they create a few new shades next season as I’m digging on these.

The formula is a thick, minty gloss with a full on glittery finish. Although thick I find the formula wears comfortably on my lips and quite long as well without migrating, fading, or wearing away. These are a step above the thickness of a MAC Lipglass with the same tacky, sticky feel. I normally don’t love sticky glosses but these wear quite lightly on lips without feeling too heavy. The texture of the gloss is quite smooth with a more finer grain of glitter so you aren’t left with a grainy feel on lips. Each gloss includes a brush applicator for easy application and layering.

The real perk here is of course the amount of shimmery joy you get from each gloss. The glosses are packed full of twinkling stardust. I find they work best as an overcoat so a little stain or lipstick under each will give a better color payoff than wearing the glosses on their own buy hey, if you prefer a nude lip with a ton of shimmer that’s quite ok as well.

There are three shades available which are Space Cowboy (Champagne beige with silver sparkle), Andromeda (Peachy beige with iridescent pink glitter), and Glitter Rock (Magenta with purple-y pink sparkle).

As I mentioned above the glosses don’t pack a ton of pigment but produce a sheer, subtle hint of color with a blast of high shimmer which is why I recommend wearing them with a lipstain or lipstick underneath for the most dramatic results.

I wish they had more shades available as when paired with a great lipstick these produce a rather dramatic, vibrantly sparkly lip look!

If you wipe them off or when they finally do wear it away you’ll notice they leave behind a good deal of glitter on lips. Not necessarily a bad thing if you hurry along a touch up but not a pretty look if you forget to reapply your gloss as the day progresses and it wears away.

  • Those who love shimmery, sparkly lipglosses!
  • Those looking for a shimmery overcoat for their favorite lipsticks and stains!
  • Those wanting a festively sparkly lip look!

  • Those who aren’t keen on a ton of glitter, shimmer, and sparkle.
  • Those wanting a full color lipgloss.

Urban Decay Stardust Sparkling Lip Glosses are the perfect overcoat for my holiday lipsticks. They produce a dazzling stardust effect on lips that I absolutely adored. I only wish they had more shades available! Outside of that I’m lovin’ on these!

Muse Approved for purchase, well worth the haul!

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