December 28, 2011

E.L.F. 24K Makeup Clutch Review, Swatches, Photos

I know, Christmas is over, time for Spring Collections, yada, yada…But I am still somewhat on Christmas mode around here and I still have a few left over pieces of Holiday Makeup Collections to visit so bear with me while I do so.


So who indulged in ELF Cosmetics 24K Collection? Kinda nifty packaging if not pricey by ELF’s normal budget standard prices.

I tested out the E.L.F. 24 K Makeup Clutch and here are a few of my thoughts!

Mmm yeah…so I’ve tried E.L.F.’s “mega” palettes before and wasn’t incredibly impressed. I dislike palettes that offer a range of various shades with a formula that’s inconsistent and I do find that’s the case with E.L.F. Palettes. Some of these palettes feature some very nice shades of shadow with a decent formula and very good color pay off but than you run into shades that are chalky or merely decent on a whole and things get disappointing quickly.

I will say, if you really are strapped for cash this is a decent enough way to haul ALOT of color in one place. Now that’s to say for the regular line up of course, as with the 24K Holiday Collection prices did get jacked up considerably. I would assume that was because a little more went into the packaging but honestly, not that much more because on some levels the packaging is a tad on the underwhelming side to say the least.

For $18 the E.L.F. 24K Makeup Clutch contains 47 products total.

You get:
32 Eyeshadows
6 Lip Colors
2 Blushes
1 Bronzer
1 Eyebrow Powder
1 Eyebrow Cream
1 Face Shimmer
3 Dual Ended Eyeshadow Applicators

For a makeup newbie or a teenage girl this might be a great little gift or beginner’s palette however if you have a bit more distinguished tastes, it’s probably safe to say it isn’t for you.

On the downside, like all E.L.F. products it’s made in China. This doesn’t particularly bother me but it is understandable if it bothers you.

On the upside, there are some decent products in here.

The compact is a lightweight gold flip top design. It flips up to reveal a mirror and the eyeshadows and a small pull out drawer on the bottom of the palette features the other products. Sadly, they do make the mistake of housing creams and powders together which can be pretty messy over time. The palette resembles a clutch but it’s a nasty little magnet for fingerprints and scratches. I used it once and already it looks like its been through a war zone and back. Little scratches and tons of fingerprints are marring the surface.

It does have a rather nasty cheap makeup smell. If you can get passed the poor packaging and nasty smell there are some rather nice shadows inside. Granted, they aren’t revolutionary but they have a nice, soft formula that blends easily and builds up to a nice pop of color. Some of the nude and natural shades in the palette I can see myself wearing in daily looks easily. Plus I found the formula consistent throughout the palette so it isn’t a mix of poor versus good here, seems like everything falls right on the decent to ok side of the fence, like I said not life changing but not terrible either.

The bronzer also proves decent however the blushes are a tad on the chalky side. Personally the glosses are a bust for me. They are soft but quite sheer and uneventful formula wise. The palette also features a cream face shimmer which I’ll probably make little to no use out of and an eyebrow cream that’s super chocolate-y brown, another product I probably won’t use. An eyebrow powder rounds out the products inside.

I didn’t swatch the entire palette because I actually have no life at the moment other than my virtual one in Skyrim aka I’m lazy, I’ve been playing 12 hour straight games of Elder Scrolls and don’t move from my desk chair less it means going to the bathroom and coming back to stare at the screen until my eyeballs bleed.

Just keepin’ it real for you.

Overall, the 24K Makeup Clutch didn’t prove all bad but it’s a palette that’s made up several products I’ll probably never use and a good deal of shadows I probably will take advantage of for some quick looks during the day. The palette has a variety of cool and warm shades so you have alot of good stuff to work with here. It’s not a palette that will appeal to you if you’re more of a higher end makeup user but it’s decent enough if you’re just starting to dabble around with makeup or you’re just learning to blend, etc….it has does have more things to rant about than to rave about but I imagine if you’re on a strict beauty budget this one could fill your sweet tooth. I will say the $18 price tag is a bit on the absurd side considering you can get something from Urban Decay or Too Faced for around the same product. Of course, considerably less product would be included should you go with those brands but at least you know you’re buying into quality. A shave off on the price would make this one a little more appealing.

Did you purchase anything from the 24K Holiday Collection?

Do you generally like E.L.F. Palettes?

Do share!

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  • Saara

    hmmm, I don’t think this is for me. I find that I prefer purchasing products as a single rather than a palette because i’m 100% sure i’ll use it. Makeup is an investment for me since I hate throwing things away, and I think i’d only really like/use 1/4 of this palette, if at all. Sorry ELF- but this seems like a waste of money unless your 13 years old!

  • Sorchathorn

    I do believe they have this for sale on Hautelook right now..(or something similar)…Just an FYI for anyone who is interested.

  • barbara

    i kind of want this, at the same time i’m still not so sure xD
    and yuussss skyrim! just finished the main questline, time to join up with the empire 😀

  • Taylor

    I love how you do reviews for high end AND drugstore brands. So many bloggers only do one or the other. Your reviews are so honest too, you don’t play favorites or anything, you always tell the honest opinion of products. You’re awesome Muse! 😀