November 22, 2011

TokiDoki Vegas Arte Palette Review, Swatches, Photos

This morning I got an alert from Sephora saying some of the TokiDoki Arte Palettes were no longer available.

Hey! I had my heart set on those little $10 budget beauties! Hopefully they make a come back for Spring?

I did end up hauling one single lonely palette which was the TokiDoki Vegas Arte Palette during my Sephora Friends and Family haul but now it’s showing out of stock again.

Let’s take a look!

Originally was displaying five palettes for $10 each. They included four eyeshadows and a blush and gave off a vibe of the Stila Travel Girl Palettes. For $10 bucks it was a steal particularly because it had a kawaii packaging that included our fav TokiDoki characters.

Today I got word that the palettes would no longer be available. Odd.

I did manage to get my hands on the Vegas Arte Palette, not my favorite color combo from the release but hey, I’ll take anything at this point.

The palette is a flip up (rather than a flip to the side) design made of sturdy cardboard. These are a little smaller in size compared to Stila Travel Girl Palettes in terms of packaging however the product inside measures up to be more blush than Stila and less shadow.

The Vegas Palette isn’t my color selection of choice as I’m not really into these shades of purple, I normally like more plummy shades and these are a bit grayish to my eye. I admit the color selection is a touch mismatched. You’re getting a pearl white, grey, iridescent purple, and dark purple. Granted, you can use a few shades in one or two looks but using all four in a single use just doesn’t work in my opinion as incorporating the lighter purple into the mix with the darker gray and purple just doesn’t really work.

The palette is Made in China for those curious about the origins of the makeup. The formula on the shades have a medium pigmentation with a lighter texture. They have a hint of sparkle but it’s not prominent on skin so no worries about looking disco-like after application. Honestly, the formula isn’t something I’d rave hard about but at this price point it really isn’t all that bad, although I will say the Stila Travel Girl Palettes are a step above these in terms of quality. The blush shade is a dusky purpl-ish pink with golden shimmer, again the shimmer is barely noticeable here. I like the blush shade alot as it gives a cool flush of pink on my cheeks and pairs up rather nicely with the shadow shades.

I was a little disappointed that I ended up with a bit of a muddy gray look when I tried blending these together. It’s a little hard to get good contrast and definition here since the shades run together so badly. For my look below I omitted the lighter purple and used gray on the inner corner of my eye, purple on the outer lid, and the white to highlight. As you can see it just looks like a pewter gray look of sorts and you aren’t really seeing the purple here.

Overall, this is a cute, inexpensive little palette. I emphasize cute here because that would be its main appeal. The formula isn’t the best in the world but it works to create a fairly nice look. The shadow formula isn’t too bad and had no fading or creasing issues so long as you prime well prior to use however the real issue for me was I lacked creativity to use all the colors in a look and the shades I did use together ran together without any real contrast.

Oh well!

Cute counts for something and so does the sweet $10 buck price tag.

If the other shade selections before available I can see myself hauling them.

Anyone try?

Do share!

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  • 18thCenturyFox

    For what it’s worth when I got the emails late last night that these would no longer be available I found myself ridiculously irritated since in my experience the Vegas one was the ONLY palette ever available. Boo Sephora! Although maybe there was a quality issue and they were, for lack of a better word, recalled?

    On a happier note I got my Miss Piggy Pink today and actually was able to get quite a bit of pigment from it with minimal effort! Yay for the little victories 😉

  • Christina

    That is so weird, Muse! I checked at the beginning of the Sephora FF sale, and none of the palettes were available. They still had that “coming soon” notice. That’s too bad about these being discontinued; they would have made cute stocking stuffers (which is what I was planning on purchasing them for). Thanks for letting us know that the Stila palettes are a step above in terms of quality. I didn’t love the Stila palettes, but if they’re better than the Tokidoki ones, I’d rather get those.

  • Marina

    Got the same e-mail! I was planning on getting one for a friend for Christmas, and was upset that it said the majority of them wouldn’t be around…Got her Half Bakes from UD instead. Should look smashing with her eyes 😀

  • Sarah S.

    Yeah, I thought I saw these appear and disappear from the site quickly. I gave up on them!

  • Let

    What? I don’t think they even have released the Til Death Do Us Part palette (I believe it’s the fifth one?). 🙁

  • Fey

    I am disappoint. Thank you for the review! Definitely one of the first and best. I hope the other palettes are better.

  • kiwikiwidragon

    Must be manufacturing issues, they should have kept them in the usa. Awh well. now i can spend that cash on the deck palette or UD’s Mariposa. Did you see that the sale quads that are going to be 10 bucks for BF are also not in stock…..hmmm……

  • kimkats

    Ok, this is wierd that you would post this, b/c I emailed sephora yesterday about these palettes… I never did see Sandy in the City and/or Lion Pappa ever come into stock! So I asked about them, and they only said that the Vegas one and the Til Death do Us part are “one the way to our warehouse and should be available in the next few weeks” so maybe those will be coming back into stock…. but then again, based on what you heard, they may not!

    I’m SO pissed that I never even saw the lion one and the sandy one in stock, b/c I’d have snapped them up in a heartbeat! **Grumble….**

    • Sheepy

      I got the email today sawing sandy and lion pappa were discontinued! I don’t think they were ever even released =______= I feel like sephora put them on the site but since it was never released they put “not in stock”

      =______= this is my upset face lol

  • Sheepy

    I signed up for the email notification for SANDy and Lion pappa and I finally got the emailed today that they were discontinued! I was super angry, I was hoping to get both of them! SANDy is adorable too ;____;

    I would get this for the packaging but I look so bad in purples that I wouldn’t even wear it once haha

    The adios one also disappeared (the black and white one, not till death do us part) OTL

  • myleia

    i want to collect these palettes badly!! i intend to buy all the palettes including the 24K, during Sephora’s FF sale. Sadly, it’s out of stock! I keep visiting Sephora’s website to check availability, still OOS!

    i want to get SANDy the most! Thanks to your site, now I know it’s discontinued. Now I can stop checking it everyday. 🙂

  • Rachel D

    The Vegas and the Til Death Do Us Part palettes are both back in stock! I am on the fence about getting the Vegas one, the beautiful gray and the dark purple are really tempting me 🙂