November 2, 2011

Urban Decay 24/7 Shadow Pencil Stash Review, Swatches, Photos

Urban Decay’s Friends and Family Event is on baby! This is the time you can take advantage of hauling all you can at 20% Off. If you don’t already own the Naked Palette you’re a stinker, go get it, NOW!

I feel like I’m pretty locked up tight on the Urban Decay front so I’m not taking advantage of the sale. Yes, I admit, there is such a thing as too much Urban Decay. Thankfully I’m pretty stocked up on everything from the brand now I’m just sitting around patiently waiting for Spring 2012 to release. I’m positive Urban Decay Spring 2012 will probably be something stupid awesome, another Book of Shadows maybe?! With ALL new shades and no Midnight Cowboy? Yes, yes, please make it happen!

For those who are hauling at the sale might I suggest grabbing yourself the Urban Decay 24/7 Shadow Pencil Stash?

Imma tell you this is a nice little deal kids.

At $34 retail for five 24/7 Shadow Pencils it was already a nice haul as that’s $6.80 per pencil where as dishing out for a single shade will set you back $20 bucks. The pencils are mini so you are taking a hit in the size department but not by much as these are 0.1 oz for a full size versus 0.088 oz for the mini.

You get:

  • Delinquent (dark purple with bright purple sparkle)
  • Rehab (taupe)
  • Juju (frosted taupe)
  • Sin (champagne)
  • Clash (bright turquoise with silver sparkle)

The thing about these pencils is they don’t have a super great glide. They aren’t really super creamy so they glide on a bit roughly in my opinion but……the joy is not only the pigmentation but also the incredible wear. Yes, it does take a little extra time to get them on correctly and they do have a rougher texture and a bit of a hard drag across lids but they have a sweet build up and an incredible wear time that even the oilest of oily lids can appreciate. I can happily use them sans primer and they’ll wear, wear, wear all day into the evening and the next day if I’m feeling fancy enough to sleep with my makeup on (that would never happen but just sayin’).

I normally use them alone but they’ll happily cocktail with any of your favorite shadows, pigments, or minerals to act as a base. Worn alone or with shadow on top I experience a super long lasting eye look for eight or more hours straight. The fact they adhere so well to my lids is a plus since that means they make fall out very minimal if I’m topping with my favorite piggies and loose minerals.

The best news?

You can get them for $27.20 thanks to the Friends and Family Sale bring each pencil down to $5.44!


I admit the rougher texture is a bit of a negative on these but if you have issues with keeping your eyeshadow in place, you’ll seriously love the wear time on these. If you have Mally Beauty Eye Primer hanging around you can use a little on lids to ease the glide on these pencils. It works a treat.

Snag ’em at

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  • cassie

    Ok woman, you are reviewing another thing I got from FF at Sephora!!
    I love these. I already own Rehab but not the other ones, so I jumped when I saw them!
    LOVE them!
    I agree with you about drag and blending time is limited but I use them as a single color so they work. I DO need to use primer though and my lids arent oily, the color does migrate and fade on me if I dont.

    BUT!! They are amazing and I will own every color!!!

    • the Muse

      Yay cassie good hauling high fivage! I love them too, they are bulletproof on my lids, dood, serious. I can’t believe i’m saying it but I don’t actually need to primer prior…I do use a little Mally Eye Primer though as it makes the glide a little less rough as they do have a really hard texture :-/ but still AMAZINGGGG!

  • Cj

    Hey Muse 🙂 Have you seen their 24/7 electric eye pencil set? I got it when it came out and been loving it since 😀 The colors are AMAZING!

    Btw how was your Halloween?

    • the Muse

      CJ what is up where you been!? ;-D I don’t have that one but I do have the other sets from years past ;-D I promises myself I would NOT go there as I have so many 24/7 pencils it’s obscene ;-D My halloween was fabbbbbbbbb! Had a huge party on Saturday ;-D Zombie costume was amazing ;-D how about you? Did you dress up? I ate one too many snickers snack packs but I have no shame or guilt….LOL

      • Cj

        I always post on here with my phone, and I JUST got my 4S Halloween day! I’ll be posting as much as I used to now lol 😛 Halloween was amazing! My friend Kat and I threw our annual party, We dressed up as zombies too!! (great minds lol) We had our makeup professionally done and everything, it was really cool. I have to admit when I got home I raided whatever candy we had left over from trick or treaters lol

        • the Muse

          YAY how do you like it? I got mine too! 🙂 I’m loving it but still wish it was a 5 hehehe! That’s awesome!!!!!!!!! I had my done too because I simply lack the skills to create anything outside of maybe a cat face and a clown (red nose only LMAO). I seriously could not pull off doing zombie myself. I was worried but they did a really nice job and my friend Jai did the sparkle-y/glittery bits later, came out rather wicked. ha me too! Mmmm forget brains, gimme candeeeeeee! I still have buckets left over ;-D I decided to bring it to my office and let clients have at it b/c if it stays in the house I’m liable to devour it! I missed ya!

          • Cj

            I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE it lol, I was without a phone for like 4 weeks, I almost went crazy lol. I would of had no idea how to even start with zombie makeup lol the lady who did ours did an amazing job, and we “sexified” it with our costumes. Yes I said it, we were sexy zombies lol. I think we pulled it off 😛 I missed you too!

          • the Muse

            ahh I’d have gone nuts! that’s too LONG! lol! I had my mac guy do mine and he did a nice job ;-D We added the sparkle factor later ;-D ha sexified sounds brillianttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt! ;-D <3! I'm happy to see you back lovie!

  • Marina

    Got this with Sephora F&F! Love it. I have Midnight Cowboy in the full size and found it had a gritty, hard texture that really dragged on for me and creased at times. This set is amazing though, and really glided on for me. I just love them, especially for work. Great review and swatches, as per usual 😀

    • the Muse

      why thank you marina ;-D glad you enjoyed the review. These were hard for me too 🙁 but you can easily prime a bit and get a better glide with a little TLC ;-D

  • Trina

    To eliminate the drag, I like to warm them up a bit before use. I usually just set it in my lap while I put on primer and whatnot and that’s enough (well, I’m sure the primer helps too).
    But yes, primer plus these pencils means a solid eye look with minimal creasing. I have very oily lids and a primer/24/7 pencil combo is solid. Hope more people pick these things up so maybe UD will keep them around! They really are great for pigments or single-shadow looks.

    • the Muse

      good idea trina ;-D I normally drag it a few times across my wrist and that helps soften it a bit too. I agree! particularly on sale ;D!

  • Lexi

    LOL, I think you had a great time writing this review! I enjoyed reading it, and on a more practical note, will def check them out, esp since I have oily lids. Am a big fan of cream eyeshadows, particularly the Chanel and Shiseido ones (I like the MUFE ones, but they’re more dry)– is this kind of an in between texture, or really powdery?

    • the Muse

      aw I always have fun writing them and discussing with you guys ;-D! It’s not powdery at all in my opinion, the formula is kinda rough and scratchy…it’s not the most pleasant texture…..but once in place, damns, it does a fine job of sticking around!

  • alex

    do you know how these compare to the Nyx jumbo pencils?
    love the review by the way, tempted to purchase 🙂

    • the Muse

      i’m not sure alex…i actually never tried the nyx ones but hear so many raves about them. I’ll try to purchase some to review and possibly compare in a future post.

      • Marina

        I’ve never tried the NYX Jumbo Pencils myself, but in reviews I’ve seen for these, people say they are comparable, but UD’s are better. The NYX ones apparently don’t really “dry” or “set”, they’re more like bases for other shadows to make sure they stick on. I’ve also heard these don’t crease as much!

    • Trina

      alex, these last much longer than the NYX jumbo pencils. The NYX pencils never really seem to dry down and will crease quickly (at least for me, even over primer, and is something many others experience). The UD pencils perform much better, similar to the Benefit Creaseless Creme shadows.
      However, if you don’t have very hooded eyes, don’t have oily lids, and don’t have much trouble with other eye products creasing, then the NYX pencils are great.
      One thing I wish the UD line would expand into are less shimmery shades, solid colors, like the NYX line has.

  • Babydoll

    I read on the Urban Decay website that thye will be extending the Naked line soon, so I’m assuming that will be for Spring 2012. I just hope we get some glittery, colourful goodies to go with it, because Im not a fan of the natural look at all x

  • xmissxandristx

    sounds totally weird, but i put them (and mascara) in my cleavage while i do the rest of my face, and then they both apply really well. I don’t do much other than fill in my brows and maybe a little concealer to my face, so my pockets don’t heat the stuff up as fast as my cleavage haha.

    I’ve been hearing about an all-matte palette and Naked 2 for spring 2012. But it’s the internet…. so who knows.