October 19, 2011

100% Pure Super Fruits Night Balm Review

Oh Winter you’re such a cruel mistress!

Between stale airplane air and a combination of cold weather versus hot weather, my skin has been put to the ultimate test and has failed miserably.

It’s dry, dull, slightly tanned thanks to the California sun penetrating my many layers of bulletproof SPF, and just generally tired looking.

My key to successfully getting it back in shape is moisture, moisture, moisture…!

100% Pure Super Fruits Night Balm to my hydrating rescue!

An intensive, rich night cream to restore your skin while you sleep while working to lessen the appearance of lines and wrinkles, increase firmness.

I can’t speak for it’s anti-aging benefits as of yet but 100% Pure Super Fruit Night Balm is a Skincare God sent for my dry, tight skin. This rich, buttery balm isn’t for the oily skin folk out there so only super dry skin folk need apply!

The balm comes housed in heavy resin jar. Might I discuss the jar for a second? I hate dipping my fingers into a jar of skincare plus I feel like it doesn’t do the freshness of the product any great favors but I must say this jar is quite interesting. It’s made up a heavy resin and although only 1.2 oz in size it seems like product will last for ages and ages thanks to the potency of the balm (however, you do have to use it up quickly! Tell ya why in a sec).

This reminds me of Bobbi Brown Eye Balm that I really enjoy using so the general idea of converting such a product into something that can be used on my face is highly appealing. The formula on this is a dense, buttery balm which is best applied by warming up between finger tips and sparsely applying  to your face as a night treatment. Don’t over do it, it’s a very rich, potent product and a little goes a very long way to help at easing dryness.

Supposedly the balm contains high levels of antioxidants for aggressive defense against aging. I haven’t really had issues with my face having fine lines or losing elasticity as of yet so I can’t speak for how well this balm is working at correcting or preventing such issues. Only time will tell! However, it does promise to lessen the appearance of lines and wrinkles while firming your skin up so those experiencing such woe plus drier skin might be convinced they want to give this a go!

The added benefit is 100% Pure Super Fruits Night Balm is formulated without harsh detergents, chemical preservatives, synthetic chemicals, artificial fragrances or any other harsh, unsafe ingredients that can strip or dehydrate skin.

For me the joy of the product is the fact that it offers a super burst of hydration. The balm has a butter soft feel that doesn’t always absorb easily but still leaves behind a soft, smooth finish. It has a slightly velvety feel and is best suited for night time use as using this in the day is completely overkill so definitely stick to using it as part of your night time regime.

It doesn’t ease dullness, nor does it brighten but it doesn’t promise this either however it does get  rid my skin of flaky, dry patches and creates a smooth, even surface for my makeup. Plus while winter is wreaking havoc on my skin I can easily protect it by applying this nightly to keep my skin moist and hydrated defending it against the harsher weather!

The size of the balm isn’t huge but a little goes a long way…my issue? The six month expiration. Sadly, most all 100% Pure products seem to have a six month end date due to the lack of preservatives in the formula.

I’m doubting that I can use this entire jar up in that time period since it’s ultra rich. Sadness!

  • Those with dry, flaky skin.
  • Those needing an intense boast of moisture.
  • Those who want to wake up with smooth, hydrated skin!

  • Oily skin or combo skin (I believe this will work best on dry skin as it is an intensely rich balm that won’t do oily or combo skin types any true favors).
  • Those who aren’t sure they can dedicated themselves to a single skincare product for a six month period (if you tend to switch products around alot you might not be thrilled by the fact this expires within six months).

100% Pure Super Fruits Night Balm gets aces all around for giving my skin a smoother more hydrated finish. The balm is easy to work with and is quite luxurious. The light scent (it kinda smells like berries) will appeal to even the most sensitive types while the balm eases your skin into a soft, comforting mask.

I’d love to Muse Approved it however the shorter shelf life prevents me from doing so sadly but overall, if you can dedicated yourself to a single nightly treatment you might find this is just the product for your super dry, tight skin.

It’s available from www.100percentpure.com

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