October 11, 2011

Are You Ok with Skincare That Contains Over 70% Snail Mucus?

Korean brand, Tony Moly, has a skincare range that’s taken Korea by storm…what’s so amazing about it?

It contains over 70% Snail Mucus…ya know, that friendly little slimy trail snails leave behind as they slowly crawl away.

Are you ok with skincare that contains snail mucus?

How about over 70% of it?


Tony Moly Intense Repair Live Snail Collection promises skin repairing benefits as well as an anti-aging formula that whitens skin. Supposedly the formula is highly concentrated and contains skin rejuvenating ingredients. Who knew that snail mucus could whiten skin while making it appear more firm, clearer, and supple.

The range includes a facial cream, BB cream, cleanser, essence, and more….

I’ve actually had the facial and eye cream for a while now and have a review upcoming soon.

What are your thoughts?

Would you be willing to use skincare that contains snail mucus?

Do share!

Learn more at eng.tonymoly.com

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  • Val

    I heard a lot of good things about snail skin products but I can’t get past myself…the thought of putting snail slim on my face makes my stomach does flip flops….

  • Sara

    If no snails were harmed – yes. But I have a feeling it’s not synthesized snail mucus. So….no. 🙁

  • Dana

    OMG Never ever would I! Not only is it nasty but um how are they getting it from the snails? Ringing them out?

  • M

    Hand me the barf bag, please. *hurl*

    Bad enough that some people use powdered nightingale poo for beauty. But SNAIL MUCUS??

  • kimkats

    No, no, a thousand times no! While I have to admit, I’ve never seen an elderly looking snail (nor have I actually looked) this is way beyond the pale.

    I wanna know who first thought, “huh – look at that nasty trail of goo that lil mollusc is leaving behind. Think I’ll smear it on my face and see what happens”


  • lexi

    this very much makes me think of that one cream that they created on Nip/Tuck. yikes.

  • Jess

    What happens if you accidentally get salt on your face?! (insert laugh track)

  • Lori

    If they are mass producing and killing snails for the mucus… then no……..

  • Paris B

    Used it, reviewed it 🙂 Its not eww nor awful. It just looks, smells and feels like a normal cream moisturizer, just a wee bit oilier than I’m used to. I noticed smoother skin but that was about it. I might add, I used this exact brand too 😀

  • Quinctia

    I’d probably try it if given the opportunity, but I wouldn’t go out and buy it. I generally stick to organic skin and hair care because of my scent sensitivities, so I see no need to go splurge on snail goo.

  • tee

    I do think it is juz gimmick. Looks like snail-everything is the latest trend/fad in korea. When I was there recently, seems like nearly everybrand has snail stuff

    Tried one of those snail face mask. I feel more aloe vera than anything else… It was okay, not fab not bad …

  • Haruka

    Snail skincare products are all the rage in Korea. The Etude House one (called Darling Cream, I think) is supposedly one of the best around according to Japanese beauty editors. I have a jar of it sittng in my drawer somehere for a few months already but I still can’t bring myself to try it. The idea of putting snail mucus on my face is so…… unappealing.

    • the Muse

      Haruka yup, the trend is ongoing for a while now ;-D Use the etude house one, it’s alot like their Moistfull range….you’d never know it had snail slime ;D!

  • zangy

    ah ha..ha..well, i think i will only be interested if the Muse approves it.

  • Suzy

    I was severely grossed out by the thought of snail slime on my skin at first, but after watching a documentary about how snail slime was now being used to cure numerous skin diseases, I was sold. I’m using the set from Baviphat. It helped lighten my acne scars more than any other serums I tried and my skin got brighter with regular use. I might stop using it if I found that snails were harmed in the process of making it though.

  • Diana

    I received a sample of a Korean snail night cream and I’m currently using a deep conditioner called “Baba de Carcol ” that’s supposedly made of snail slime as well and they’re both awesome.

  • iheartkoreanbeauty

    Yes every brand has jumped on the snail bandwagon after It’s Skin! I’m OK with a snail product, if it works! 🙂 The It’s Skin one is pretty good. Also tried Dr MJ which was so so, cheaper than It’s Skin but didn’t do anything (gd or bad) for my skin. Some people I know liked the Dr MJ one though, so guess it differs for everyone!

    • the Muse

      so far kinda skeptical about snail cream Iheartkoreanbeauty! 🙂 not sure it really did much for my skin 🙂

  • cheesauce

    I have this! The night cream anyway… as well as the etude house one. I was SO grossed out when I was in Korean and the sale people kept trying to get me to buy it but then finally gave in around the end of my trip (non stop hassling!)

    I think the story is suppose to be people at a snail farm who were handling snails noticed that their cuts were healing faster after handling.

    I thought that it worked! My skin was softer and smoother each morning but I don’t know about any of those other claims (have only been using the tony moly one for awhile.) My sister used the Etude house one and really loved it!

  • Hoang

    I might give it a go 😉 People think that putting snail mucus on your face is disgusting.. how about all of the chemicals that I doubt people know much about in their foundations, concealers, moisturizers, cleansers, sunscreens, etc? As long as its approved by a health department, its a yes for me. =D

  • Saiba

    I’ve tried the Etude House one, the Darling cream. It’s very nice. I wouldn’t know it had snails in it. I don’t mind using it, the thought at first grossed me out but there is actually a pretty decent amount of research on the benefit of snail mucus for our skin. I have noticed a benefit on my skin but you never know, could be a placebo effect lol

  • Eunice

    I heard that snail slime/mucus is good for making your skin hydrated and prevention or getting rid of wrinkles. In Korea, many older women use snail products for getting rid of wrinkles. Prevention is Key!

  • kimby

    tried the mizon brand. not sure if i loved it or not but i can guarantee that it helped me with healing/skin regeneration. decided to try it on my eczema skin it didnt moisturize much but it did help heal it a lot more than my typical prescription cream.

  • Bruna

    oh! im a huuuge fan of these products with snail mucus! i already used Etude House Darling Snail Cream and now, im using Mizon All-In-One Snail Repair Cream. Both did great for my skin, but i have to say that Mizon is the best! My mom use Tony Moly Snail Cream and she also love it!
    Well, i love korean brands, and they never disappointed me! ^^