November 8, 2011

Sleek Makeup Blush Review & Photos

Sleek Makeup Blush is an absurdly pigmented blusher that has many a NARS dupe in its shade selection line up. Anyone ever try it? Seriously, this stuff is pigmented, highly rec it for the darker skinned ladies out there as it’s sure to show up loud and proud on darker skin!

Take a peek!

I think I’ve purchased almost all the shades Sleek offers in their blush collection. These are on super pigment mode and have a really wild wear time that lasts for 24 hours straight if you’d want ’em too!

For serious.

I think part of the appeal here is not only the vibrancy of the color pay off but also the dirty cheap price tag of merely $6.50. w00t!

You have to practice a little caution here though as you can easily overdo it if you’re as heavy handed as me and heck even with a lighter touch clown cheeks are on the horizon. Proper application includes a bushy brush and lots of blend, blend, blending! The formula is a bit on the heavy side so I do notice a bit of patchy application…a silkier formula would probably lighten the load considerably and allow the blush to apply easily however the heavier texture definitely reeks a little havoc so start off gently and build slowly if necessary (you probably won’t have to build if you’re fairer of skin because DAMN did I mention how pigmented they are?).

Some of the shades are kinda dupe-a-licious to NARS shades for example Flushed is very Taos-like and Pixie Pink has a bit of Angelika going on. On top of colors being very similar to NARS the slick black compacts seem familiar.  These hard are harder, smaller cases and in my opinion, Sleek successfully created a very nice looking compact here sans the sticky, gross-feel you get with the NARS rubberized compacts after too many uses.

The four shades I’ve swatched for you here are:

  • Pomegranate (a favorite of mine…this is kinda a hard shade to describe as it has touches of berry, rose, and dark pink to it. It’s a pretty unique color and a good starting point if you’ve never indulged in Sleek Makeup Blush before).
  • Pixie Pink (this is a bright, bubble gum pink with a matte finish. Be ware with this one as you need very little to get a flushing pink cheeks).
  • Sunrise (the joy of this shade is it works as a beautiful golden bronze eyeshadow!)
  • Flushed (this one is a deep, rich shade of Indian red with a strong, rich rose base)

Although I recommend these ones for anyone who enjoys pigmented blushes I particularly recommend them if you have issues with blush not showing up on your darker skin tone. These pack a serious wallop in the color department.

Sleek Makeup is located in England but they ship to the US.

Anyone every try their blush?


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  • Natasha

    Hi Muse,
    Long time reader first time poster. I have seven of these blushes and they are some of my faves! I think a few lack a bit in pigmentation (I’m looking at you Coral) but overall they are smooth, easy to blend and the packaging is,dare I say, so sleek.

  • Comrade Garlic

    I love Sleek. So cheap and so good. I have Monaco and Curacao blushes.They are pigmented as all heck. One trick is to wipe the brush on a tissue before applying, you can always reload the brush with the pigment on the tissue.

  • Kelly

    Well the next time I’m in England I will definitely try to buy a Sleek blush. BTW: have you tried their Pout Paints? They’re amazing!

  • Misato-san

    I’ve tried their Rose Gold after your review months ago and I’m still in love with it… amazing product!

  • Chelsea

    Rose Gold is gorgeous! Looking to try Pixie Pink next, I love the look of matte candy-pink cheeks–wish it was a bit lighter, but I’m the only person who wants chalky pink cheeks, apparently, haha!

  • KikaysiKat

    I have sunrise! It’s a gorgeous shade 🙂

    added you in my blogroll Ive been a fan since last year

  • Wendy

    Two words: Rose. Gold. Absolutely beautiful and my favorite blusher from them!

    • Mya2403

      I adore rose gold I own it along with Nars orgasm much better than orgasm in my opinion!

  • JenJ

    Dooooh! I see a Sleek order very soon. I’ve heard nothing but good things about their products. Funny that this a “drugstore” brand across the pond. I am a darker skin tone so yea 🙂 La Femme blushes are supposedly very good and inexpensive.

  • Mya2403

    I love sleek products I am an active member of makeupalley and have regular purchased these for international swaps. I am always open to swap products:)
    I love this blog it’s a nice fun read.
    I love Sleek#s newest blush its from the berry collection it’s beautiful.

  • Christina

    muse did you know Sleek was initially intended to be for dark-skinned beauties? hence the insaaane pigmentation of blushes and eyeshadows!!

    • the Muse

      Christina not sure that’s correct hun…it was discussed in a prior post as well but either way def hell-a pigmented ;D

      • Christina

        Oh I remember the corporate communication from a few years back. they featured very dark-skinned models only, and also their corporate info said while this could be worn by a variety of skin tones it was made especially because of the frustration dark skinned women (in the UK) faced when trying to find products well pigmented enough for them at an affordable price. Tha should have been around 2008 or 2009.. the website has long been relaunched and that focus isn’t there anymore. I am not dark skinned but I find it quite sad the models now are all European and very “standard” when this brand started out very differently.. and I would not have minded buying from them at all. obviously I did back then, so I did not fell “excluded” (actually from the 99% white cosmetics models in Europe it should actually be the other way around, black beauties could feel excluded..)

        So I don’t know about the debate in another post, but I clearly remember the old sleek line. Also at least in my older products you can reeeally see they were meant for darker skintones. I am not the palest (olive tone, though light in winter) and their “light” contouring set I cannot wear in winter (it is so dark).

  • Mya2403

    @muse initially sleek used to have different packaging and were found mainly in jamaican/pakistani stores only they have only been redesigned and available in superdrug for a few years.

    • the Muse

      thanks mya…there was some debate about it in a past post not being the case.

  • Elizabeth D.

    Oh my gosh muse… I woke up in the middle of the night around 3 or 4 am after falling asleep from studying, decided to read your blog, saw this post and immediately made a purchase of 8 of these blushes from Sleek… :X yikes! I just couldn’t resist the awesome pigmentation from your swatches! What an influence you have made on me (and my wallet! LOL). Nevertheless, I love you, and your blog 🙂 I can’t wait to try these out!! Thanks for the post!!

    • the Muse

      ha elizabeth danger, danger, danger lmao! but they are so worth it ;-D I love ya RIGHT BACK 😀 My pleasure, let me know how they work out when you get them ok?

  • Kayla

    Do you know of a good online etailer of Sleek, Muse? I’m really interested in trying their products! Especially that Pomegranate and Sunrise blush :]

  • JennieLovesJLS

    They’re Actually Made So Pigmented Because Sleek Was Originally Thought Up For Darker Skinned Ladies (And Men I’m Not Discriminating) But They Became Extremely Popular In The UK For Making So Many High Quality Products With An Amazing Array Of Colours And Dupes For Higher End Brands;) So Anything They now Bring Out Still Try’s To Bring Out Shades That Will Suit Almost Any Skin Type But Especially Darker Skins As They Are Often Left Out In Many Lower End Brands! Also They’re One Of The Only (If Not THE Only One) High Street (Drugstore) Brand(s) That Have Foundations For Darker Skins!