November 21, 2011

Soap & Glory Original Pink Eau de Parfum Review

I remember my haul of Eau de Soap & Glory Formula 2 like it was yesterday. It wasn’t quite what I had envisioned but it sure did appease my absolute NEED for a Soap & Glory fragrance.

I dunno about you but that traditional sparkling, clean, freshness of Soap & Glory’s traditional scent evokes bliss to my nose.


Soap & Glory Original Pink Eau de Parfum is exactly what I had Formula 2 to be but the irony is the Formula 2 released prior to Original Pink. Don’t get me wrong Formula 2 is lovely in its own right but it leans towards the richer, darker side of Soap & Glory. Now Original Pink is simply the essence of the brand’s signature scent of rose and bergamot.

It’s honestly one of the most unique fragrances I own as you can’t easily pick out the notes and it feels an ickle on the unisex side of the fence which is one reason I love it.

According to Soap & Glory the master notes include signature rose and bergamot with playful top notes of orange leaf, lemon, peach, and strawberry witha heart of mandarin, gardenia, and jasmine and a mellow dry down of patchouli, amber, and musks. I get a little hint of bergamot here and somehow, someway Soap & Glory masterfully uses patchouli in a way that it doesn’t overpower the fragrance but enhances the fruity notes. Seriously, not many fragrances can legally get away with creating such a lush, sparkling fragrance that include patchouli in the mix…this is light, slightly fruity, and freshly floral without every being overpowering or stinky hippie-like in nature.

Thankfully Soap & Glory shares their notes with us because with a spritz I’d never be able to tell exactly what is in the mix here, the fragrance is simply unique and oh so gorgeous.

Sadly, wear time and linger is cut a little too short for me…a little stronger would be good since my skin seems to suck this up in a matter of an hour or two but hey, when it is on, it smells delightful!

Loves it.

Short wear time and lack of linger aside, this one deserves a Muse Approval for purchase. It’s just too unique not to own particularly for those of us who love Soap & Glory.

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