December 13, 2011

Covergirl Lash Blast 24 HR Mascara Review


I don’t love Lash Blast.

Sorry, is everyone going to throw tomatoes at me now? I’m not sure I get the hype that surrounds Covergirl Lash Blast and every single variation I’ve tried of this mascara was always such a fail.

But I purchased Cover Girl Lash Blast 24HR Mascara in the hopes that this one be the Lash Blast that changed everything.

Did it?

Let’s find out.

Let’s get this out of the way, I liked and I disliked it.

Yup, that’s my final thought and I’m sticking to it.

I disliked the traditional plastic club-like applicator that Covergirl embraces for their Lash Blast line. It scares me. For serious. This thing would do so much damage if I let it and could possibly poke my eye out or worst. It’s a weapon not an applicator.

I both disliked and liked how they are SO bloody serious about the 24 HR they slapped in the name. “Bold lashes up to 24 hours…” Dude, true story. The formula stays and stays and stays…..I had no issues with it flaking, fading, or migrating anywhere. It’ll wear well on a mad dash through space and time with David Ten Inch and deep sea diving if you will. The formula is very long wearing and even the oilest of oily lids will adore how strong it holds. I dislike it because it’s a spoiled little child to remove. Oil based remover is a must have to get this off! But when they say 24 hours, know they mean it!

It does a fairly good job with both volume and lenght but you have to work at application a little bit. This is one of those mascaras where you want to get the applicator under your lash line and wriggle it up and out to get the best results. My photos below are a bit misleading as I tried the mascara several times and didn’t end up with as great results as you are seeing below. The look below takes a little work to get it down correctly. If I don’t take time to apply I end up with limp lashes and a bit of a spidery look. The mascara has a tendency to apply and end up on my upper lash line as well so I have to swipe away with a q-tip. It also clumps a fair bit as well if you aren’t careful. Build up isn’t great since it makes lashes crunchy and stiff however it does produce the best and most dramatic results if you use a few layers. This doesn’t produce a lot of curl either so if you want lashes that flick upwards this might not be the one for you. One thing that drove me up a wall was when I did apply it correct some of the mascara would get under my upper lash line. This kinda gives that eyelash in my eye feeling and it drove me bonkers all day and kinda of made my eyes water.

Overall, I’m not sure Covergirl Lash Blast 24 HR Mascara is every going to make it onto my hit list but it wasn’t a total fail. I both love and hate it. It has good points and bad. This one is something you have to try for yourself as you’re either going to really love it or just not care. I will say if you’ve tried and disliked Lash Blast in the past this one is considerably better than past releases. As for fans of the line already, you’re probably guaranteed to love it.

Anyone try?

Feel free to share your thoughts!

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  • kiwikiwidragon

    I like the purple one but I recently bought the yellow one that is water resistant and it smudged under my eyes and took forever to build up. It separated and lengthened ok, but I cannot deal with smudging. I don’t wear the purple version any more since I need it to last through tears and it just doesn’t cut it, actually it runs like crazy near water and I just cannot have that in my current life situation. I might give this a try on sale or if I got it for free, more than likely i will stick with Loreal beauty tubes.

  • Sara

    I have the purple one and liked it initially, but then it became bothersome that it took forever to build volume. While I want a mascara that doesn’t smudge (hello black spots on my upper eye area and below my bottom lashes), I dislike having to work at removal. I like having eyelashes and it seems like the tough to remove mascaras always take more than a few with them.

    Are you wearing the new……..L’oreal? is it L’oreal? – kajal liner on your lower waterline?

  • Jayne

    I took away two things from this post:

    1) I’m getting this mascara. I have double rows of lashes on the top and bottom (best mutation ever), and the LB wand is one of the only mascaras that doesn’t leave me with a) lashes which touch my eyebrows, which is surprisingly not sexy or b) super clumpy since there are so many of them. My only gripe was the mild flaking I got after a few hours with the original LB. This is a win!

    2) David Ten Inch. (commence with the five solid minutes of lol’ing.)

    • the Muse

      hahaha jayne ;-D Billie Piper was a pure genius when she created that nickname! It’s stuck with him now ;-D It’s come up in every single crack Barrowman as done about him ;-D!

        • the Muse

          David Tennant=David Ten Inch ;-D Billie Piper aka Rose from Doctor Who gave David that nickname ;-D!

  • Jayne

    Oh, I know! But when someone says “Barrowman” as in “John Barrowman” I kindaaaaa stop thinking about anything else. Haha.

      • Kimryan8

        Oh no! More Doctor Who (I was corrected and told to never abbreviate Doctor)

        I generally think most Cover Girl makeup is crap. All their mascaras fade, flake, and smudge all the way down my face. I look like a Clockwork Orange by noon.

  • Amber

    It’s so nice to find someone else who hate covergirl lashblast! Personally, it does absolutely nothing for my lashes and I hate the way the packaging. The tube and the wand are so freaking HUGE! It just doesn’t work for me.

    • the Muse

      same same same amber. this was okkkkkkkkkkkk but not amazing. same huge CLUB applicator too ugh!

  • Tammie

    I used to love the Lash Blast line, and this one sounds great…but I am currently in love with Physicians Formula’s new mascara (I haven’t tried the old ones) in the black tube.

    • Tammie

      PS. I forgot to mention, that I just can’t be bothered with PITA to remove mascara, so yeah 😛

  • Michelle

    I’ve never tried any of the CG stuff. I think I might want to try this out though because a lot of mascaras smudge or flake on me… and I love it when you make references to Doctor Who because I LOVE DAVID TEN-INCH LIKE A MADWOMAN

    • the Muse

      ha michelle ;-D! DT was a great DW ;-D he’s fab, I quite miss him! Oh well we get him in corny flicks like Fright Night! WINNING lol!

  • Megan

    That’s so odd — I actually find the rubbery applicator to be my favorite thing about LashBlast mascaras. I feel like the little nubs really get in there and coat my lashes well. I’ve never had clumping issues with it and yet I get insane volume from one coat.

    Ah well. To each her own.

  • Christine

    I agree with you about the lashblast line, I have never found a covergirl mascara that has worked for me, they need a new applicator design.

  • DivaShop

    I agree about the applicator. I’m clumsy enough w/o messing w/a clumsy applicator! Lol.

  • Kaz

    I absolutely hated this mascara. It made my lashes more stiff and brittle than any other mascara I think I’ve ever used. The original Lash Blast is not my favorite but it’s at least decent. This is really, really awful.

  • sarah

    i dont like the original one i do like the fusion but it wasnt enough drama for me. I LOVE this mascara though. it makes my lashes look ridiculously big

  • Sayuri

    Omg! I was amazed at how long it lasted and while washing my face I discovered that it was STILL on!! I thought to myself “oh maybe it’s one of those latex type of mascaras (which I love because it only requires warm water for removal and no lashes fall out) so I tried washing it off…

    That was a fail…

    I tried my makeup remover but no… Tried another type but no… Tried even VASELINE!!! Not even close! My eye lids are sore from constantly rubbing it off. Ughhhhj

    Note to self: buy the actual makeup remover that it recommends on the back of the packaging or B, stick to “Kissme” mascara (the latex tubes) because removal is 10x easier and healthier for ur lashes.

    It can be found at sephora but is pricey however building it is extremely easy because its latex. It just covers the first layer and the layer after that and so on! Never smudges once it’s dry and warm water is all u need and it just slides off your natural lashes!!

  • Cassie

    All I needed to know is that it stays put, even on oily eye lids. It is TORTURE trying to find a long lasting mascara if you have oily skin. To date, the CG Waterproof Lashblast was my favorite, but even that made my lashes go limp after 6 hours. I’ve never had any trouble with the big applicator in the CG Lashblast formulas, it seems to do a great job lengthening all my lashes. To remove the waterproof formula, I use the CG Clean Makeup Remover (a creamy, non irritating remover), which is also great for removing any long lasting 24hr lipsticks. But anyways, thank you for writing this review so that I know this mascara really is up to the task of 24 hour wear!

  • Angie

    I have to say, out of all of the mascaras I have tried, this one is the BEST! I have long lashes as is and don’t need much for length, but this mascara let my natural lashes shine through at their best and gave them the volume they need. My lashes looked alive and plump after an 8 hour day. I don’t normally post reviews, but I had to once I purchased this brand. I love it! It is a bit of a pain to wash off but it’s totally worth it! 🙂

  • Ivana

    I didn’t particularly care about these lines of mascaras but I’d have to say though that they are lasting me a long time. I’m tired buying mascaras and after like one month or even a few weeks the wand and the formula itself is a hot sticky mess. What are your favorite drugstore mascaras?