December 19, 2011

H&M The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo Collection by Trish Summerville

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo is pretty old news for lit and film geeks but it gets its own launch to a wider audience in the US this week (December 20th, 2011) with a brand new rendition starring Daniel Craig and Rooney Mara. I happen to be a bit of a purist and can’t really picture anyone else playing the part of womankind’s avenging angel, Lisbeth Salander, other than Noomi but I’ll give it a go!

Lisbeth is a strong, aggressive character and her clothes match that attitude and personality plus her cracker background somehow give her leather jacket, combat boots, and skintight jeans a bit of an underground feel.

H&M was so moved by her style they created a Dragoon Tattoo Collection to celebrate Lisbeth’s edgy look.

I seen the collection at H&M this weekend but in LA it supposedly sold out in 10 minutes but not everyone is a fan of the collection,

Blogger, Natalie Karneef wrote a blog post entitled “An Open Letter to H&M from a Rape Survivor”: “….…H&M, you have created a line of clothing based on her character: a woman who has suffered a lifetime of abuse, who is violently raped, and who is hunting down a man who violently rapes and kills other women.”

“Lisbeth has been through hell, and her clothing is her armor. That’s her choice, and it’s an understandable choice. But you glamorize it, putting a glossy, trendy finish on the face of sexual violence and the rage and fear it leaves behind.”

H&M has apologized stating…”We have read the open letter by Natalie Karnefwe apologize if she or anyone has been offended by the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo collection by Trish Summerville – this has not in any way been our intent. The collection is based on and inspired by the film and character Lisbeth Salander and though we think Lisbeth is a strong woman who stands up for her ideal, we are not trying to represent her specifically.”

The spokesperson continued, “Our goal is to rather offer a collection that we see in today’s trend picture that will appeal to many customers. We do not view this collection as provocative-it contains pieces that are staples in many people’s wardrobes: jeans, biker jackets and t-shirts. It’s all about how you wear them. We encourage our customers to find their own personal way to wear our products.”

H&M’s Girl with the Dragon Tattoo Collection features 30 pieces ranging from ten dollars to two hundred.

What do you think?

The collection is available in stores and online at

As for me I wish he had a chance to finish the Millennium Series, hopefully his girlfriend will come through for us. I’d rather have more books than a clothing collection!

info via abc news


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  • Colleen

    I hear ya! I devoured those books & would love a 4th. As for the clothes, not necessary. Happy Holidays to you & yours Muse!

    • the Muse

      me too. sad may never see anymore. His girlfriend really wants to write the next books but his family isn’t up for it, damn shame, I could use a little more Lisbeth in my life ;-D to you too Colleen! to you too!!!!!!!!

  • Ljana

    I think I read somewhere (or someone told me – I work in publishing) that there is a fourth installment of the Millennium series somewhere (or at least an outline of the plot), but that it can’t be published until the matter of Larsson’s inheritance is resolved. Not sure how true that is though.
    As for the clothes, I don’t mind it in the least. The connection between a fashion collection inspired by Lisbeth (unnecessary as it is) and glamorizing abuse seems far-fetched to say the least. It’s as if someone made a collection inspired by Ana Karenina and people thought it to glamorize adultery and suicide. Come on, no need to read that much into it. And besides, Lisbeth is so much more than a victim of abuse, no? Maybe it glamorizes hacking. Or casual sex. Or smoking. Or eating Billy’s Pan Pizzas. 😛

    • the Muse

      ljana there is indeed but his family is in dispute with his girlfriend over the rights/who will right it, etc….his girlfriend feels confident she can continue the stories but his family isn’t exactly up for it for some reason. I agree. Not sure that Lisbeth’s wardrobe evolved because of her abuse.

  • kiwikiwidragon

    Sounds like the clothing was based off of the costumes and actress in the movie, not as an homage to the character herself and her back ground, never fails that there is someone somewhere who gets offended.

    • Stefi

      ..And (at least in the movie)Lisbeth’s style was established before the sexual assault, so I think the accusation of glamorizing victims is a bit of a stretch.

  • Shelle

    i dont see lisbeth as a rape victim i see her as a badass survivor and i totally dig her look and i love *some of the pieces at H&M.