December 28, 2011

L’Oreal Youth Code Dark Spot Correcting & Illuminating Serum Corrector L’Oreal Youth Code Dark Spot SPF 30 Day Cream

I suspected we’d see a return of the dark spot serums, lotions, and potions. I also suspected it would be for Spring since this is the time of the year that new skincare products makes an appearance because hey, it’s a great marketing launch when most folks are having a beauty resolution that includes “new year, new skincare”.

L’Oreal’s popular Youth Code Collection gets an update with two new products for correcting dark spots and hyper pigmentation.

Take a look!

L’Oreal Youth Code Dark Spot SPF 30 Day Cream $24.99
This is a bit misleading as it’s not technically a dark spot treatment cream, correct me if I’m wrong but according to L’Oreal this protects skin from dark spots forming and protects skin against harmful sun rays. I appreciate they added SPF protection but throwing around “Dark Spot” did confuse me as I was thinking this would treat hyperpigmentation.

L’Oreal Youth Code Dark Spot Correcting & Illuminating Serum Corrector $24.99
Ok, this one, at least treats dark spots and hyperpigmentation. Supposedly this one treats dark spots with Vitamin B3, Cg, Pro-Cysteine, and Er195.

I tried and wasn’t entirely successful with Garnier’s Dark Spot Corrector and wasn’t incredibly impressed so I am a little wary of trying anything else dark spot related from the drugstore.

Also at $24.99, these aren’t exactly the cheapest options available so if you’re heading to the drugstore thinking of all the money you’ll save, well, not really right? For $25 more you can get something from a higher end counter that will probably have better results.

But who knows…

Perhaps L’Oreal gets it right with these new products.

I saw them both at Walgreens.


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  • Comrade Garlic

    I never understood why new skincare launches in spring. January is a huge time for skincare sales. I noticed that CVS had travel/sample sizes of Youth Code for around $6. I thought that was a brilliant idea. Maybe they will have those for the new products. But I have my doubts these will be any good. I’m sure they are full of cheap fillers.

    • the Muse

      i saw those comrade but they were $4.99 here at Walgreens. I thought it was well done as well, as who wants to commit to such a huge size at such a huge price tag. I really can’t see myself dishing $24-$30 on drugstore skincare burp! supposedly youth code is 10 years in the making but according to many reviews the formula isn’t that amazing.

      I think January is sort the new year, new skin thing….that’s why they market it more around January ;-D/Winter.

  • Saara

    It would probably be better to get the clinique dark spot corrector- at least it has a better track record and is not much more expensive (it isn’t here in the UK!)!

    • the Muse

      don’t bother, does nothing saara, try philosophy’s dark spot correct/all over brightener, that really works!

      • Saara

        Thanks, I’ll definitely check it out! I had heard some good stuff about cliniques version, but I’ll have a look at the ingredients in the philosophy one and decide then:)

        • the Muse

          sadly never saw any difference when I used the clinique one 🙁 but the Philosophy one seems to be doing the trick ;D!

      • Brandy

        I tried the Clinique Dark Spot Corrector and it didn’t do much for me. I have been using the L’oreal brightening serum for a couple of weeks and have noticed a reduction in my dark spots (I also use a lactic acid peel, which probably helps). Also, it gives a luminous finish that helps diffuse discolorations. It works under my Ambi moisturizer without pilling up as well.

  • Jen

    I’ve used this product for 2 days and can already see a difference in my skin. I wouldn’t say I have “dark” spots, I’m very fair with red cheeks from sun damage, some on my forehead. It’s almost gone! So maybe it doesn’t do well on dark spots, but takes the red right out. I bought the kit with the daytime serum with SPF, night serum and undereye serum for 30 bucks. I will buy it again:)

  • Jay

    But it also says on the box that it Prevents and Fades dark spot. So I dont understand the misleading of the product.

    Ive used this since it came out and so far i like it. Price is decent and you dont have to put alot as it is very creamy and last very long.

  • Kayla

    I am really interested in trying this…I recently used Clean-n-Clear’s dark spot correcting 4 piece kit (it was about $25)…AWFUL! It made me break out a ton worse, made my skin horribly dry…it was not good at all. I tried the Garnier Fructis one…it seemed to work but you have to be very vigilant about using it. I want to try the Loreal, because my wedding is in two months and I just need to fade some of these acne marks I have.

  • Rose Weaver

    I tried Clinique Dark Spot Remover. I had high hopes given the reported user results and willingly spent the $75. It did absolutely nothing for me. My spots are still exactly the same as before using the product. I then tried Roc spot remover at $25. It did nothing for me as well. I am now trying L’Oreal Youth Code. I had $4 in coupons, am receiving a $10 rebate and needed moisturizer anyway. I purchased the moisturizer and spot serum combo at Target for $36.99. If this doesn’t work, I am going to try the Dermatologist for a prescription. I could care less about having wrinkles, but I HATE having the spots. I didn’t even have any until my after my second pregnancy almost 14 years ago. 🙁 My mom has spots too so maybe they are hereditary.

  • Darlene Campbell

    I also tried cliniques dark spot remover for six months did nothing for me. My spots are still the same:(

  • Michelle

    Well, I am trying this product because I have past red acne spots around my jawline and cheeks. It smells like lemon perfume, and I’ve heard that any type of citrus in the skin is bad to use in the daytime when there is sun, because then you might get even more spots! It says on the bottle to use on the AM and PM, but now I feel like I should only use it at night. I don’t know, I feel a bit worried now. Also, it doesn’t seem to be doing much. Guess I believed the hype and got suckered in. I’m going to try home made remedies after I finish the bottle.

  • Mommy Nuggets

    Has anyone tried the Dior Snow line? Got. Y hands on some samples and improved my skin after a week. Problem is they’re expensive so can’t afford to buy the actual products. Looking for another alternative so appreciate everyone’s feedback here.

  • Ash

    I just bought the Youth Code correcting serum, thought I would give it a try, since it was cheaper than Clinique ( which was my first choice, but debated over the price). This Loreal youth code I’ve only been using for 3 days, and my face is burning and broke out with tons of little white pimples!! I called the company and asked if the burning was “normal”, but as I expected I was instructed to stop the product =(( Going to continue with another product!

  • Lori

    Ive tried multiple things for my dark patches on my skin. I am VERY fair and after my pregnancy I started noticing above my lip the skin was darker. It almost looks like I have a mustache, although there is no hair there, the skin is just darker. Everyone claims they cant really notice it but I definitely do. I have tried skin bleaching creams, a product by oil of Olay, Aveeno Soy complex, all of which claimed to fade the dark spots. Im not sure if its the combination and using so many things on my skin but if anything my skin seems worse. I now have a darl patch on the bridge of my nose, and along the sides of my hairline. I never go out in the sun for any length of time so this can not be sun damage. I started using the Youth Code day cream several days ago. I was under the impression this product would treat the dark spots. I believe it does make this claim on the package. However I was informed today by a friend that I have a light red bumpy type rash on my neck, look in the mirror and sure enough I do. This product is the only thing that I have changed in my skin care routine, assuming its the cream. Highly upset that nothing is working. WIll attempt to look into philosophys product as most reviews of clinque dont seem to be too wonderful.

    • Becky

      Lori, I have the same issue with the dark spot on the upper lip, but no hair. Did you find anything to help yours?

    • Texus


      I recently used this product and broke out into a rash shortly after. Just wanted to know if by any chance there was something you used to get rid of them?

  • mona esparza

    I have been using loreal youth code for two months and I see a big difference in the dark spots I had on my cheek and forhead. I beleive this products is the best that has ever been in the market . I have tryed all kinds of products before and none has ever done what youth code has done for me . Thank you for this wonderful product.

  • Becky

    Lori, I have the same issue with the dark above the upper lip making it look like a mustache but I have no hair there. I also have fair skin and have noticed it up the ridge of my nose a bit and on my cheeks. Did you find anything that worked for you?

    • rama

      I bought in Health and glow, and it cost me Rs. 4,300. I bought the set of serum and night cream, that was on discount(Rs.500 off), and bought separately, the eye cream and the day cream.The Total cost was like as I mentioned Rs.4300 r so. Now with that I got a free L’Oreal Umbrella, one nice fake leather big carry bag in a lovely red color, and i got one eye shadow of my choice of the same company, and one lipstick which would have cost Rs.750, if I were to buy, and this lipstick also was of my choice.
      I felt I got a lot for the money I had spent. I am also not bothered about wrinkles as I don’t have any visible signs of it, I was mainly interested in getting rid of my pigmentation marks I have on my forehead and a few spots on my face.
      I have been using it now for a week, and I do feel that my face is clearing up a tiny bit, maybe after finishing the whole products, i might see my marks having faded considerably.
      Lets see, I bought it after seeing it being recommended in the various health online sites, and after reading a lot of good reviews about it I decided to go for it. I was lucky the sales lady was giving me so many free gifts.

  • Nicky

    I have several freckles, dark spots and beauty marks I would like to remove but without laser surgery. I was considering using the loreal paris dark spot corrector but im not sure. Anybody know what I could use to remove them or if the cream works?

    • eve

      i am gonna try the murad for dark spots everybody says that it really work, we will see if its true.

  • Yvette

    Like several of you I too am seeing the dark spots on my face, forehead and upper lip. I tried a product by a Vietnamese company called EV Princess. The cream is called express peel. It doesn’t harm your skin but the results are amazing. The dark mask I developed is almost all gone. It was recommended to me by the woman who does my waxing who is from Vietnam and also had the pigmentation issues we all seem to have. Look it up for yourselves, I am olive complected and scar very easily. This stuff really works…

  • Christina

    I actually had success with Youth Code. I ended up having dark spots appear on my upper lip and under my eyes from a reaction between my birth control and being out in the sun. I starting using this product and immediately noticed than my skin just looked smoother, and with in just a week, visibly saw the dark spot areas fade. I was able to still enjoy tanning and being out in the sun because of the spf without worrying about the spots getting darker. I guess for a problem like mine, it was worth it. The only thing being, I did not have any pre existing skin issue before my birth control.

    • Becca

      I have just started using Youth Code, but it’s only been three days. It makes me feel confident to hear such positive feedback about the product. My skin is extremely sensitive so finding beauty products that will work with my skin is almost impossible. My face is softer than its ever been, and hearing it from other people reassures me that I can look forward to seeing further improvements!

  • Estrella

    L’oreal product broad spectrum SPF 30 sunscreen doesn’t work its the new product they came up with that YOUTH CODE day cream there liers I had neverd used there stuff before this was my first time what a disgrace can’t belive they can get away lieing to us