December 13, 2011

Covergirl & Olay Tone Rehab 2 in 1 Foundation Review, Swatches, Photos

Covergirl & Olay products don’t generally work for me and I don’t have a great track record with them but I was a bit curious about the new Tone Rehab 2 in 1 Foundation which promises to reduce the look of discolorations as well as fine lines and wrinkles with a built in primer and serum.

Let’s take a peek.

Oily skin? Don’t bother reading this one guys. I think this is a bit too slippery, moisturizing, and hydrating for oily skin so I wouldn’t personally indulge. But I could be completely wrong.

My dry skin loved it. Soaked it right up. It has a super smooth glide on skin and a highly hydrating formula. It just feels good going on. The formula has a super creamy base and the serum in the mix allows the foundation to smooth on evenly and flawless hydrating my skin while offering sheerer coverage.

I think it does have a tiny bit of an oily feel but the finish is dewy and fresh. I didn’t notice any issues on drier, patchy areas on my face as this settled in nicely on those areas without bringing attention to them or making them look worst.

I tried two shades which were 125 (buff beige) and 132 (nude beige) both colors were an ickle too beige for my liking where as the lighter shades ended up looking a little too pink so like most drugstore foundations I failed at getting a good match overall. The shades made me look a tad on the tired, dull side but a little blush helped things along.

Coverage is debatable here as the formula is so hydrating that it absorbs super easily leaving behind very little pigmentation. It does even out skin tone but I don’t feel it’ll offer coverage for major problem areas if you have any such as acne scarring, etc….the hydrating formula also allows the formula to oxidize fairly quickly so the wear time is very, very short and you’ll feel like you’re without coverage within an hour or two at tops.

Packaging does get a prop from me as it is a pump style but allows for just the right distribution and doesn’t pump out too much foundation however I do wonder if the formula will remain stable or if a few months down the road it’ll start pumping out a water-y gross mess.

I think older skin will rejoice in the formula particularly those with drier, aging skin however for younger, oily skin this won’t be a great pick for.

Overall, the hydrating formula is a plus but also happens to be the downfall of the formula as it decreases the wear time and also causes issues with overall pigmentation and coverage. This starts out well enough but the product absorbs so easily that you’re left with a sheerer, light coverage which is fine by me but some folks prefer to build up their coverage or want a foundation that offers medium or even heavier coverage properties and in that case, this doesn’t do the job. The formula is a tad on the slippery side as well which makes me wonder how comfortable people will feel using it but I thought it felt rather nice on my dry skin and I didn’t mind it overall. The $12.99 price tag at the Harmons was also a big turn off because Harmons happens to be cheaper than CVS, Walgreens, Etc…so I’m picturing this at a higher cost at those locations and for that I might as well head to Sephora, MAC, or a counter to grab something higher end. $13 for drugstore foundation is a little too much in my opinion.

Anyone try it?

Do share your experiences.

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  • Kathryn

    I wish 13$ was too much for a drugstore foundation! Here in Canada they can go up to 20$ plus tax 🙁 Revlon, CoverGirl, I’m tlaking to you!

    • Kaitlyn

      Over here in Australia ‘drugstore’ is pretty much our expensive stuff no sephora or nyx or benefit ect here. And this foundation cost me $18 ON special.our revlon colour stay is $37 our maybeline superstay is $25 the eyeshadow are $10 up, so $13 is a eyeshadow here I only wish our cg,revlon,maybeline ect, where that cheap here

  • Hilary

    It’s impossible to beat my Missha BB cream but I can’t resist trying new foundations. It’s a sickness, lol.
    I won’t pay that much for a DS foundation so I’ll wait for a sale and/or coupons.

  • J.

    Good to know, I was actually thinking of getting one just to try it, but it doesnt sound that great after all, so I think I will skip it. So thanks for the review!

  • Christie

    Just purchased at K-Mart, of all places, for 13.99, plus tax. I know, kind of pricy for a drugstore foundation, but if it works and I like it I don’t mind paying that amount. So far so good on coverage. Doesn’t seem to be too heavy, but still provides coverage to even out my skin tone as I like. I really need a foundation for drier skin, but hate it that so many foundations for “mature” skin seem to be the worst ones and make me feel as if I’m wearing a mask and ages me something awful. I don’t mind looking my age or a little younger!! 🙂 I did not do well with the Simply Ageless creme foundation. Could never seem to apply it where I liked it and it always seemed to heavy.

  • lisa

    I just bought it at my local walmart and i havent really tried a full day yet, but what is so interesting, is if you smell the scent of the tone rehab and the scent of the age defying makeup they used to have in the pump which i dont know if that one is discontinued but to me it is like that foundation. I have to see how it wears and I do have combo dry skin so I am wondering the wear when you use a primer?

  • sarah

    grabbed it at target & i love it. usually i dont like covergirl foundations but this is great on my dry skin and i love the finish.

  • MRSB

    I saw this, but just wondered if it was any good. It looked kinda heavy to me, so I opted for the CG Simply Ageless. I need something moisturizing since my alligator skin is at it’s worst. I even started using my Argon Oil for a night time moisturizer. Hmmm….I’m really intrigued. I did notice that there wasn’t much of a color selection for women of color. That alone is a turn off for me….makes me really sad because a lot of new foundation formulas out don’t offer deep colors. Then drug store brands wonder why woc flock to MAC, Bobbi Brown, etc. Sorry to vent 🙁 Thanks for the review. I ALWAYS value your opinion and we seem to have the same taste in products.

  • Mia D

    I agree. I don’t care for this. I tried it and returned it. There’s little to no coverage, it feels like a liquid-cream on the skin (thick), and didn’t last too long on my skin.

  • michelle duquette

    Just bought this foundation and I just dont care for it!!! I had a free coupon that p & g sent me because I had complained about a cover girl eyeshadow that had broken the first time i used it. Saw a good review in Vogue mag for this foundation so thought i would try it for free. Gonna have to return this for some other formula of CG foundation!!

  • jorgemai

    i love it! definitely has some hydrating qualities and it isn’t too masky or heavy. i only wear foundation around the eye area and blend it around my nose as necessary. it was smooth, and not tacky. it seemed to last all day, as i didint find myself touching up so…agree not huge color selection, and i had to go down a few shades to find one that would not be too yellowish beigey or pink. (i am fair but not the fairest in the land lol …and not pasty white as i have a bit of a tan). i would recommend people give it a try if hydration is a concern. i have tried them all and i have to say i am quite pleased with this mid-range product. 🙂 sucks though that in canada we pay so frkn much for stuff and have so little selection compared to many other places …lame… 🙁

  • Allison

    I was going to save up $12 for this foundation. I liked how it says that it’s supposed to correct skin over time, and I thought the bottle came in decent size, but when I saw it at my local Walmart, it was a teeny tiny bottle! It may be a good product, but I dont want to pay that much money for such a small bottle of foundation when I can get a larger amount in Maybellines Fit Me! foundation. Or am I wrong and they come in bigger bottles?

    • Annie

      Don’t let packaging deceive you, both of the foundations contain 1 fl oz!

  • Jeni

    I purchased this foundation a while back, and nope, not for me. I am a “mature” woman and like most drugstore make-up, it felt tight, and the color is NOT at all natural. I don’t like Olay much anyway , and never did do the cover girl thing so I learned my lesson.

    • the Muse

      I felt the same way jeni, just didn’t like it, wasn’t a great finish at all!

  • kat

    Bought this for $14+, tried it once, didn’t like the coloring (bought same shade I use in another CG product), washed it off immediately and now my face is all broken out. I’m 47yr old and my face hasn’t been broken out like this since I was a teen.