December 14, 2011

Bath & Body Works Liplicious Pop the Bubbly Lip Gloss Girls Night Out Review, Swatches, Photos

Ah new stupid cell phone video from Wil today. Anne has the patience of a saint.

I’m easily amused, this made my day. Want more? Click. #Generations

What’s making your day special?

I’m ready to cut out early today and head to another Christmas party. I’m a little Christmas partied out.

Perhaps a little Liplicious Girl’s Night Out Lipgloss to wear to the party?



“Oh Muse please stop it with your Liplicious addiction..”

It’s ok this one was a stocking stuffer so I didn’t technically haul it, pay for it myself, or even think of purchasing it. Someone did the leg work for me. I feel less guilty now about adding it to my “I’m going to take over the world of lipgloss” Collection.

Bath and Body Works has a few of this available at the moment. They are traditionally released around the holidays and contain a hell of alot more shimmer and sparkle in them than the normal Liplicious range. They kinda have a New Year’s vibe to ’em!

Girls Night Out Lip Gloss is a clear shimmering pink with a ton of multi-color sparkles that reflect silver, pink, and gold. It tastes like juicy fruit cocktail, very nommy! Wear time is a bit short but while it is in place it has a lovely shiny, sparkling finish.

No, I def don’t need another Liplicious Lipgloss in my stash but I do so like having an army of them anyway!

Any fond favorites from the Liplicious Collection?

Do share ’em!

P.S. Enjoy the gratuitous Wil Wheaton in this post.