November 1, 2011

Baviphat Sugar Girl Peach Sebum Solution Pact Review, Swatches, Photos

I dunno if I need another face powder in my life but it sure is hard to say no when it comes housed in a cute little peach compact.


I’m such a packaging h0r!


Baviphat is a Korean brand that relies on some copycat-like products that may evoke images of Benefit Cosmetics. Their Sugar Girl Collection is one geared towards teens but of course, having never grown up, it’s very fitting that I’m drawn towards it.

Baviphat Sugar Girl Peach Sebum Solution Pact is a simple, silky finishing powder to control excess oil. Supposedly the formula includes Peach Extract which controls oil. I admit I was disappointed it didn’t smell peachy but it does have a light, somewhat fruity scent (kinda reminds me of some sort of cereal…fruity pebbles perhaps?). In terms of texture and formula it’s a nice enough powder that does a fairly good job of keeping your face oily free for about four hours or so. The powder isn’t heavily pigmented but it does have enough of a payoff to smooth out minor imperfections, even out skin done, and give a nice flawless finish to makeup.

In the long run their isn’t a ton of special here outside of the very sweet peach shaped compact this comes in. Come on, how cute is this right? I think that packaging makes it extra special plus the face powder housed inside isn’t too bad.

The downside is it proves a little difficult to locate at retail in the US since it is a Korean brand and relying on Evil-Bay or online shops to snag it proves a pain since sellers jack up the price considerably. And worst still? Like most Asian brands it only comes in two shade selections which really limits who can use this one! I picked out the second shade which is a natural beige and seems to suit my skin type perfectly. I’d say anyone up until an NC30 (don’t quote me, I’m not super suave-y with MAC’s color range) should be able to use this color.

I got mine at YesStyle for a crazy price of $28 since I was ordering a Nillie Shop tote at the time and temporarily lost my sanity. But please, for the love of God, don’t spend that much on it as that’s way above retail. Check around Evil-bay for a better deal.

I dunno if it’s worth the extra effort of tracking it down but I liked the formula of the powder and thought the compact itself was mighty cute so you just might want to indulge if you can find one cheap.


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  • Danii

    Hey, I hit up Evil-Bay for Skin79 BB Cream Miniatures Set Black! $9.00 vs $19.99??? Yes please! This is super kawaii, I must say. Very sweet.

  • Tannc

    thank you for great review. $28 is totally expensive in US. Here in Bangkok it costs around $9.50. On the other hand, I have to pay around $29 for MAC lipstick.

    Have a great day 😀

    • the Muse

      my pleasure tannc! The Korean price is even cheaper ;-D but yup you are right we got the advantage with mac ;-D You too sweets!

  • Nekura

    Hi Muse!

    What color are you typically in foundations? I’ve been eyeing this compact FOREVER because I love peach and the compact… I’m an NC15/20 though.. should I get shade 1?? Generally for most Asian brands and BB creams I stick with shade 1.. but Korean brands kind of throw me off a lot because shade 1 can be almost the same color as paper sometimes LOL.

    • the Muse

      Hi Nekura I’m an i40 in Shiseido and normally like BB Cream shade 1 if it adjusts accordingly if not shade 2. Hope this helps! Korean brands it really depends….sometimes the shades are sometimes so perfect and other times they go far into the realms of strange where they don’t even seem suitable for most Asian skin tones ;-D It’s a situation where you really have to weed through alot of bb products to find just the right shade!

  • Fathima

    OOH..! even i am a major sucka for qute packaging and this packaging is too cute for almost all GALs to pass upon..! who cares about whether the powder performs well..think about how adorable we would look,whipping this compact out for a touch up.>!! ^_^ ^_^

  • Angie

    Thank you so much for this review! I almost bought this product thinking it had peach scent. And if you think getting international items is a hassle then you don’t even want to know what it’s like being on the other side of the world of every country (I’m in New Zealand).

  • Cristal

    this looks really cute.!! on yesstyle (super expensive site!), there’s a lemon version of it. i was wondering if its white like translucent or also beige color. great review!