November 29, 2011

Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette

Oh it’s coming!

As soon as December 1st!

Excited much?

Here’s a tease!

Will you be hauling it?


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  • MiMi

    I can’t even take it!
    Granted, I didn’t *love* the first one – I still hauled it with my oh-so-handy 20% off Ulta coupon…. Let’s just see what it looks like before we get all a-twitter.

  • Kimryan8

    So long as they don’t put in Midnight Cowboy and a bunch of other duplicates, I’ll get it. It would be really awesome of them if they put in ALL NEW shades. That would cause a huge frenzy.

  • xmissxandristx

    if you do a quick google search there’re pics of the inside. it looks like the only repeat color from naked is Half Baked. it looks great. i’m psyched!!!

          • the Muse

            ;-D it’s there….they do blurry swatches but you can get an idea!

        • Kimryan8

          I’m whining. Why repeats? Why Half Baked in both palettes? I do agree that I am also glad there are no more Midnight Cowboys/girls etc. but why a repeat in a Naked?

          Grrr. I will grumble about it and then succumb to the hype and buy it anyway. UD has the best shadows.

  • Sara

    I hauled the first one with a 20% off coupon too! You know I didn’t open it for two months so it would stay pretty?

  • Michelle

    I heard a rumor that they were putting more matte shades in this version. Since I’m not a matte girl, I won’t take the bait on this one if that’s the case. I ended up returning the original Naked b/c I had buyer’s remorse–too many similar colors and I didn’t like the brush. Still, I’m curious too.

    PS: I would love to see the eBay hype on this one and how much people will be willing to pay for it if this palette takes off like crazy.

  • Cosmetics Aficionado

    They posted some swatches, and the caption makes me think they might be cool toned neutrals. If so I won’t be buying, since cool toned neutrals look ashy on me. 🙁

    • Kaylyn

      Try paring cool toned colors with a warm color in the crease! It works for me…:)

  • Coquette in Paris

    I waaaaant it! YDK is in it – so win ! and a few exclusive shades!

  • Silke

    I’m really curious to see whether it will be sold out everywhere again like with the first naked palette. By the time i got the chance to buy it I had convinced myself that I don’t need a neutral palette anyway (to make me feel better about not being able to buy it), that I bought the fun palette instead :p

  • Coral

    I’m in love with Urban Decay shadows and I would love to have another palette. It really is an internal struggle not to just buy the first one I see. But I would still love to have my hands on it.

  • Atanza

    If this is more cool-toned than the first one, I NEED IT. I love the original, but with my cool skin, some of the colors don’t work the best on me… can’t wait!

  • Marina

    I will probably haul it! I love my Naked Palette and got it straight when Sephora started offering it. Bought one for my mom for Christmas…I’ll be snagging this one, most likely! I’m an UD junkie, what can I say?

  • Maggie

    Unofficial word is that the colors are:
    Half Baked

    I’ll have to see swatches of the new colors before I decide. Not tooooo many repeats (and some of those repeats have only been in 1 palette before, like Verve and Blackout), though, so that’s good. I don’t know why they put Half Baked in there since it’s in the original Naked, but oh well. That’s UD for ya 😛 At least there’s no Midnight Cowboy or any of its hellish spawn!

  • Lexi

    Ran to Google, squealing with excitement. But then it died down. Looks awfully shimmery, the mattes look too light. And while some of the colors aren’t technically repeats, they’re pretty similar. Sadly, I’m going to pass. -sobs!-

  • Let

    I haven’t even used my Naked palette (bought it around 3 months ago). I guess I’ll just look at swatches and maybe buy it later (next year or maybe in 2 years haha) after the hype has cooled off. 😉

  • Ivy

    REALLY hoping that this will be more cool-toned, with some mattes as well…I never bought the Naked palette just because I owned a good number of the shades already from other UD palettes, could dupe the ones I didn’t own, and the rest were far too warm for my skin. Absolutely purchasing this new one though, if it really is cool-toned and/or mostly matte!

  • Mel

    I googled it and it’s a must have for me, not a single grey/silver shade like Gunmetal, which I never use. I will snatch this up in a heartbeat:D

  • Kelly

    Am I the only one who’s not exited? There’s only one Naked Palette in my mind.

  • Jo

    Only just got the first one this week! Got a deal so it was £25 instead of £35 though 😀

    • Jo

      Oh bugger, I think I like the look of it more than the first one >.< Student loan in January, I know where you are going!

  • Beauty and the Scientist

    Is this new one permanent? If so and only if it’s unique will I get it at a future date.

  • rachel

    I know a lot of people are not thrilled with half baked being in it, but it’s one of the most raved about gold shades ever (certainly is mine). Some cool toned neturals look bad (honestly, I returned the BOS IV because of this) even though i am cool toned… however, looking at these in the mysteriously released photos online, it looks soooo good. i would say about half the palette is warm toned and the cool toned ones are more silver and one interesting grayish seeming brown, so most of the cool toned shades are NOT cool toned-browns, so they’ll look icier rather than ashy.

  • Quinctia

    More neutrals? *wince* There were some in the Anniversary palette, and plenty in the BoS IV. I had a moment of excitement, but then thought to myself, “You rarely wear neutrals as it is,” and now I’m disappointed they aren’t tackling another family of shades instead of making a Naked II. :/

  • Rena

    hmmm…..can’t decide, do I really need more neutrals or eyeshadows for that matter??? I have all these palettes from every major brand and i still wear my NYX trio in Very Delight every single day. Although I do really love my Naked Palette and it has been well loved, perhaps I will get it when the “newness” hype dies down.

  • LollySue

    I love neutral colors, so I am definitely going to get it! Oddly enough, after months of trying to tell myself that I didn’t need the first one, I finally bought it two months ago, along with the naked pencil set and the naked gloss!! I am glad that there only seems to be one black though, as I have never used gunmetal or creeep at all, which are my main complaints about the first, along with a need for more mattes.