October 27, 2011

MAC Iced Delights Eye Bag Pearl Review, Swatches, Photos

The MAC Ice Parade Collection is a series of lip and eyeshadow collections in a makeup bag. I remember MAC doing lip bag collections only for the Holidays but they have since expanded to include different products throughout the years. I love them for trying to keep things fresh but so far my initiation into the MAC Iced Delights Eye Bag Sets proves a little disappointing.


I received the MAC Iced Delights Eye Bag Pearl Set which includes four full size products.

At $45 you’re looking at four full size products plus a makeup bag which keeps things at less than $10 each. Quite a value when you do the math.

However, the value is also determined by the contents and quality of the products and I simply found what was included both uneventful and not really fabulous quality wise thus making the great value a bit of a bust.

I explained in my MAC Ice Parade Mineralize Make It Perfect Brush Kit Review that the makeup bags included with these collections aren’t exactly on par with the typical Holiday bags I’ve come to know and love. This bag is a squishy silver foiled bag. I actually could find some love for the mirror-like fabric and interesting texture of the bag but the odd circle which hangs over the top of the bag (it’s not evenly centered which means the circle flaps around and will potentially curl or get crushed when tossed in your purse) just cheapens the overall look.

Inside you’ll find:

  • MAC Zoom Fast Black Lash Mascara
  • MAC 275 Brush (This is the only mini item in the kit)
  • MAC Technakohl in Purple Dash
  • MAC Pro Palette Eyeshadow x 2 Palette

I’ve already expressed a strong dislike towards the Pro Palettes in my MAC Colourizations review. This particularly duo contains a Lavender Pink entitled Taupeless and Celestial Black which is a bluish black with red pearl. The colors are far from festive and Celestial Black was like squeezing water out of a stone to swatch. The color proved very hard pressed and refused to yield color but this is no great surprise as many of the shades I already have from the Colourization Collection have a similar formula and texture. Taupeless is a nice shade of sparkling pink but it is a little weak in the pigment department and not everyone is going to like the flakier texture of the shadow.

MAC excels at alot of things but I personally don’t believe they do mascara right. Sadly Zoom Fast has never been a popular mascara for me however I appreciate the full size in the set.

MAC’s slanted 275 is the only mini item in the collection but it still leads a soft, shed-free existence making it a very nice little extra in this kit.

The Purple Dash Technakohl in this set is a nice shade of aubergine. I’ve always been a fond fan of the creamy formula of these liners however this one was a little harder and had a bit of tugging involved to get into place.

Wow, apologies, I guess I’m not winning alot of favors today with my reviews of MAC Holiday 2011 but sadly the collection is failing to get into my good graces and as a blogger I consider it my duty to inform you of what you’ll be getting into with this collection.

Do feel free to share your thoughts if you’ve tried the collection already!

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  • CX

    Cheap alternative: L’Oreal HiP (I think they are called Studio Secrets now…) duo in Sculpted. Same eyeshadow shades only less patchy than your swatches 🙂

  • Barbara

    I can tell by the brush that I will hate the mascara. The bristles have to be large and plentiful to work for my lashes. The shade of the liner looks lovely, but it’s too bad about the application.

    Anyway, I appreciate the negative reviews. It at least helps me to know what to avoid and it makes you as a reviewer look balanced and objective.

    • the Muse

      don’t worry you aren’t missing much, mac mascara always is a bust or almost always ;-D glad you found them helpful!

  • Trina

    Hey, an honest review is much better than a raving one that isn’t true!
    I’ve been noticing a lot of poor reviews for the bulk of the holiday stuff. Maybe there are just too many items?
    Also, the bags with the non-functioning circle thing? That’s just weird. It’d be one thing if it were a pocket, or maybe a little zipper pouch you could use for coins or lip gloss, not just a circle on a bag.

    • the Muse

      I fear they might be a ton of those Trina but I fail to see anything to get excited about here. It’s alot of items but I’ve noticed an increasingly bad downhill slide from mac lately on many collections. the bags are just hideous looking. I understand they wanted this edge-y sci-fi christmas look but it comes across tacky to me.

  • Majick

    …if I only had a brain… the tinmans wife is really enamored with the bag. She must be the only one. 😉