October 11, 2011

Mally Clear Poreless Face Defender Liquid Review, Swatches, Photos

If it works…

Don’t change the formula, don’t mess with it…leave it alone.

What’s that old saying? If it isn’t broken, don’t fix it.

As far as I’m concerned Mally Poreless Face Defender puts the bees in knees. So Mally took that great product one step further and created a liquid version of it….

But, me no likey.


A primer to protect makeup from fading, creasing, and settling into fine lines and wrinkles.

The concept and idea behind Mally Clear Poreless Face Defender Liquid is ace. Here’s a product that acts like a translucent powder but offers a lighter formula, mattifying benefits, and a way to keep your makeup looking fresh all day.

Now Mally originally introduced this product in a clear, solid format. I personally love that formulation. It works at creating a truly flawless appearance while keeping shine and oil at bay and keeping makeup fresh and wearing longer. As with the solid formula you’ll be using this over your makeup (or under if you want but Mally suggests over for the best results).

Apply your makeup as you normally would now finish off your look by applying a small amount of Liquid Face Defender. Apply to your fingers and smooth it on using downward strokes. Presto, done! The magic of the product is it promises to create a layer of defense that locks makeup in while keeping oily and shine out.

Now don’t get me wrong it does indeed provide a more flawless finish to makeup however I’m kinda squeamish about the formula. It is a silicone base product so it feels a tad uncomfortable on my skin. Where as the solid formula seems to create a nice, light coverage without feeling uncomfortable, the liquid version seems to give me an itchy feel plus it feels rather strange smoothing on a primer over an already made up face.

What it did do was create an a nice, soft focus to my skin so I think it’ll do well with larger pores or wrinkles however…

The feel of the product is uncomfortable to me as it makes me feel itchy.

Secondly, when I apply it on top of powder blush, no matter how gently I smooth it on, it ends up making my blush disappear and fade away.

Where as the solid form allows my makeup to have a longer wear time, I didn’t notice much difference in the wear of my makeup and foundation so there wasn’t much of an extension here.

  • Those with larger pores.
  • Those with fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Those wanting something to give their face a softer more flawless appearance.

  • Those wanting their foundation or makeup to wear longer.
  • Those who do not like silicone based primers like Smashbox.

Mally has a great product on her hands with her Poreless Face Defender however she didn’t need to create a liquid version in my humblest. This feels like a glorified (in terminology only) primer that they reversed the instructions on…apply after makeup rather than before…it doesn’t really extend my makeup wear time, feels uncomfortable and itchy, and doesn’t really do anything fancy, special, or unique that the solid version doesn’t already do greater.

If you want to try out Poreless Face Defender I highly recommend grabbing the solid version as the liquid one simply doesn’t cut it.

Sadly, I didn’t like this one.

Available at QVC.com

Anyone try?

Do you like the solid version?

Love the liquid?

Do share!

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  • LaurieS

    You put this on after makeup? No thanks. I like her solid version but it only seems to keep shine away for an hour 🙁

  • diane

    i have both formulas, i like them both but they do different things for me. I’m weird but I think this one smells sooo good! LOL Okay anyway, I use this around my undereyes/crows feet & laugh lines only and I found the best way to apply it is by tapping/dapping now smudging. I find the original formula w/that awesome sponge it comes with works best on my cheeks & forehead. One reason like you mentioned is so blush stays in place. I do want the tinted version of this on days I don’t use foundation so I can at least have something.

  • Majick

    I had this and immediately sent it back. I think you are so right about the formula being just a primer with a reverse instruction. THis product did nothing for me before or after that I can’t get with any of my other primers. I don’t really mind the cones but this was just too over priced for what it was.