September 28, 2011

Wet n Wild Fantasy Makers Glitter Palette Rising Star Review, Swatches, Photos

I love me some shimmer but don’t confused that adoration with glitter. Cosmetic glitter is an entirely other topic of conversation. I’m not thrilled with anything that contains big, chunky pieces of glitter but after years of avoiding them, I finally caved and purchased one of the Wet n Wild Fantasy Maker Glitter Palettes.

Blame it on temporary insanity.


A nine pan palette filled with creamy glitter shades for body, eye, and face looks!

Wet n Wild Fantasy Maker Glitter Palettes are released like clockwork every year for Halloween. These are a super inexpensive way to spruce up your Halloween makeup and costumes. I actually didn’t buy mine for a Halloween look. I think I finally caved because I really love shades of gold, bronze, and copper in the Fall and the Rising Star Palette shade selection had all those colors in a glittering display…it called to me, you know what I mean, that makeup siren call that you sometimes hear in the drugstore.

When I got home I realized what a silly purchase it was as the creams are laced with chunky glitter…but wait…under all that glitter there are actually usable colors!

Each palette contains nine shades and two sponge applicators. The sponge applicators are surprisingly dense and useful here. They apply product nicely if you’re not wanting to use fingers for application due to the denser heads (the sponge isn’t floppy or too soft…). Personally I do recommend dipping in with a finger and blending for the best results but if you’d rather not the applicators are helpful.

The formula is actually nice. Although the chunky glitter is intimidating it’s only a top layer that you can wipe away. The glitter does not run through the entire palette merely on top of each shade. I quickly went to work swiping each of the nine pans to reveal some very nice, creamy shadow shades. These colors have a grease paint feel but they blend very easily onto lids and leave behind a cool metallic look. Yes, seriously, you can get some really nice eye looks from this palette. Colors are pigmented and have a liquid metal finish with a hint of shimmer (not chunky glitter style shimmer either). I find the formula is very easy to work with and swipes on easily plus if you want to contrast with other shades they actually blend together quite easily without creating a muddy look.

The Rising Star Palette has two shades of shimmering white and two of a navy blu-ish midnight black. As far as I can tell they doubled up on these two shades for some reason. The real stars of the show for me were the Fall colors of coppery bronze, copper penny, and the three metallic golds. These shades along are worth picking the palette up for.

You can use them on your face, body, or eyes but I stuck to eye use only. If you want you can go ahead and use as a base for shadows or pigments or use on their own as a wash of color however…

Beware the wear time does have issues. They tend to fade, migrate, and crease rather badly when worn alone. If you prep properly with a good shadow primer you might see about four hours of wearing before the cream creases if you’re lucky.

I don’t recommend them to anyone with oily lids as they are bound to cause havoc with such a skin type.

  • Anyone looking for some dramatic Fall colors.
  • Anyone wanting a beauty budget pick for beautiful Halloween eyes.
  • Anyone dressing up this Halloween who wants some quality face, eye, and body paints for a budget price.
  • Those who like beautiful Fall metallic shades (the golds and coppers in this palette are stunning!).

  • Those wary of products Made in China.
  • Those wanting a long wearing eye cream.
  • Those who aren’t keen on shimmer or glitter (the glitter does not run through here but you will pick a bit up even after it’s swiped away).

What can I say? It has a few quirks but I actually liked this Fantasy Maker Palette. The wear time sucks if I’m honest but the potential to create some really jazzy metallic eye looks is there and kinda worth the price of $3.99. You can’t beat a four buck palette that creates a super vibrant eye look right?

I’m curious how long these will remain fresh though….they are beautifully creamy now but within a few months time I wonder if they will harden and go off.

For now…

I’m enjoying them even if they do crease rather badly.

If you like really pretty falling leave shades you should pick up the Rising Star selection! Quite nice!

I’m considering hauling the other shade selections.

Anyone every try these?


Do share!

Available now at drugstores.

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  • Ana

    “apply produce nicely” made me laugh so hard. Thanks for that! LOL I know it’s just a silly mistype, but it made my morning… how sad is that? :p

    I actually really like the blue/black color, for some unfathomable reason… not that I’d ever use it. ๐Ÿ˜€ Thanks for the swatches!

      • Ana

        Oh, gosh, I hope you feel better soon! I’m not holding the typos against you; they happen to the best of us!

        • the Muse

          thanks! I got the flu shot last week but sadly I have a super cold now :-/ ugh! my hands type alot faster than my brain thinks ;D

  • Sarah S.

    Awww chicken soup to you, Muse! I’m surprised these look rather nice! I thought they were just glitter suspended in a tinted gel with like zero pigment!

  • Jessica

    LOL! Many moons ago (early 90’s) I bought a wet n wild halloween glitter palette. It was perfect for the look I had in mind for a night of clubbing. Between my UD Gash lipstick (RIP), newly dyed deadly nightshade hair, kohl liner and the black glitter cream from wet n wild I looked like a smoky, sultry Shirley Manson ready for a night out.
    Of course these were the days of not knowing how to prep. After several hours dancing, I noticed people staring at me while we were having a 4am post club Howard Johnson’s feast (RIP Times Square Hojo’s) hmmm maybe my Shirley Sexiness was too much for them!
    Then in the bathroom I wanted to scream! The wet n wild cream had migrated all over my face and instead of looking hot I looked more low budget horror movie. So yeah, I’ve been afraid of their glitters and creams since then

  • Marilyn @ Lipgloss and Spandex

    I saw these at the drugstore and was really curious about the quality. I thought there was more glitter in them too, not just on the surface of the product. Thanks for the review, but I think I’ll have to pass since they aren’t long wearing. Maybe for Halloween though.

  • glamour babe

    While inexpensive, this is a one-time “cheap” product. I’m returning it. Found that there is a THIN layer of glitter on top of a big wad of something like chapstik. Might work for a time or two, but this was a waste of money.