December 16, 2011

Benefit Sun Beam

Did you want the good news or the bad news first?

Well, perhaps the bad news first eh?

Spoilers ahead!

We knew it was coming…

Amy Pond’s days as the Doctor’s companions are numbered. Next season we’ll see less and less of the dynamic duo of Amy and Rory and than a complete exit at the season end and a heartbreaking one at that says Moffat. This isn’t any surprise to me considering Arthur was difficult to fit into last season since he was working on theater and other projects plus it’s very impractical to keep a couple in the Tardis. I’m not actually sad to see Amy go, I am sadder to see the boy who waited go though, he’s gained a soft spot in my heart. Amy was great but she was a very overwhelming personality so I think I’m good now and I feel comfortable letting her go. Moffat tweeted a few bits and bobs yesterday about Karen’s demise but nothing too important and of course, he hinted vaguely at a she, he, or it that would be the next companion. I’d love to see Alex set in as a new companion but honestly that would be illogical and would truly upset the time line in many cases. I guess she’s best as a side companion of sorts. I’ve played with the idea that Moffat would stick Barrowman in the Tardis for an entire season but…mmmm….I doubt that. Again, he’d be best suited as a side companion. Rumor mill is that he’ll be back but in what shape or form remains to be seen. There were so many rumors about celebrity season of sorts where the Doctor had a few various companions one of which would be Jennifer Saunders…that would be funny.


I do think it’s about time we finally had a sole male companion in the new series that would be a nice change up.

But we can only speculate for now. If anything, we can hope that we’re teased with a glimpse of the new companion the way Karen in the The Fires of Pompeii and Freema in Army of Ghosts popped up.

As for the good news…well, it’s makeup related. How about a new highlighter from Benefit?

Benefit Sun Beam is a brand new highlighter that’s coming atcha from our friends at Benefit Cosmetics. Cosmetics Mag reports this one is a new golden bronze highlighter to prove a sun kissed glow.

It’s supposed to be available in January.

Whatcha think?


images/info via cosmetics mag

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  • Cj

    Ugh I’m so sick of it ending badly lol, can’t they just have a happy ending once?? I am a bit sad seeing Amy go. I do hope Jack comes back for an episode or too. A sole male companion does sound intriguing, maybe he can get hit on by Jack lol!

    • the Muse

      LOL all good things must come to an end ;-D I’d love to see a male companion again! It hasn’t been done in the new series and I’d like it very much if they went ahead and had a sole male companion and yes please, a little action for jack LOL!

      • Cj

        Who was your favorite companion of the new series? Mine was Donna, I was so sad when/how they ended things with her! She was amazing

        • the Muse

          it’s hard to say I truly loved them all. Donna was amazing simply b/c Catherine Tate is such an aggressive personality but she somehow brought magic to the character. It’s very funny b/c she knows nothing about Who. Most people they fit into the companion role have some who background but truly she knew nothing about the series and wasn’t even interested in learning when she got the part but she had a real spark with Ten. She’s def on the top. I have to say people hate her but I really enjoyed Bille. Maybe b/c she was part of the official return of the series so I even have a special place in my heart for CE for resurrecting the series. Bille and Ten really had a great comradeship, you could just see it in everything they did for the series, their friendship as Billie and Ten worked on camera as Rose and the Doctor. It was rather fantastic to watch them together. So I guess Billie in some aspects is my favorite. Martha was my least favorite in the new series…she was just…I dunno a strong, intelligent character that they wrote as a mush b/c she was “in love” with the Doctor. Granted Rose and the Doctor had that too but it wasn’t something in your face or mentioned or discussed, only towards the end did you see how much of a “couple” they became. My all time favorite companion is probably Leela, Sarah Jane on some aspects, and Jamie, I really loved Jamie ;D

  • Marina

    Way cool! It was only time before they made something like this 😀
    As for the Ponds saying goodbye, I think it’s time. I have come to love them (especially Rory the Roman), but I think it is time for a fresh face. I would LOVE to see Barrowman come back for a bit, but like you said, I don’t think he could be the ONLY companion.

    • the Muse

      It’s very time for them both. I can’t believe I’m saying that. I normally feel very sad when a companion leaves but I’m ok with this and I feel comfortable letting them go. I don’t think Jack could be a sole companion there needs to be someone in-between him and the Doctor to make the sense fly if that makes sense ;-D

      Agreed, I hope it’s pigmented enough to work as a blush of sorts!

  • Courtney

    I love Benefit, they’re one of my most favorite beauty brands. But how many friggin highlighters/luminizers do they need? Seriously, they have high beam, moon beam, watts up, girl meets pearl, half of 10 can be used as a highlighter, and now they have sun beam? that’s a lot. That being said, I do think sun beam will be a good addition just because they havent really done a bronzey highlighter but I feel like Benefit could cut some of the others.

  • Brooke Lehman

    Where do you put a highlighter exactly? And during what step of the makeup applying process do you put it on??? Right now I put on Primer, Concealer and Blush. Not sure when to put the highlighter on or where???

  • Kimryan8

    Is this the replacement for the gilded stick? I lost mine about 2 years ago and am so sad! I am guessing you can’t use this around your eyes like you could have with the gilded stick.

  • Littlecreek

    For me no companion has compared to Martha. Love that girl. Like you I’m ready for a new companion. I feel A&R have run their course. Should be an exciting season!

  • Saira

    You can purchase ‘gilded’ on eBay for like $6. I just got one a month ago n love it!!

  • Rainbow

    I agree, I’m not sad to see Amy go! Rory the Roman on the other hand… he was so loveable!! It might be the whole female rivalry talking though, I’d love to have the Doctor to myself as well. >:D That said, I still think the show hasn’t quite hit the point on ‘the perfect companion’. Everyone thus far I’ve either found way too dramatic to love, or understated and boring.

  • April

    I have no clue what the show is that you are referencing but I am excited for this new product. I don’t normally like Benefit but they have put some awesome products out lately (Cha Cha and Hervana).

  • Maria

    Well I’m kind of excited, but I’m REALLY hoping it’s going to be a soft sort of golden candlelight glow…not chunky gold glitter on my cheeks. >_< Here's hoping!

  • Seraa

    Muse is a Doctor Who fan?
    Why did I not know this before my life is made amg akdjhf
    I’m going to miss Rory Rory is just adorable asdf

    On the note about makeup, it makes me sad that benefit is a pain to get in my area ;;;; At least as far as I know, it is. Oh, makeup, why do you not ship across the pond so easily.

  • Caroline

    I love the current doctor and it pains be to let rory and amy go! I do hope they keep river song in the plot line!! Or at least give some closure, I need to see the singing towers and watch the doctor silently cry as he gives River his screwdriver and handcuffs. Or even better he can work out a way to save her!
    Anyhow I will really miss Rory and Amy, and also if moffat really can’t keep alex around, he should bring back Idris, I loved her with the doctor!

  • Patty

    Wait, hold up, you’re a Whovian AND you blog about make up? I need to read your blog MORE OFTEN!!! Love this post.