October 27, 2011

MAC Dazzlesphere Smoky Blue Ornament Review, Swatches, Photos

Look into my MAC Dazzlesphere and I’ll tell you your future. Your future says you’ll want to haul MAC Glitter and Ice soon, oh, it also says you won’t win the lotto in this life. K, sorry, bye!


Let’s take a look at the MAC Dazzlesphere Smoky Blue Ornament and find out if you need it!

MAC loves their Crushed Metallic Pigments and they went all out with them this year as their Dazzlesphere Collection includes a few color sets of these fine piggies.

This either disappoints you terribly because you hate the chunkier, flakier formula of the Crushed Metallic Pigments and were oh so hoping for regular Pigment Sets. Or it excites you because you love them.

The Dazzlephere Collection for Holiday 2011 is a selection of “ornamental” mirrored globes which include sets of pigments, nail lacquers, and lipglasses. Again, as I said in a few of my prior reviews of the MAC Holiday 2011 Collection, I’m feeling like the packaging is trying too hard. MAC probably wanted an edge-y Christmas look but for me it comes across gaudy and overkill. If you’re a packaging hoarder who chooses to store his or her makeup in the boxes they come in you’ll find the Dazzlespheres will kill your storage as they are a little bigger than my fist and just awkward to store. Putting aside the odd shape and size of each sphere, I’ll go ahead and say they are a tad on the gaudy side and will easily crack if you drop them. This is of course my personal taste opinion as some people may think they are stunning.

The sphere I got to try out is the MAC Dazzlesphere Smoky Blue Ornament which includes a selection of four stackable MAC Crushed Metallic Pigments. I generally like the Crushed Metallic Pigment formula and you probably don’t need to be reminded about how pigmented these are and how a little goes a long way. The only downside to the product is the fall out is absurd and you’ll have a mess to contend with during application but outside of that they create some pretty dramatic looks. These particularly shades in the smoky blue kit seemed to be extra chunky and messy.

Sadly, the smoky blue shades aren’t colors I’d choose for myself or at least not anymore as they are a bit too strong and my aging eyes will look all kinds of tired with these in place.

However, for those who enjoy these shades, this is, indeed, the selection for you.

You get:

  • White as Snow: A pure white shimmering snow shade.
  • Silver Sleet: A metallic gunmetal gray silver.
  • Wintersky: A grayish black shimmer.
  • Dark Moon: A pure navy blue.

At $32.50 I do think this is a nice little collection of pigments as you’re getting quite a ton of product for your dollar here that will last you for literally ages due to the saturated color of each product.

Overall, the MAC Dazzlesphere Collection will probably have some hits and misses. I think they’ll make rather fabulous little gifts for friends and collectors will enjoy the contents however the packaging…well..I find it a little out there. I’m now left with a sphere that I don’t know what to do with.

What do you think of the Dazzlespheres?

Love the packaging?

Leave it?


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  • RM

    Eh… the colors themselves are pretty, but there is way too much glitter for me to want to buy this.

  • BooBooNinja

    “Aging eyes”?!
    Surely you must be joking!
    Isabella, you need a break because what you’re saying is crazy to me.
    While I am largely a matte lover, I respect and enjoy hearing about your lover of shimmer and sparkle. You’ve encouraged me to branch out and I have the Balm and the Beautiful palette (which has no mattes) somewhere in limbo in the mail. Will your love of shimmer and sparkle fade?

    • the Muse

      Not at all ;-D I’m getting there dear but thanks hahaha ;-D love ya back! Aw wow that’s so amazing to hear and no nevah!!!!!! sparkle is here to stay well into my 80’s ;-D

  • Majick

    You know me and glitter (especially chunky) but the colors are very pretty to look at.
    I think the ornament itself is a waste. It’s realy not pretty or functional enough to keep, so, in a landfill it goes? could this count as a recycleable trade in? I could see that being a use for it but you would probably have to return all 4 jars empty with it. Oh well…

    • the Muse

      exactly majick! It’s too big to hang on the tree so what do you do with it now!?

  • Daniela

    Ok is it just me or does anyone else hate the containers these come in? Why am i paying so much for craft store bead containers? You disappoint me MAC…

  • LaurieS

    Muse, do you know how many sets of these they are releasing? I’m not fond of the blue but would probably be tempted by a neutral set.